Top 10 Surprising Facts About the Jersey Shore Cast

Top 10 Surprising Facts About the Jersey Shore Cast

prepare for a cold hard dose of reality welcome to Ms mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top ten surprising facts but the cast of Jersey Shore she's all over me before we begin we publish new content every day so be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos for this list we're taking a look at unexpected facts with a cast of MTV's Jersey Shore number 10 Snooki's audition was crazy outrageous outspoken and totally unpredictable it was clear from the earliest episodes of Jersey Shore that Nicole Snooki Polizzi was one of the show's more brazen cast members however it turns out The Legend of Snooki goes back even further according to producers she turned up to her audition drunk and proceeded to win them over by doing cartwheels and flips but that's not all orange she's orange Snooki also showed up wearing so much bronzer that it rubbed off on her application her application was smudged with fingerprints from her bronzer to the point that I was like what happened to her application what's spilled on it remark the casting director talked about making an impression number 9 Pauly D has his own tanning booth Snooki isn't the only Jersey Shore cast member to have landed a role on the show in an interesting way during their search for the perfect Guido's and guidettes the producers of Jersey Shore came across an application for one Pauly D apparently they loved his look and sent a film crew to follow him around for a day however they became sold on Pauly D when they noticed that he had his very own tanning bed at home already smitten with Pauly's lifestyle and personality the discovery of the tanning bed put him over the top and made him a must-have number 8 two cast members aren't Italian Jersey Shore stirred up its fair share of controversy over the years due to its depiction of Italian Americans as well as for its liberal use of the terms Guido and guidette which some people regard as derogatory ironically two of the show's cast members aren't even Italian like not even a little bit Snooki was born in Chile and after taking a DNA test discovered that she was part South Asian East Asian and Middle Eastern none of which are remotely Italian Wow then there's JWoww aka Jennifer Farley who revealed in 2010 that she's Spanish and Irish could everyone's the illusion number seven Vinny wanted to quit the show being a reality TV star seems like a pretty easy gig all you have to do is show up and be yourself right according to fan favorite Vinny quoi de Nino it wasn't as easy as it looks at least not in the beginning apparently when he had trouble adjusting to the constant filming of his every move it affected him so much that he often considered quitting the show during season one he decided to stick it out by consider ditching the show again between seasons 4 & 5 as he found the nonstop shooting schedule to be too much of a burden thankfully for fans he decided to stay for shirt number 6 the cast did season 1 for free despite the flashy lifestyle and constant partying season one of Jersey Shore was less about the glamour of GTL and more about scraping by with little to no money it turns out that the only money the cast made in season 1 came from the time of Danny shore store selling t-shirts oh we should ask Anjali according to Vinny he and Ronnie almost left the show because they were totally broke it got so bad that Ronnie was using the famous on set duck phone to make business phone calls in his spare time things picked up in season 2 with the cast making 10,000 dollars per episode but things definitely weren't easy in season 1 number 5 Snooki claims a show was incredibly strict behind the scenes having no money and being filmed all the time for the amusement of others is bad enough but imagine you weren't allowed to watch TV listen to music or have a cell phone – such was the case for the cast of Jersey Shore according to Snooki being on the show was kind of like being in jail for two months get off while that's clearly hyperbole it couldn't have been easy Snooki went on to say that the reason they drank so much was because there was no other way to pass the time fair enough number four JWoww pursued a career in animation despite their reputation as vapid reality TV stars more than one of the Jersey Shore cast attended college leading the way is JWoww who has two degrees under her belt she currently holds a degree in graphic design from the New York Institute of Technology as well as a second degree in computer programming in fact JWoww originally wanted to work as an animator for Disney she even landed an internship with a prestigious company when she was in college but decided to go down a different career path once she realized how time-consuming and difficult being an animator really is we'd say she's done just fine so far number three Vinny almost went to law school speaking of pursuing a higher education it turns out that Vinny Guadagnino is much more than just another pretty New Jersey face he graduated from the College of Staten Island with a degree in political science finishing his academic career with a 3.9 GPA so I fist pump at night but I pump my pencil during the day in fact in an interview with Us Weekly he said if his GPA had been higher he would have considered attending Yale or Harvard when that didn't pan out he considered going to law school however while he was studying for his LSAT he was approached about starring in a new show for MTV and the rest as they say is history roses I want to fly it think about it number two the cast were under constant surveillance the cast of Jersey Shore were constantly being watched by creator Sally Ann cell sano and we don't just mean that she would pop in on them from time to time Sal sano lived in an apartment above the Jersey Shore house that was equipped with a 14 camera feed in her living room enabling her to keep tabs on the housemates whenever she pleased so she could literally watch them 24/7 additionally South hanno had a feed in her bedroom just in case you wanted to check in on the gang before getting some shut-eye we don't know whether to call her dedicated or creepy she's definitely stage five clinger before we unveil our top pick here are some honorable mentions all right you know whatever I came home when they were putting the mobsters I was like yo or those feel like that's disgusting I'm a vet tech like I save animals I don't kill them so hey what up trying to tell you my dude is that I can kick your ass anytime I want bro every time you want how about right now if I don't work out like once a day I get into this mood Church where I want to kill somebody if you say something wrong to me I will you up number one our combi and Fitch offered the situation money to not wear their clothing we fail to mention Mike the situation Sorrentino so far but that's only because we were saving the best for last this stitches affinity for wearing Abercrombie & Fitch was well documented during his time on Jersey Shore however due to his wild antics as well as those of the rest of the cast the brand felt it was in their best interests to offer him $10,000 to stop wearing their clothes apparently they didn't want to be associated with the show any longer something the situation was not interested in discussing he countersued lost and ultimately received nothing when Abercrombie pulled their offer oh well at least he can still wear his favourite brand do you agree with our picks check out these other great clips from is mojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos you

33 Replies to “Top 10 Surprising Facts About the Jersey Shore Cast”

  1. 3:42 Ronnie took business calls in his spare time??? so are you trynna say that he was a phone sex operator

  2. Jay wow is not Italian I hate when she tries to act like she is!!! Shes white trash 🤷🏻‍♀️💯

  3. They should have kept the Jersey Shore cast on little money. If you want fame for the money, you don't want to be famous.

  4. As a fan who has seen every episode plus Family Vacation, nothing shocked me
    -I remember in season 5 they explored Vin's anxiety issues a bit.
    -in season 1 they only made like $300, by season 2 it was nearly $10,000
    -apparently they could only have one private phone call per week, and everything they did was out in the open, supposedly to even go out they had to get permission
    -Abercrombie was stupid for not wanting extra publicity for free

  5. Abercrombie and Fitch should've let the situation wear their clothes considering they're nonexistent today lol

  6. Snooki is Culturally Italian but Ethnically, she's still Chilean. I see a lot of people triggered by this. 😂😂 She even says she's Chilean ALL The Time.

  7. 1 more thing… Get over these pathetic ethnocentric bullshit people thinking they are from Italian descent, cant speak a proper sentence and never even went there… LOL. My 4 foot something Grandparents met in squalor – Hoboken, NJ but they were so PROUD and happy to here in the US as Southern Italy was HELL, a war zone, shit ass farmers qnd goat hearders… But from Rome to South, it was DESTROYED. Stop trying so HARD to be "Italian"… Move the fuck back in a cave and heard goats unless you are from Milan or Tuscany. That was and will never be DTS to the rest of us that lived it. CASH IN NOW PEEPS!!! Nothing but love for people who expose their private lives and yes mist if the times it sucks, but you keep it moving!!! Good luck and love to all… XOXO

  8. Seriously I actually joined to CONTEST/AGREE with people who are ACTUALLY from NEW JERSEY and went "DOWN THE SHORE" for the Summer as I spent my entire life in Brick, NJ from MDW to LDW and anytime wanted as it was our Summer Home. I don't give a SHIT about the fake ass Jersey shore cast as non of these fools were born and bred in JERSEY. If you think this mess crew reps Summers in Ocean County and Winters in NYC or Bergen/Hudson County, NJ – you are clearly not from the area. Not ONE of these people are a true "Bennie" – live by NYC and Summer in Ocean County. My recently deceased Father had to bitch slap my Italian Dad as we all got dark as hell and they called us ALL "DIRTY N…ERS". He got the shit slapped out of him by Daddy. Lots of trash, losers and assholes.
    I don't care if they are Dominican, Chinese, fucking fake ass (Persian – which is Iran – just stop) . They picked RANDOM people for a show – but that is NOT REALITY; Especially if you are born and bred in Bergen County and spend DTS – we are WAY smarter than the white trash bags who called us the "N" word because we ALL got crazy tan… Anyway – we still be setting up for our Summer months where we will be back in Cherry Quay.

  9. Snooki is not Italian guys 🙄 she knows it and you know it. That's like saying Rachel Dolezal is black. I see people can't get over that. I'm black but if If I was adopted and raised by white people and claimed to be white y'all would drag me. So snooki is NOT Italian.

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