TOP 5 MUST HAVE Android Wear 2.0 Apps. Quick Overview, Test & Review. Essential Smart Watch Apps!

TOP 5 MUST HAVE Android Wear 2.0 Apps. Quick Overview, Test & Review. Essential Smart Watch Apps!

hi guys this is concise reviews and today I'm going to go through the top 5 apps that you need to get downloaded for Android wear 2.0 play so the first one that we're going to look at is this one called filled away and you can get this free from the Play Store basically this app allows you to set custom and different vibrate patterns for when you get notifications on different apps on your watch so that can be quite useful if say there's some apps that you don't want you watch to really get your attention and then there's some important apps where if you get a notification you really want to know about it so it's very simple to use once you've installed it you just open it and you can scroll down through all of your apps just click into one so the two that I've done for an example here are Gmail I just want one short notification for that so you just click into it choose what kind of vibration pattern you want you can also add a sound as well if your watch to force that so I've just gone for one short for Gmail then you can test it if you just push the test button so just one short whereas if I get a text message I really want to know about it so I've got one long notification so subtle differences you can make it more severe if you want say you can have up to three long vibrations and it's just a nice simple way to be able to differentiate the different types of notifications you're getting on your wrist without having to look at it and open up your watch now you can get a premium version for as little as $1.99 which isn't too much and it gives you quite a few more settings such as an hourly time what battery notifications and some widget options as well also in the settings there's some more cool features such as getting a notification when your phone disconnects so basically if you walk away from your phone you're going to get a vibration on your watch so hopefully that will stop you losing your phone ok this next one is really quite basically turns your watch into a remote viewer and controller for your phone's camera so it's called picks you can for Android wear is free on the Google Play Store and I'll show you how it works so even if your phone is turned off so you can see the screens off there find it on your list in your apps pick stickam and it straightaway opens the viewfinder on your phone so you can see the screens off I haven't opened the camera or anything on there and then easily on your watch you can take pictures and you can do that with the flash on or off and you can also change it to the selfie camera so that's my ceilin and you can even use it to record videos so there's so many uses for this if you wanted to get a group photo you could purge your phone up on a wall and point it you guys and take a picture of yourself you could maybe if you wanted to secretly record a meeting or whatever you can just easily on your watch push that record button and then you can see it's recording video now and then of course you can just easily access the photos and videos you take in your gallery that creates a separate album called pigs to camp and there we go there's the pictures that we've just taken so so yeah that's a free up on the Google Playstore pics to cam definitely worth getting that on your watch okay so the next one we're gonna look at is called mail for Android wear and Gmail and this is basically a really simple way to access your emails on your Android wear watch you can get this for free from the google play store or you can also purchase the premium version in-app which is about three pounds fifty I think however after having it for just about five hours um I got a notification with a 50% off voucher so I upgraded to the premium version and the main difference is that you can easily reply to messages and you don't have this slightly annoying icon which keeps popping up reminding you to try not great to the premium version so on the watch it's very easy to use you just go into your list of apps I've pinned my year most use apps to the top by the way and you can do that by simply holding down on an app and adds the start win puts it at the top I've done that with this Mayo app that we're looking at so you just click into it and then you get access to all of your emails and you can just click into then read the full message and also reply to it if you want just by clicking the bottom and you can either reply using your voice with the microphone icon if you just click that or you can click the keyboard and then put in a message using the Android wear keyboard okay the next app the one you've probably heard of but it's really useful to have it on your watch rather than and have to get your phone out because you normally do this in a hurry it's called Shazam and it basically recognizes songs that you might be listening to so that you can either add them to your playlist or you can look them up later on so this already came on my phone I think or it was automatically transferred over when I upgraded and therefore it wasn't on my watch don't forget sometimes when you install apps on your phone you'll get a notification on your watch would you have to agree to to get that version of the app on your watch so I've had to uninstall this I'll just reinstall it now and then if we open it and you can see I've got the notification on my watch so it does this to stop you having every Android wear compatible app in your list of apps on your watch because that can get a bit sort of clunky so if you want to be able to use an app on your watch you have to sort of agree to it on the watch face itself so just click that and it'll begin to install if you click the install button okay and then you can see that's fully installed so you can either open it directly or uninstall it okay so let's put it to the test it's real easy to use you just go into your list of apps scroll down to S because it's alphabetical again I'm gonna use it a lot so I'll hold my finger on it pin it to the top and then as soon as you open the app it goes into listening mode so we're just open it up and start to play a song Indian and took about I don't know what was that 10 seconds it's come back with Roy song sweater weather by the neighborhood so yeah really useful app much easier than having to get your phone out your pocket and unlock it you can just quickly go into that and tell what song is that you're listening to okay the next one we're going to look at is Google keep and this is basically Google's own know keeping app which is probably the best one out there again when you install it don't forget that you need to find the notification on your watch and click accept to install so all that installs on the watch I'll quickly show you the app on the phone it's basically loads of different ways to keep an arrange in notes so you can just do a normal text note you can pin important notes at the top so hello if I can type right that saves that one you can also just use a sort of a pen hello you can also use voice to text hello how are you and then it's really easy to sort of arrange you notice however you want them you can take pictures as well so I used to use Evernote but I think this one sort of surpassed that now plus ever notes got some licenses where you can only use it on a certain amount of devices now so for me Google keeps the best note-taking up should be on the watch now so let's have a look go across to our apps I think you'll be under keep there we go okay so it's syncing the notes at the moment so you'll also be able to view your notes that you've taken on your phone or add a new note and you can do this in a few different ways either by voice by emoji or by typing on a keyboard so you can draw an emoji if you want but probably the easiest way to take a note is just using the microphone to turn it to you voice the text this is the top five Android wear apps you know happy with that and then as you can see it takes a minute but it does then sync with the notes that you've already got on your phone so you can easily view them later on okay so that's five must-have essential apps for Android wear 2.0 I hope this video has been useful to you if you've got any questions or comments drop them in the comment section below and don't forget to Like and subscribe for more from concise reviews

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