Top 10 reasons NOT to move to New Jersey. Super Fund sites.

Top 10 reasons NOT to move to New Jersey. Super Fund sites.

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  1. I’m sorry I’m from New Jersey and this is really rude you see if you have not been born in New Jersey you do not know how to live there because are place is great we have amazing beaches and good fruits and veggies. We have so many nice people and a lot of nice people. ( I live in the south part btw) also by me there are houses that people can live there that are on retirement. New Jersey is not dirty at all we are fine here. Factories can be bad but it’s not are flat. Are transportation is slow because there are so much people. It’s not are fault we are rude we yell where mean WE HAVE EMOTIONS. And traffic is everywhere lol. As I said I’m from New Jersey nothing is toxic because I been everywhere in New Jersey. Also are snow is snow.

  2. NJ Superfund sites aren't being adequately cleaned up.
    Yeah, that's it Gov. Murphy. Keep property taxes sky-high.
    You're obviously not using that robbed revenue to clean up the toxic mess, in NJ.

  3. Why do New Jersey residents vote for governors, like Murphy, who champion already-high property taxes? Why do they do that to themselves? Is it due to a deep self hatred?

  4. I wanna move to New Jersey and go to party in New York City over the weekends 🎉👏💃♥️♥️

  5. The map with north jersey vs south jersey made me laugh so hard. I live in central and I can walk to a quick chek and a wawa

  6. There are way too many laws, and cops aren't the best, you better know your rights. And also, from growing up in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, LITERALLY MOST people will NOT talk to you unless they need something from you, or will act like your friends to get whatever they can tale from you and most people will talk good about you in front of you, but talk shit behind your back. Believe me. It's not the best place AT ALL.

  7. New Jersey is dirty? Apparently he's never been to the pine barrens in south Jersey and most pay beaches are very clean.

  8. im from Jersey born and raised. the worst thing here is the price of living and finding a nice paying job.

  9. Hahahaha, I’ve lived in north jersey my whole life and work in NYC. I’m looking for another place to move. This video is very accurate, NJ sucks balls!

  10. New Jersey may not be the prettiest state and I get why people would hate on it. But if you grew up here you would realize that we work so beyond hard doing our best to make it the best state possible! Is it really our fault that it snows here man?!? Just because California has so many amazing movies and actors and actresses doesn’t mean it is a good state. It also has its bad sides. I am just saying New Jersey is a great state and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.💛

  11. I hate you New Jersey is very underrated you just don’t know that cause you probably live in your grandmas basement

  12. I am from Jersey and I can tell you that this video is factual. I have lived in North Jersey (right outside NYC) all my life and I can't take it anymore. The people suck, traffic is always horrible, it's dirty, and everything is expensive. I can not wait to get out of here for college!

  13. I live in New Jersey and I can admit all of these or mostly true lot of people are just evil and plus it does have lots of garbage mainly in the forest or the sides of the road

  14. As much as I hate NJ, it is still better than most places I lived and hard to move out from since everywhere else has its own problems. I was thinking of moving to Texas which is polar opposite of Jersey; affordable, nice people, lots of land, and growing economy. However there's Tornados, drought, and brutal summers

  15. haha the Pulaski Skyway… my parents got stuck on that bridge back in the last 70s before cell phones, there was no shoulder to pull over either… it took over 3 hrs for a tow truck to get to their car. I've only been on that bridge once because another road was closed and we didn't have a choice and had to take it. Ever since then my parents avoid that bridge like the plague lol

  16. The high cost of living in New Jersey is due to New Yorkers moving out of NY to raise families. Long Island is full, and so is Westchester.

  17. (for #5) As an amateur stargazer and meteorologist from NJ, gosh is it boring and dirty here. The skies only have a couple hundred stars (absolutely nothing if you like watching the night sky, even in the rural parts there’s still bad light pollution) and the weather is always cool with rain and snow in the winter, and hot and buggy in the summer. Nothing natural really happens here

  18. The only reason there is traffic is because of all these damn tourists also north Jersey is the factories and shit south Jersey is so much better

  19. Ive spent most my life(born and raised) in Jersey and recently moved to a red state in the south. I can say the personal liberties are way higher here than home. Also, I keep way more of my money. Jersey has gotten far too expensive and liberal and Phil Murphy is only going to make it worse.

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