Top 3 49ers Uniforms

Top 3 49ers Uniforms

What’s up guys? It is Bryan here. Today,
going to bring you guys another top 3 video. This time, going to be covering the
top 3 uniforms in 49er history. Wanted to do this video because one, I
want to kind of make a casual video. Just kind of chill out. Nothing too crazy here.
Also, they just revealed their alternate uniforms, which is the 1994 throwback
uniforms. The last time they won the Super Bowl and it looks freaking cool. Looks
amazing on Jimmy Garoppolo, Richard Sherman and what have you.
I love the uniforms and they will be making a mention later on in the top
3 series, but right now, want to cover this and should be the exciting
time. So sit back and relax and before I get the video started, I encourage you
guys to “Like” and Subscribe if you’re new to this channel. It really helps out a
lot. Without further ado, let’s get this started.
Top 3 uniforms in 49er history. Speaking of the 1994 uniforms, coming in
at number 3, I am going to be putting the 1994 uniforms. I think it looks
really cool from an aesthetic standpoint and also, as I mentioned before, this is
the last time we won the Super Bowl is wearing these uniforms. I don’t know if
it’s a coincidence or not. Maybe this year, this could be a repeat. Hopefully,
they can do it just because these uniforms. Overall 1994, it looks amazing
and with 2018 look of Nike, I think it looks even better in today’s NFL than
before, but hey. Looks pretty cool. Looks iconic on Deion Sanders, Jerry Rice, Steve
Young, especially Deion Sanders since this was his only season with the 49ers
and he was able to wear this kind of uniform, which is freaking dope. I like
this one just because one, it looks really cool. Two, in 2018. I’m going to
including that as well with the Nike uniform. The more modernization look, I
think it looks freaking awesome. Also, this was the last time we won a Super
Bowl. So hopefully, it can come true in 2018 that we can win a Super Bowl
because of these uniforms, but hey. Stuff happens. Love the 1994 uniforms and
hopefully, they can have success in 2018 with these uniforms whenever they use it.
I forgot exactly when they’re going to use it, but they’ll be using it eventually. So
yeah. 1994 uniforms, looks pretty damn cool. Coming in at number 2, I have the Nike
uniforms. So, the NFL introduced Nike as a partner in 2012. Ever since then until
now, they have used the Nike uniforms and I think this looks pretty cool as well.
Kind of similar to the 1994 uniforms in the sense that
it looks old-fashioned, but at the same time with the Nike addition of a sponsor,
it looks modern as well for 2018 and beyond.
I love the uniforms. It looks pretty cool. Iconic people using this are Patrick
Willis, NaVorro Bowman, kind of Vernon Davis. I think it looks really nice on
them and it just looks pretty cool. That’s all I can say. It’s a hybrid of
old fashioned and new fashion at the same time and that’s why I love about it.
Also, they made the Super Bowl in 2012. I wish we would have won that Super Bowl,
but hey. They made the Super Bowl as well. They had a lot of success with this
uniform. Well, not in recent times, but when it first started in 2012, they had a
lot of success with it. I just like the look of it. I just like both old
fashion and new fashion. That’s my favorite type of uniforms is not when it
tailors to one of the other from throwbacks until now. I like the ones
that go in between and I think this one meets in the middle. It’s really good for
anyone that’s old fashioned 49er fans that love the old uniforms and what have you
and it’s good for the Millennials like myself that like the new fashion as well.
They can combine together and boom! You got the Nike uniforms. So, looks pretty cool.
I love it and hopefully, they can keep on using it as long as Nike is their
sponsor for the next couple of years. So yeah.
Nike uniforms, pretty dope and coming in at number one,
I have the 1980s uniforms. Now, I love these uniforms because as much as I love
the Nike uniforms, they look pretty cool, they look dope, they look modern. I love
the old fashion as well. I probably like it even better because there’s no
corporate sponsors. It’s just a name and a number.
Iconic users are Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and Ronnie Lott. They look amazing with
these uniforms. That’s pretty much it. Just simple, easy to look at, nothing to
aesthetic looking about it and also, they’ve won 4 Super Bowls with these
uniforms. Repeat that, 4 Super Bowls. It looks pretty cool. I can’t really say
anything else. As much as I love the 1994 uniforms, as much as I love the Nike
uniforms that they have right now, I just am in love with this and I love
for them to use these as an alternate uniforms in a couple years or maybe next
year, but I don’t think they can use it just because of the fact that it doesn’t
have Nike or anything. They kind of had to have Nike as a sponsor and as a
attachment to the uniform. So, these uniforms, they probably won’t go back, but
hey. What can you do right? These uniforms, easy, simple. That’s what I love about it
and also, the Super Bowl wins. That’s pretty much it you guys.
Wanted to make a quick, easy video on the top uniforms in 49er history. They made
some new uniforms or alternate uniforms I should say for the 2018 season. So, I
kind of wanted to chime in on what I thought was the best uniforms in
49er history and yeah. Please let me know what you guys think are the best
uniforms in 49er history. Was it any of the ones I mentioned? Was in the 1990s,
the late 90s and early 2000s uniforms? I forgot to mention those. I guess I could
put those as an honorable mention, but hey. Whatever you guys say, please put in
the comments below and if you guys like this, please “Like,” Subscribe, do whatever you want with
this and I’ll be catching you guys up tomorrow when I make a career retrospect
video. I want to do one on Dwight Clark since he passed away a couple of days
ago as of this video. Really want to look back into his career and the great
legacy that he left for the 49ers. So, I’ll catch you guys up then. Bye guys.
Love y’all. Y’all have a good day!

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  1. Let me know what you think are the best uniforms in 49er history.
    "Like" and Subscribe if you're new to my channel! It helps out a lot!

  2. 1. 1980’s uniform & helmets I love the sliver-ish looking helmets they had & yes they did have a sliver-ish or like a platinum-ish color to them . 2. The 94 uniforms 3. The 91 uniforms & yesss brother Millennials that’s us man 🤘🏽

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