37 Replies to “Top 10 Power Rangers Outfits”

  1. I'm begining to hate you…..in every video you dont even put mystic force in honorable mentions….. MYSTIC FORCE HAS THE BEST SUITS….. I MEAN LOOK AT DAGGERON THE SOLARIS KNIGHT? how can a humen be as stupid as you……

  2. Honestly think Zeo helmets look so shit and it's one of the reasons I can never rewatch that series comfortably

  3. that's not a star, it's a pentacle. zeo ranger 1 pink has the star on her helmet. stars are round. not pointy.

  4. Kinda sucks how the soccer Mom types ruined earlier power rangers. By saying Zedd was too scary for there kids. Disapointing that Goldar and Rito where ruined. Great fighters that could take on a group of rangers themselves get turned into comic relief.

  5. Green Ranger automatically makes MMPR #1. You just can't beat that suit!
    2. Dino Thunder
    3. Super Megaforce
    4. Ninja Storm
    5. Jungle Fury

  6. Once again Mighty Morphin included in top 5 let's face it Watch Mojo is full of old people.

  7. Jungle fury is one of the coolest. Sure a couple of the morphers are bracelets, but most of them are bulky. I also really like wild forces suits

  8. I never understand why the red ranger was always in charge and why the yellow ranger was /is always a girl

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