Top 4 ArtResin Ideas! No. 2 – Coat a Painting

Top 4 ArtResin Ideas! No. 2 – Coat a Painting

In this video, let’s get a flawless epoxy resin coat on a painting! So me and Zoë caught a crafty bug… She’s so nice! I traced this lily onto a circular piece of wood and I just painted it with acrylics just simple! and now, watch how we resin it! I start by making a box that I can use to cover the whole piece Just make sure my piece is raised off the table and level. And mix equal parts of resin and hardener So stir for 3 minutes or so… and pour it right on I wipe my tools down right away so I can reuse them easily same thing with the spreader just use paper towel and you’re good to go. just run my hand along the edge to wipe the resin into the sides and rub off the drips off the bottom and just a fast torching to get rid of the bubbles ok, now just cover and let it sit overnight! so it’s always exciting when you reveal your cured piece! This one turned out perfect! it’s really not hard to get a perfect pour, you just practice on a non-masterpiece first and in no time, you will have flawless Art Resin pours! Cool! See ya!

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  1. I just ordered my first batch of AR and was wondering if I can mix it with paint and make art pieces by pouring it over a sheet of acrylic? Will it adhere to the surface?

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