hey guys and welcome back to my channel so many of you always ask me where you should go and buy your clothes so I'm going to take you to five different stores and show the prices and what you can get you can go into these stores and walk out with so much clothes like if you go to the mall you might walk out with two outfits for a hundred dollars so the first store is called Dee Dee's discount reason why this one is number one is because I have found 99-cent clothes if you guys remember I found a romper for that price as you guys can see there's a bunch of clothes here but I always shop a clearance section and look at all of the clothes out they markdown and there's more over there if you're looking for dresses they have a bunch on sale too I might buy this top / – it's over join three so it Criss crosses on the back and it's from the brand Aeropostale I think I look really cute with a pair of dark wash jeans and I can wear my statement necklace with it this one is a mint green lace top so you have to wear a tank top underneath and I got marked down to three pretty color to wear during the summer and you guys know I love mustard yellow so this one has adjustable straps which is a must-have I would wear this with shorts and it was five let me know what you guys think but I'm pretty sure I get markdown again here's another mint green lace top it looks like this on the back from this brand and at three dollars so this one also has adjustable straps three dollars and forty nine pins if you like this one you have to wear a tank top underneath it's also a three here's another crop topper for very bright for the summer this one is also from the brand Aeropostale size medium I love this color more than the blue one and it's three I'm going to ask you guys which color I should get on my Instagram stories I think I need this top in my life you guys the only bad thing is that it doesn't have adjustable straps so I'm not sure if I can make this work I love the bling and it's very soft originally six and now it's four I see their genes get marked down 205 but this one is 7 right now and has small grips on it and it has that stretchy material so they will feel like you're wearing leggings and when they're not on sale it's 14 look at all of the rips I love it I'm definitely picking it up whenever it goes on sale I don't have to use that look like this yet so it's a light wash with ribs if you buy them right now you will pay for high rise push-up jeans also 10 I like to buy my lounge clothes from here and these are so saw another pair of my own shorts and it's 5 beautiful shade of pink really cute skirt and it's six moving on to this clearance section so they have a lot over here too if you like to wear leggings this shirt is perfect originally 5 this one isn't on sale but I think 4 5 is a really good deal look at this one so it Criss crosses in the front and it's 5 I thought this one the last time I was here so it's only 49 cents you guys I think that is crazy if it was my size I would definitely pick it up really cute for the Fall it's really cool to see things get marked down to under a dollar you can also buy your workout tops here the original tag says 26 would you guys wear this let me know in the comment below so it has lipsticks on it it's not on sale but it's only thick five dollars very romper is a pretty good deal it also has pockets which is a must-have I just found these jeans and there's $7 it's my size – but leggings are very cheap so most of them are for you can never go wrong with black legging this one has a bunch of hearts on it and they're very soft – I like these a lot especially if you wear a black shirt with it this one is perfect for the summer if you love unicorns definitely pick this one up please come to this story you might be here for a couple of hours I'm not even kidding I love this top so much it has a front pocket if I buy this top I will just tie it on the bottom and wear with a pair of jeans here's another shirt for four it's that really nice shade of green it would look nice with shorts or jeans I love how you don't have to shop at the clearance section if you don't want to all of their clothes are so cheap you guys I'm not even kidding moving on to the second store so number two is rainbow and they have these big signs that say clearance when you walk into the store they have these really big yellow signs that will tell you the price so that will make your shopping easy so these are fitted dresses for a they have a bunch of different colors and I like this one the most they even have a mannequin so you can kind of guess like how it's going to look on you and the t-shirt dresses are also a many of you guys told me the clothes from here last a very long time I see a bunch of things that I liked for 10 it has – my favorite colors which is mustard yellow and pink that shade of blue is starting to grow on me – if you don't like those colors they also have this one as an option they're both very pretty for the body suits I was definitely waiting to like its marked down to at least five so they have white black and pink it's actually seven dollars now I like this one too and it's five its highs on the bottom I thought everything over here was ten but make sure you check because you never know it's originally ten and this one is a fitted dress it's really cute for the summer if you like crop tops I feel like you would love this store so these two or seven I wish every top had adjustable straps I see similar shirts on Marshalls right now on sale for under five I'm in love with the top you guys though it has a pop of theme if you don't like pink they also have blue or you can get the one that doesn't have pink or blue so it ties on the side and this one is an office shoulder top priced at 10 I feel like if you're going to spend $10 definitely buy a dress or pants so all of these tops are five you can get mustard yellow or that's our glue I can see myself wearing this with dark wash jeans it ties on the side and there's buttons it's a really light green color too they have a bunch of these off the shoulder tops here's another one that I love so with light pink with blue flowers pink and blue always look good together and they have some body suits for five the other option just has a bunch of flowers I know I would wear this shirt all the time you could wear high waisted leggings or jeans with it if you don't like the blue they have mustard yellow and red I think a blue one is better I like tops I look like this so you can get pink or white so everything over here is three dollars this is the first one that I noticed and I need to find my size I usually wear a size medium or small and I just couldn't find any over here it's a size large but I think I can make it work because it does have adjustable straps and if you don't like wearing crop tops definitely size up so it's more loose-fitting if you like this one you can get the white pink or black it's a fitted crop top so keep that in mind I wish you guys could feel this one it's very soft and a lightweight material so you won't sweat and if you buy this definitely size up I found more of these in a different colors so they have yellow green and gray if you don't want to shop the clearance section they have some deals so it's two or more for $5 each that's a really good deal because you get two body suits for ten I don't know if the leggings are good just let me know in the comments below so they have black gray and a light gray rainbow and Deedee's discounts are right next to each other but right now I'm going to head to the third store and just let me know what you guys think so far and don't forget at the end of the video to let me know what your favorite stores are number three is Burlington I love this door when it comes to clothes because they always mark it down to under five I finally made it to the clearance section I really like this one and it's still 10 so definitely keep on waiting on that one really good deal for a Juicy Couture top it's dark blue with pink I finally found one for under thighs it's a crop top with a floral print so it comes with an extra button just in case one of them like falls off or something you can wear your favorite layer necklace with it only for it also has buttons in the front and has adjustable straps the original tags is 24 so I think that's a pretty good deal for five it's originally six dollars so it should get marked down to at least two dollars very soon these bottoms look very comfortable and you can wear a black top that ties on the bottom and it's four dollars right now I'm very short so I can't wear stuff like this so Burlington has the best deals on shorts like this one is only five it rolls on the bottom the reason why I didn't show you guys a lot of clothes is because the last time I went to Burlington I showed you so much but definitely check out that video if you did miss it and I'll put the link down below but anyways let's go ahead and go to the next door I think many of you guys knew that Ross was going to be on this list every time I go in here I find things for under 5 by showing you guys the jeans so most of these are 13 actually I've found a cheaper one for 10 and all of these have that stretchy material the white skinny jeans are 11 originally 14 they're very different too if you guys like ripped jeans like me definitely pick this one up 411 it was 16 $9 Shores so remember at Burlington I found one 4 5 the original tag says 36 usually their shorts will get marked down to under 5 do you guys like to wear this color during the fall let me know you're only saving three dollars right now if you buy them this looks very similar to the top side window it's also $5 years they started marking down more clothes $4 it ties on the back and I will show off your back too so make sure you wear a really nice bra let this one got marked down twice oh it's three originally seven I found that cheapest top here and it's too long please bodies do it for five I saw this one the last time I was here I'm still waiting for it to get marked down more two dollars for the basic shirt I don't really care for the color and it's see-through I think all of these would look really good with a lace white cover-up they marked it down again so it's three originally nine if you like this one it does have adjustable straps pink and mustard yellow so this is an office shoulder top they got marked down again too so now three it ties in the front if you need more workout clothes definitely come to Russ and this one is cheaper five dollars and look at the bottom of it really cute Under Armour workout shorts are 10 I usually see them marked down mourn the Puma is also 10 can't believe this one is $5 on the bottom it says work for it it reminds me of the Victoria's Secret the original tag for the sketcher is say 30 I love these Under Armour one so it's black and white I have never seen Lee Vikings get this cheap so at seven originally 14 it's a light wash I usually buy my dresses and robbers from Ross like this one is only four I finally found a jumpsuit that is made for short people so it has by pocket – from the brand Passport I can't believe this jumpsuit is for it looks like this in the front this romper is adorable it's D through on the sleeves it ties in the middle I just found my favorite dress so this one is beautiful because of the black lace the bottom is a floral print it's from the brand willow and clay would you guys buy this dress right now it's five it's very soft – and perfect for a lounge day so my parents are celebrating their 25th anniversary and I need to buy a dress so I think this one is perfect I can't believe I just found a jumpsuit for three it's a little long it does have adjustable strap so I can fix that I can see why people pass on this jumpsuit because it's actually way too short so the last door is forever 21 the clearance is taken additional 50% off and these are new crop tops that they just marked down so these will get marked down to six you can get the yellow or the black with pink flowers the workout tops are for I like the muscle chain if you like to show off your sports bras definitely pick this or not it's what's on the bottom too it's a very pretty light pink color the basic tees are six nine dollars for the workout like me that's a really good deal so they have a maroon color or you can get the gray I like to buy black and white leggings because it matches all of my top the body suits are stick so you can get the mustard yellow or blue originally 12 so these are a little bit more but if you like them you can give white or yellow and these are five they have the colors red and yellow these are my favorite bodysuit there's pink two shades of blue and yellow speech jeans are nine dollars now originally 33 it has brick and it rolls on the bottom if you guys want to see more forever21 clothes I will put a link down below for that video but anyways let me know what you guys think about the top 5 and don't forget to add to the list down below but that is it for this video I hope that you guys did enjoy it if you are new I would love for you to subscribe and hit the notification bow and I'll see you guys in my next one


  1. Burlington would have to be my favorite cause I don’t have the 1st 2 stores where I live but love the prices @ the first 2 stores otherwise..
    But also shop Burlington a few times a month so definitely would be my choice for favorite store was there a few days ago as well..
    💗 all the leopard printed clothes would wear all of them…

  2. I went to kohl’s before and found a shirt on clearance for $1.00 and I got it and I had a coupon and I got it for a cent 👌🏼

  3. For you guys that don’t have time to watch the video:

    #1 DD’s discounts (she found 99 cent clothes there! Amazing discounts!)

    #2 Rainbow (they have lots of amazing items on clearance, and they have big signs with the prices to make your shopping convenient!)

    #3 Burlington (I shop here all of the time and find amazing clothes for cheap! I got 2 or 3 shirts and socks for $10, and I wear them all of the time! I even have a clothing haul on my channel, and I went to Burlington!)

    #4 Ross (Ross is amazing and I also shop here quite frequently! It is one of those hit or miss stores, where you either want to buy the whole store or what to buy nothing. I still recommend it when you’re on a budget, but want some new clothes!)

    #5 Forever 21 (this place has lots of clothes that are usually expensive, but you can get for only 5-10 dollars. It’s not the cheapest place ever, but it’s still really cheap!)

    My personal recommendation is Gabe’s. Gabe’s has the trendiest/VSCO girl/basic girl, etc. clothes. You should come here because it’s so cheap, yet they have amazing, cute clothes for extremely cheap. I’m talking cheaper then Burlington, even though the clothes are better, but higher quality. You can find branded clothes for so cheap! I can’t stress how much I recommend this store to you guys.

  4. There's a lot of cute crop tops my favorite store I guess it at all these is Ross the video have a good night

  5. Wow I’m so shocked everything you showed was soooo nice I definitely enjoyed this video I loved everything
    Especially the rompers caught my eye 😍

  6. I love all these stores..they’re my faves!! I also get a lot of deals at target and sometimes old navy. Btw,just wondering how tall you were…my niece has the same problem,and she’s 4’11. Short dresses are full length on her. She tends to shop at Ross and tj maxx.💞🌸🌺🌸💞

  7. DD’s discount is one of the best places to get clothes.
    Is also good because most of the sales goes to children in need, they give them away clothes, food, toys etc.

    If anyone’s has the opportunity to buy there, don’t think about it there’s a lot of cute stuff for cheap.

  8. Happy Friday Krista! I'm still jealous we don't have a DDs here. I went to Rainbow a week ago (haven't been there for a very long time), they had a big sale 50-75% off. I found this really cute mustard yellow dress and a beautiful bracelet but I was in line for like an hour so I just left. Awesome finds at all the clearance sections! Enjoyed this video! Thanks!

  9. I liked that u looked at more stuff than just one clearance rack…😘 and the blue and lepord was really cute and those riped jeans that went all the way down ..I like the light washed riped too at dds..I went to Ross the other day and couldn't find any cute stuff at mine and hardly no clearance. Everybody finds cute shoes there to and mine sucks there is never anything..

  10. I love that green and white top for 49cents lol if u see it again u need to send it to me and I'll pay for it and shipping ..I think its my size and I love the color and style…u found so many cute things …

  11. Good Morning love watching all these great bargins do you post videos on weekend to?
    Have a great day and a wonderful weekend

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