14 Replies to “Top 10 Most Haunted Places In New Jersey”

  1. I live near the hospital in Trenton and I can tell you it's in fact haunted visited a good friend of mine there and I seen a ghost of a little boy

  2. A few of these locations no longer exist.
    Lambertville High School was completely destroyed by fire in 1992 and sat vacant until 2012 when it was razed.
    I was told approximately a year ago or so that they’re planning a development on the site.
    Greystone has been completely demolished. The final building came down in 2015.
    Most of the area has been preserved as parklands. A new modern hospital has been constructed but it is much smaller. I went through the property about a year ago and there is nothing left of the original complex.
    TPH is under control of the NJ Dept of Human Services and is well secured. There are guard posts at every entrance to the property that I know of.
    There is also a correctional facility on the adjoining property which is under the control of the NJ DOC.
    Between the DOC officers and the Human Services Police officers it’s not exactly the place you can just walk into and check out. The older buildings are still visible from Sullivan way but they are heavily over grown and behind the fence line.
    I was told you can gain access to the original buildings with permission but I have no idea if that is true or not.

  3. The high school no longer is there. The high school was totally fun to explore though. But since it was kind of close to a main road, lots of cops loved to sit near it. Had to be super careful not to park near the school.

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  5. My father used to go to the Devil's Tower back in the seventies when it's was just an abandoned wooded area with just a dirt part. They said they even saw a demon of sort yelling at while they were blasting music from the rock band "Black Sabbath". What a shame that they had to modernized the area and not turn it into a museum in the woods with a real asphalt path.

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