Top 5 Favorite Cosplay Fabrics || MangoSirene

Top 5 Favorite Cosplay Fabrics || MangoSirene

Do you know how many of you think this is a D. Gray Man- or Death Note hat? It’s-It’s Detroit, like… the sports… Over my last decade of cosplay, I have worked with a wide variety of fabric types. Some of these I’ve hated– I’m looking at you brocade. -.- You are so pretty, but when you do the fraying thing… *no jus-just no face* But we are not here to dwell on the negative. Instead, I wanna share my top 5 favorite fabrics for cosplay-making. Obviously, certain types of clothing will require certain- types of fabric. You can’t really make a tutu without tulle- and you can’t really use bridal satin for a bodysuit. But this list is intended to share my personal favorite- fabrics that I’ve encoutered while making cosplays. So, let’s begin the count down starting with Number 5. I love microsuede since it can be used to add texture to- otherwise plain solid colors. Microsuedes don’t shrink, fray, or pill, and they come in a wide variety of both natural and fashion colors. I personally love using microsuedes for applique and embroidery- and they look especially cool when paired with fake leather or vinyl. Best part– it’s super budget friendly. On the not-so-budget-friendly side of the spectrum, is silk charmeuse. Because it is 100% silk, it’s definitely on the pricier end but it’s perfect for those more luxurious costumes. It has a pearlescent surface that isn’t overly shiny- and it’s really soft. You can use it for dresses, tops, accessories, skirts, etc. My favorite part of it, is how easy it is to dye and paint. Moving on to Number 3, I, personally, try to avoid using real animal products in my costumes, even if it would be more authentic. And one of my favorite solutions for fake leather is- clothing PVC. This is an awesome fabric for jackets, pouches, gloves, armor pieces, boot covers– pretty much anything goes. It cuts like butter and sews like a dream– plus, it’s super inexpensive compared to real leather. Not to mention, the bit of stretchiness it has comes in super handy for a bunch of different applications. I’ve made a lot of superhero costumes in my day- and when it comes to stretch fabrics, my favorite is- spandex moleskin. It’s a little thicker than milliskin and super soft so- wearing it is definitely comfortable. It’s very durable too making it great for those superhero- bodysuits and gloves. And, saving the best for last– cotton sateen! *claps and cheering* This is, in my opinion, one of the most versatile fabrics- for cosplay. It can be used for pretty much every non-stretch garment. It’s thicker than regular cotton- and has just the slightest bit of shine to it, but- it still appears matte in photos, so it can still- be used for plain clothing and not just fancy garments. It dyes beautifully– you can paint it, you can manipulate it you can use it for appliqué. Honestly, there’s very little this fabric can’t do. Best part– you can find it at pretty much every fabric store in at least the basic neutral colors- which you can then dye, so it’s super accessible. If any of these fabrics caught your eye and you want to use them on one of your upcoming projects, please check the description for tutorials on how to work with each particular fabric. Before you leave, be sure to like, subscribe, and don’t forget to leave in the comments what your top 5 favorite cosplay fabrics are. I’m MangoSirene and as always… Happy Cosplay! *Chill Piano playing* (P.S. Sorry if I butchered any of the sewing terms or fabrics>.

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  1. I might use that clothing PVC for my McCree cosplay I'm doing! Stupid cowboys with their freaking leather chaps. >_<

  2. My top 5 cosplay fabrics are
    2 way stretch
    Cotton Sateen
    Micro Suede
    clothing PVC

  3. Linen, Vinyl, and cotton are my favorites. Vinyl isn't the easiest to sew with since I do all hand stitching but my Astrid skirt still looks amazing and has held together so well. Linen is great because I needed something for my arm wraps and for it to look aged. Fabric paint is a must though, found that out the hard way due to painting my arm bands with multisurface and it turned the strings into blades against my poor skin. Hard to do a photoshoot with something scratching at you non stop.

  4. Finally! I never know what fabric to use, now I at least now some names to keep an eye open for!

  5. ah dang, fabrics ;; I really like cotton because it's breathable and easy to work with, and idk what the other 4 would be honestly

  6. I'm not sure what my favorites are as I only have about 4 cosplays under my belt but I've leaned a lot towards bottomweights in general. My latest one uses stretch sateen in red and white.

  7. Top 5 for me would be:
    1. Microsuede
    2. Peachskin
    3. Faux leather
    4. Linen
    5. Jacquards/brocades

    I also love to raid the home decor fabric section because they always have such pretty and interesting fabrics! Plus, at my Joanns, home dec is right next to the red tag section, so easy access to discounted fabric 😀

  8. I don't have a top 5 but my favorite fabric is what I used to make my sapphire dress. I don't realy know the name of it but it's a cosplay fabric

  9. Have you tried muskin (mushroom leather)? It's vegan and falls under all the other animal-friendly categories, and is more environmentally friendly than PU or PVC leather.

  10. Have you hand dyed a plaid garment before? I would love to see a tutorial for that, if you have.

  11. Oh wow! flashbacks to my first time sewing and specifically looking for cotton sateen because you'd mentioned it in a video once before lol. It still is one of my favorite fabrics as well, along with matte bridal satin~ (too many idols and magical girls)

  12. Top three favorite fabrics I've encountered in my cosplaying are cotton sateen (the undisputed GOD of cosplay fabrics), moleskin (for leather detailing, I especially love to cover foam belts or armor pieces with this) and ponte de roma!

  13. Has MangoSirene ever done a little tour of her workspace? I'm only assuming she has a work space though, I wouldn't be surprised if – like most of us – she works wherever she has the space.

  14. This also was really helpful and I have heard you talk about spandex moleskin before so I kind of expected it on this list.
    Sidenote: the love the purple eyebrows and orange hair haha

  15. I am still learning even after 8 years. I mostly use broadcloth because it's cheap. But I want to look into new things for sure.

  16. I used to work at Hancock Fabrics before they closed down but there was a fabric like a jersey neoprene i feel in love with. always came in red and was so soft. I was blown away by the stretchiness and how think it was! it was like 3 mm thick! You could see the worfs and wefts (are those the right component names?) like staring at a puzzle box. great stuff

  17. I'm making an entire gown out of brocade. LORD GIVE ME STRENGTH.

    (>'.')> TIP <('.'<)
    Woven fusible interfacing is a great way to keep edges from fraying that either (1) shouldn't be serged or (2) need to be clipped for curves, foldovers, etc. Good seam reinforcement too for high stress areas like shoulder seams and waist seams. Especially for gowns with heavy or long skirt pieces.

    (>'.')> also TIP <('.'<)
    Use WOVEN fusible interfacing, not the non-woven stuff! It's weaker and it tears too easily. Woven interfacing is much stronger and will keep your garment from falling apart or losing its shape.

  18. I LOVE cotton sateen, I found it a few years ago and have lived it ever since XD it makes your costumes look so much more professional than most man made fabric. I also love slub silk for the texture and silk dupion can crater beautiful colour combinations. I tend to like natural fibres and fabric that has some kind of texture woven into it rather than completely flat material 🙂

  19. I used to work in a fabric store and I 100% agree that cotton sateen is the best!! It's such a lovely fabric to work with and it looks so nice!

  20. I don't really have a Top 5 but recently I've discovered Linen and I love it. I've been able to dye it really easily and the weight of it is amazing. I typically use this for any cosplay with a pleated skirt.

  21. I have wanted a video like this for so long. I always struggle with picking fabric. Thank you for the helpful video!

  22. I love felt, it is great for ears and other props parts because there is absolutely no fraying and if used with hot glue it basically becomes unbreakable !! It is the perfect fabric for beginners or if you are in a pinch for a prop or something !!

  23. Nah, nah, please do dwell on the negative! Would love to see a "Worst 5 Cosplay Fabrics" video. It might be helpful for new cosplayers to know which fabrics to avoid.

  24. Where could I find clothing pvc? I have a few cosplay coming up that have a lot of leather accessories

  25. Which one of those fabric can be use for a sports jersey? My next project is Kuroko from Kuroko No Basket 🙂

  26. Raise your hand if you have more than 6 yards of white cotton sateen in your craft room "just in case", "because it was on sale."

  27. I love working with spandex/lycra, and now I really want to try out spandex moleskin! I hope it's called something similar in the UK so I can track it down!

  28. hi mango, i was wondering wat patterns and fabrics would u use/suggest for making a sailor moon and princess serenity cosplays?

  29. I love linen for any "historical" or non-modern sorts of anime. And I really like cotton twill for bold, cartoony, solid colour pieces.

  30. I might not be the most experienced cosplayer but I love using (I think this is what is called in English because I'm from Spain) Cotton Upholstery fabric, it's thicker and I use it for pieces that need more form or that would work well with the weight and texture of the fabric like jackets, also it's super super budget friendy because it's used for home decor so the height of the fabric when you buy it it's 2.8m and that means that you need less yards/meters and it's pretty cheap.

    Also satin linen is super cheap and while using it all over can make the cosplay look cheap, I think using it for certain things can make them pop.

  31. microsuede literally solved all my problems just now, i needed this exact fabric for (xayahs) dress but i didn't know this fabric existed, thank you so much! im going out in the next few days to buy fabric so i'll definitely pick some up, im also going to be pairing it with a fake leather (whatever is cheapest i dont need much) so thats a bonus!

  32. Recently made Yusuke from P5 from scuba fabric, it's not the most breathable but it's amazing to work with

  33. Can you do a video or five about embroidery tips? Perhaps that vs painting for best insignia designs?

  34. I have a question to ask. I'm cosplaying as freyja wion from macross delta and she is an idol. what type of fabric will be good for her?

  35. words cannot express how much this made me so happy. glad I now know the fabric type names!!! you are a godsend Nina!

  36. I really thought it was from my fav anime/manga: D.GRAY-MAN (it´s love, it´s life) (Yullen~
    This was a really interesting video, thank you very much <3
    I love your channel^~^

  37. What a great list! I learned a lot for such a short video! Thank you! I'll definitely be checking out the Clothing PVC!

  38. My fave rn is most def Wool, it's such a dream to sew in since I make a lot of historical men's costumes 💕

  39. thank you for this video 🙂 this might change my cosplaygame ;D I am always using normal cotton fabric but I always thought this might not be the best solution 🙂

  40. I just bought some cotton sateen for the first time and it is so amazing. Thanks for the recommendation!!

  41. Where do you buy clothing PVC? I'd love to get some to make costumes from Guardians of the Galaxy. I live in Canada, and the largest fabric store here doesn't have it on their website.

  42. Loving the hat! (I know basically nothing about sports but Detroit is about an hour away from me and I know of the team😂)

  43. Can anyone tell me what kind of fabric is best for a flowy cape??? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  44. hey I'm making an elma costume from dragon made and it'll be my first time making a costume. what fabric is best for yukata stuff like this? Is cotton sateen good for this?

  45. Yay! I'm not the only one who has stressed out over brocade! The two cosplays that I have made so far have been heavy on the brocade and I now have to try lining one of them after the fact so I can enter it in a competition.

  46. this helped me a lot……. I was making a ciel phantomhive cosplay and I needed supplies I love this video and I used it and kept it in mind while I was making the cosplay

  47. I hope everything is going well for you, since you have not been active. I love your videos so much and I miss them dearly! Hopefully soon you'll be back! I think you're such a amazing cosplayer and youtuber! Hopefully I will see you in your next video! (Selfish me hopes its next week cause I will be bored af 😂) Love you and cya soon!

  48. see, I know what fabrics I SHOULD use…. But with my budget, broadcloth always looks so appealing………

  49. I really want some sort of news of when she will be back. I know on her social media she said how things were changing, but she didn't specify when she'll be back to making videos. Anyone have any clue?

  50. ive been bingeing ur videos too get tips to start and the i saw ur pattern in hobby lobby as was soo happy

  51. I can't find an online store in my country that sells that kind of pvc fabric …
    I'd love to use it for a classic Harley Quinn

  52. I kno this vides is 2 months old.but I need help with a custom of kirito from sword art online.u know how weres a cloak idk to make it out of stretchy fabric or non stretchy fabric.

  53. I don't really have a top 5, but I love Kona cotton fabric, and have had really great experience with it. It's versatile, inexpensive, and comes in a plethora of colors!

  54. i am working on a costume for Halloween right now and i decided to save money and time to just buy a costume and just adjust and add things onto it i bough a nurse costume and now i am in the process of weathering it the only down side is that it has a hard plastic zipper right down the front and i am really worried that by tea staining it the zipper will melt and ruin the entire look how can i avoid that from happening?

  55. Hello! Do you possibly know any fabric I could use for a blindfold but still can see out of? I'm gonna cosplay a NieR: Automata character and they wear blindfolds but I don't look forward to walking around blind. Lol

  56. Can anybody tell me how opaque cotton sateen is? Every time I google it I get sent to sites for men's dress shirts and that doesn't help me. I'm trying to make a costume for the Creepypasta "Suicide Sadie" and I can't find a white fabric that I would feel comfortable with wearing. This is mostly due to the fact that it's REALLY hot where I'm at and everything that won't make me sweat off my body paint is see through. I've checked every forum I know of and google and can't find anything. Please help.

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