Top 10 WORST (or less than stellar) Game of Thrones Costumes

Top 10 WORST (or less than stellar) Game of Thrones Costumes

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  1. I absolutely hated the padded Dornish Armor. I understood what they were trying to do, and I think padded armor can be very beautiful. but I think that was a case of a good idea ruined by terrible execution. The armor looks like a hobo repurposed a tacky yellow quilt and made a bathrobe. It doesn’t even resemble armor… it looks like something a monk would wear, not a soldier.

  2. I'm really not into the whole "ZOMG NO BOOBY ARMOUR SEXIST BADBAD" that's going on with the critiques, it's supposed to be a leather pressed to be a warrior woman physique much like the armour of roman generals, all is not meant to be practical, a lot, most of dressing up outside of highly utilitarian scraps of cloth or plate has to do with symbols.

  3. Sansa’s S1E1 feast dress was the worst I felt. I mean the dress itself was beautifully made, but it drowned her, too much fabric. I understand the concept of the choice- how Sansa grows in her talent of sewing her dresses and as a character but personally I just thought it was the ugliest dress that she wore throughout the entire show- on a high not please do a video on the season 8 finale – Sansa’s coronation gown was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GOWN I HAVE EVER SEEN ON THE SHOW !!! It is seriously breathtaking- I’ve watched and rewound that part 20x just to see the details! So many hidden gems found in that dress! The weirwood leaves were my favorite

  4. i feel theres so much star trek, specifically romulan, influence on cersei's costumes in the later seasons.

  5. Nipples on armor breastplates were common, especially in Roman times. Great stylized versions from Ceasar on down. Men did it all the time, so why treat women in armor any different? Silly arguments. But agreed, that burrito dress was hideous. She did not pull it off, no one could. It flew me straight out of the immersion and straight into WTF has she got on?? The rest? BAD amateurish construction, but the design intent was awesome. But hands down, those Tarly dresses were the worst ……. god help us, they looked like Laura Ashley hanging out at the roller disco wearing a Dairy Queen uniform. Hated them to my toes and agree, Gilley looked better in the rags. Waaaaaaay better.

  6. I studied history at university and wished I’d thought outside the box. Clothes, hair make etc up. I’d love to be this knowledgable and maybe even use my skill I film and tv. 15 years later and I’m happy but would have been nice to have used those skills. Fantastic video!

  7. i'm actually disappointed that we never get to see Cersei's armour piece from black water. Cersei being surrounded by enemies, it'd make so much sense and paired with her decorative/functional pauldrons would make her look soooooooo awesome. with everyone wearing armour, including sansa with subtle leather harnesses and details. In a way the very fact she's not using it kind of shows her arrogance and madness

  8. My least favorite costume is that nasty Cersei wig since they chopped it. She was so humiliated by what they did to her, you’d think she would have grown it out by now. Brienne of Tarth’s hair is short but it fits her, she looks cute with it

  9. Whyyyy did they change the pretty, pale, flowy, dresses in King Kong’s Landing to these disgusting greyscale, tight black, neck armored, short haired (come on Cersei could have grew out her hair in the last 18 months) Lena Headey is so gorgeous. I’d be less repulsed by her if she didn’t look like what NCW said, Darth Vader. I can’t remember the last time I looked at Cersei thinking “oh she’s pretty” I’ve done that multiple times with Daenerys over the course of the show.

  10. “…Obarra would be the least likely to have nipples.” Now I cant stop thinking of like a high school yearbook where there’s best smile, cutest couple, most likely to succeed and least likely to have nipples 😂

  11. I LOVE Margery’s “battle dress” it suited the scene and her character development during that time.

  12. I died laughing when I saw Cersei's handmaiden with the short hair. I thought for sure Cersei forced all her female servants to cut their hair because she didn't want any of them looking prettier than her. :'D

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