Top 6 Starfleet Uniforms

Top 6 Starfleet Uniforms

Hello Ric here once again, you can’t get rid of me! As Starfleet uniforms seem to be on peoples… well, my mind of late, I thought I’d put together a quick breakdown of my subjective favorite designs from Star Trek canon. Well, some ground rules first, I’ve limited myself to the number of “hero” uniforms, by that I mean the main series outfits otherwise the list would consist of 4/5 obvious choices And for the sake of diversity I’ve pulled from designs some more obscure places but these are all ones that have featured in primary cannon but that I mean the TV show, so unlike my Top 10 Federation ships vid I won’t be choosing from the never ending supply of “memory-beta” content. Even though there are designs out there I really do like. So first off, lets throughout a couple of honourable mentions that almost made the list. 2255: Starfleet Discovery uniform. Listen, I really like the look of this design. The neat trim, the collar the emboss lined with the delta pattern. I enjoy the use of a blueish-silver for sciences, bronze for ops. But it doesn’t get a place on this list in earnest ,. because although it screams sci-fi to me it doesn’t feel very star trek. Maybe that’ll change, maybe not. Next up. 2360 Voyager Very close to another choice on my list and I debated for some time weather or not to include it in its place. To me, it reflects the era of star trek I grew up watching. But as I mentioned, I’m trying to limit myself to the number of main series uniforms. But with the honourable mentions out of the way, let’s get onto the list with an immediate curveball. 29th century Starfleet. The crew of the relativity were seen wearing this uniform in the Voyager episodes and the asymmetrical design stuck with me. The muted colour scheme shows that colour divisions had once again swapped around with command being blue, sciences grey and the ops being brown. The Starfleet badge too looked pretty cool with the delta flipped on its side and all in all, I feel that the redesign is appropriate for a Starfleet that is now exploring time as well as space. Next on the agenda, 2230 (Kelvin Timeline). Now, I’ve mentioned this uniform a lot as I have come to respect the redesign of the 2254 cage era uniform, which in my opinion is too simplistic. The addition of the piping but maintaining the colour scheme of just two divisions was a good nod to the original series and in my mind stands out as a good example of how to do a reimagining properly. Say what you like about the rest of the Kelvin Universe But I think that the uniforms did Star Trek justice. 2151: Excursion uniform from Enterprise On seeing ST:ENT, I quickly came to appreciate how different the jumpsuit design looked from any Starfleet uniform I’d seen before. It feels more like a utility outfit to me and somehow, that suits the era. But the exploration variant makes them look more like rough and ready explorers, seen in desert environments most often, this simple khaki-coloured design, to me, reflects the early era of exploration and the unknown where your dress-blues aren’t always going to be practical. Also comes with matching pocketed jacket for +3 to your carry weight. 2260 Classic original series. Well, come on. It had to be on here didn’t it? It’s colourful, clear, and set the foundation for star trek designs, hell sci-fi in general. All the ideas can be found stemming from this original design. Badge, rank, division. All elements that can be summed up in a glance without having to awkwardly fish for information and it shows that Starfleet was truly trying to create something that didn’t resemble a purely military armada. It’s a shame though, that the captain’s uniform seemed to be made from a lot less sturdy material. I would like to add that the Kelvin redesigns again appeal to the nostalgia in me but maintain I direct familiarity with the original design but they wouldn’t exist without the original. hence, the reason it’s at number 3. Starfleet Red military tunic. 2286. A personal favourite of mine. The military style tunic was something I enjoyed seeing in the films and to me was a more official, scientific, militaristic take on the uniform. All that stuff I said about Starfleet not wanting to appear militaristic? Buuuut…Well… I like the designs. The fold-over tunic again appeals to my sense of asymmetry, and I did like the complex little insignia that denoted rank and the variety of undershirt designs. Even if you needed a small guidebook to decipher who did what abound ship. And finally moving on to number one! 2373 saw the introduction of the ‘First Contact’ uniform/DS9 This is why I didn’t include the Voyager one on my list. Out of the two, they are very similar; however this one edges it out for me. The tone of the uniform reflects a darker time for the federation and would look out of place on the bridge of the TNG enterprise D. The undershirt retains the division colour, with the classic pips laying out rank. Over it all is this jacket with textured shoulders that give it a tougher, action-ready look. While the earlier designs my look the part on the bridge of a starship, they don’t always look as though they’d be as practical on the ground. The 2370 variant suits both and (in my nerdy unfashionable opinion) when dishevelled, adds a layer of badassness. bad-ass-ness? So those are my top 6 designs. Of course I like the TNG look among others, and there are many more out there that belong to specializations and the like. There’s especially designs from other species that I think are pretty cool but this list was just for the ones we see on the screens. and just Starfleet. So what do you think? Agree with my choices? Disagree with my choices? What’s your favourite design and what would the next Starfleet uniform look like if Garak was allowed to design it? Comment below and I’ll be sure to read them. Thanks for listening to my ramblings, until next time, I’ve been Ric and I’ll see you later, goodbye. Bashir: I think I’m going to like history.

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  1. Most Starfleet uniforms don't really appeal to me, they're far too colourful and childish, and lessons the gravitas of a situation when you see well dressed and elegant alien species conversing with a guy who dresses in bright red pyjamas. That's why the military style red jacket look of the early films is my favourite, it's functional, elegant and more professional and gives the wearer more gravitas than other uniforms do. I wish they'd bring it back in some fashion, it truly was unique and helped set apart the films from the show.

  2. I personally enjoy the Disco uniforms, mostly because blue is my fave color and I just love the aesthetics, it's more pleasing to me LOL

    but I think the ENT era uniforms are the most practical and realistic looking ones, it's something I can imagine having in the future, whereas the other designs feel sci-fi-ish

  3. I loved ENG uniforms. They looked very relatable like we would actually have uniforms that look like that

  4. While seen only in the trailer, I think once Discovery's second season starts, you will do a bit of revision seeing the 2256 "Constitution Class" uniform. It is a perfect transition between the Discovery uniform and the TOS uniform.

  5. Liked them all. All served their time and place. What do you think of the Discovery uniforms and the Mirror Universe uniforms?

  6. With regard to your top 2, I actually……………………………………………………………..AGREE!! . Loved the red tunics from the movies- thought they could never be bettered, but the improvement on the original DS9 uniform with variant undershirt had me sold. And it’s cannily modelled by Picard in First Contact as he essentially strips off the layers in that movie 😉

  7. Rick- Fantastic video! I do agree with your one and two choices. Found a non cannon uniform that blends the two of them together, that you may enjoy. It’s probable that you’ve seen the site already but just in case you haven’t…

  8. On film I always liked the Class A Maroon uniform of the ST2 – 6 best.
    They have that beefy look to them, like they are made out of a more sturdy or substantial material.
    The more militaristic look also gave it more presence. Yet they managed to mix it up from time to time with e.g. Scottys or Saavik outfit.

    Yet they are probably rather impractical on a highly air conditioned space ship. I imagine the ships work spaces to always be around 20°C.
    So having these rather padded uniforms seems rather unnecessary.

    I imagine these uniforms were quite hot to wear at set.
    On the plus side they concealed the waistline of the ageing cast very well.

    Yet they are the uniforms in which you could probably maybe actually go to a planets tepid zone. I always felt the TOS, TNG and further on uniforms look a bit “light”.
    Perfectly fine for the air conditioned space ship but god help you the place you beam down to is only 10°C and it rains… they more like a suit than a uniform. Made for the office space not the jungle.

    On another note. Beta canon: I came to like the Odyssey uniform from Star Trek Online.
    Looks like a natural evolution from the DS9, First Contact uniform.
    Very classy in terms of material and style.

  9. Great video. I fully agree that the First contact/DS9 Uniforms were the best style. Functional, stylish, and one of the only designs that actually looks like a uniform (not to mention ready for action). In simpler language: they were cool.

    I hope to see them return in the new Picard show.

    My top 5:
    First Contact
    Original Series
    Star Trek 2-6
    Next Gen Season 3-7
    The Motion Picture (admiral's uniform only)

  10. the star trek II-VI uniforms are the best in trek history. the star trek ds9 uniforms are basically a rendition of the star trek II-VI uniforms.

  11. Just caught this now. You made some great selections. agree mostly, too bad the TNG (post 2nd season) couldn't make it. Cool, thanks for sharing.

  12. you are aware that Star Trek Voyager was based in the 2370's and not 2360's aren't you? (2360's was TNG) and The Wrath of Khan was 2285 (give or take) onwards aren't you?

  13. There actually were 3 divisions during the TOS pilots, the engineering uniforms were a more muted color of yellow compared to the command uniforms

  14. From a look point of view, I think the Star Trek II through VI are the best. Out of all the Trek uniforms, they are the design that looks the most like an actual uniform used by a quasi-military organization. From a nostalgic point of view, my favorite are the First Contact/Late DS9 era uniforms because that's the era of Star Trek I grew up on. I think the darker color scheme and tighter fit of the uniform looked good on screen and were flattering to the actors. My least favorite are actually the early DS9/Voyager uniforms. I disliked those uniforms because they had a baggy, pajama look to them. From what I've read, they were initially designed to give DS9 a different look than TNG and because DS9 was a much more hostile, uncomfortable and dirty setting than the Enterprise, it made sense that the crew would be wearing utility uniforms instead of the more formal TNG era uniforms. I never understood why the Voyager crew wore the DS9 uniforms and not the TNG style given the show was set on a Starship.

  15. I gotta go with number 2 as well . Always loved that tunic . I am POSITIVE that if Garak designed a new uniform for Starfleet it would be simple , colorful , have personal shields and a phase built into one arm ….. All while being simply stunning .  🙂

  16. 5. Enterprise (Practical and relatable astronaut coveralls)
    4.Wrath of Khan
    3. Enterprise Mirror Universe
    2. TOS
    1. TOS Mirror Universe


    5. Voyager
    4. TNG season 3
    3. Calvin
    2. TMP
    1. TNG Season 1

  17. 1. Star Trek Discovery, Enterprise crew Uniforms. Sharp, colourful, just superb af.
    2. Voyager Flight Suit, as seen in S07E03 'Drive'
    3. Voyager Uniform, especially Annika Hansen's
    4. DS9 / First Contact
    5. Wrath of Khan era officers tunic.
    6. Kelvin Timeline Star Trek.

  18. I love the Wrath of Khan era militaristic tunic with the velcro strap and the flip down panel. That uniform had the old school puffy pants and it had a serious look. Very cool!

  19. Number 1: ST 2 – 6. The federation had to show military power in the cold war against the klingons, so that uniform fulfilled it perfectly.
    Number 2: DS9. I think, in war, its never a good idea to show everyone from far distance which section are you working at. like "Hey, there is the red/yellow uniform guy, lets kill him."

  20. Dax: And women wore less.

    And instantly hypnotizes every man in the room.

    So, in the original series, the arrowhead design was unique to the crew of the Enterprise. Every other ship had variations. But, after the original series, the Enterprise arrowhead became ubiquitous. Translation, why the hell does Discovery sport the Enterprise arrowhead? I'm not even bytching about ST: Enterprise, since the series mostly sucked and did a lousy job (at least until Manny Coto came on board) at establishing continuity with the past. I should ignore Discovery too since it's doing an even worse job at continuity (Pike Enterprise crew notwithstanding), and, from the looks of it, continuity isn't going anywhere near the place for the foreseeable future. Still, I have long been bothered that Discovery has been more interested in fan service than continuity service, just like every Trek embodiment since TNG went off the air.

  21. I think I'd agree with you that the DS9 padded uniforms were very good. It looked professional AND comfortable at the same time. And it improves over the unitards from the Next Gen era. I liked them.

    The one uniform I had a problem with was the movie uniform from Wrath of Khan onwards. Yes, it looked becoming and certainly seemed comfortable. And I do prefer this design over the pajamas from the first film.

    But what was that jacket flap all about? I see the characters unbutton it on occasion and just let it hang out there, but I see no purpose for it. If it was step one for removing the jacket, I can understand that. But it's not since it doesn't open the tunic itself. And opening it doesn't seem to make it more comfortable — or maybe to make things cooler — for the actors. The concept just doesn't appear particularly useful. Any ideas?

  22. FOOLS!

    TOS are the one and only uniforms….the doctor had his scrub smock..and Kirk had one or two "Capn's variants"…every ship had its own logo..much like every division in the US army had personalized crests…cuz the guys who MADE the show were military vets.

    The Movie unis were crap…worse than the Motion Picture dreck…RED? NO!….Is that a mattress handle on the shoulder?..And why were they all red?..Red Shirts…DIE….

    TNG was crap cuz they changed the colours around….Command is GOLD!….Why are Picard and Riker Red Shirts again!?….Wrong!..wrong..stupid and bad!
    Picards suede command jacket is OK.

    Enterprise?..Meh…at least they got the branch colour piping correct.

    DS9-Voyager…the all black is better…but then again..the wrong colours to signify branch.

    STD?…I dunno what their uniforms look like since nobody watches that.

  23. I just found this. One thing you left out. In the TOS uniforms you can also tell what SHIP the person was assigned to. Each ship had their own insignia. Enterprise, constitution, Lexington, all three ships three different chest insignia. It wasn't until TNG that star fleet standardized on the delta.

  24. No, the 2260's original series uniforms did not HAVE TO be on the list. They're fucking ugly as fuck and look like pajamas.

  25. I really miss the "all good things" future uniform with the hollow delta on the list, and you definitely underestimate the white discovery medic uniform. of course one'd need a wilson cruz body to look good in one, the late scotty would have given wide-screen a whole new dimension in that one….
    Oh, and you really should mention the TNG male miniskirt uniform from season 1….

  26. There is only ONE answer for the #1 top Starfleet uniform:

    The original 1960's one.

    #3 is 2 spaces too low.

    I grew up with this one during the early '70's, and as far as I'm concerned, it's the only REAL Starfleet uniform.

  27. I don’t know if I’m the only one but I really enjoy the ballistic excursion kit (I don’t know what else to call it) from discovery

  28. I like these Uniforms too but your place six is not a Starfleet Uniform because the timeshipa are part of the Department for temporal investigations and not from Starfleet.

  29. I liked Enterprise's uniforms because they felt like modern day flight suits mixed with a bit of space-y-ness. It fit well with the fact that at this point, it had only been about 100 years since the Vulcans made first contact.

  30. In my mind, only three uniforms come to mind in terms of true practicality in a large organization such as Starfleet. These would make the most sense in terms of function as well as not looking stupid:
    1) Enterprise
    2) Star Trek movies (classic uniform that seems to be the longest running uniform) except for the high heel boots. Really, no officer would wear such a thing. Imagine trying to fight in combat with those things…
    3) Star Trek: TNG movies / DS9

    Everything else looks like pajamas.

  31. I thought you said honorable mention. There's nothing honorable about STD or its brainwashed SJW fans. They're both pieces of crap.

  32. A real star fleet clothing must be sectionalized depending on the body parts, so that these parts can be taken apart easily, in case somebody’s body parts gets hurt, so that first response can be super easy🤔🤔🤔 That way, the clothing would look also super cool with trims, etc….🥁🥁🥁🥁🤗🤗🤗 6:21 looks super cool and does not poke you into your eyes 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤗🤗🤗 and it seems to be protecting the person wearing it🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯

  33. I wish I could disagree. But you nailed it. If Garrick designed it it would be easier to decipher without knowing. By the same token, anyone in Starfleet would know those cues by instinct.

  34. I'd like it if there were two additional TWOK uniforms for away missions/combat that still had motifs from the mainline maroon uniform. Both would have a lightweight material (like khaki), nice shoulder straps, and straps around the waist for the belt. All of those straps would be to help support a proper backpack for long term ground expeditions. The first one would be more like a warm coat that you wear over an undershirt, while the second would be a light coat akin to a bush jacket for warm environments. They would both look similar, but with fitting changes for the target environment.

  35. For as much as the bland uniforms in The Motion Picture get a lot of flack, I really do like Kirk's grey and white admiral's tunic with the big belt buckle as well as the white short sleeve T-shirt he wears on the bridge later in the movie. Back in the old days, Hollywood B-movies and shows always made it seem as if future generations would wear bland, de-personalizing clothes that would take the emphasis off the individual. But in TMP, it seems Kirk stands out with that grey/white tunic. In reality though, one would imagine that even in the future people wouldn't want to dress blandly. Funny how ST makes all the alien species dress all the same, though.
    BTW, I also liked #4 the khaki ENT desert excursion uniforms mentioned too.

  36. My top three are very similar: #1 – First Contact uniform. #2 – Wrath of Khan uniform. #3 – VOY uniform.

  37. My Faves is AGTs Uniforms and Voyager and 2410 my al time fave is the new Discovery uniforms the Division Badges being commbadges carried over is great because easy to find Doctor need one look for the First Aide Badge I think that's just basic Codes all species should been Voyager and TNG and Ds-9 and I love the doeses badges in Star Trek Online as Commabadges. it just fits and Deltasheild should have been Enterprise seires if you ntoic rank pips have not change much.

  38. The uniforms used from Wrath of Khan through to The Undiscovered Country are the best. They look so classy, refined and dignified.

  39. Having grown up with the Shatner-era Trek movies, the maroon uniforms from ST2 through 6 will always have a special place in my heart. That said I also appreciate the uniforms from the TNG-era series and Picard-era movies (though the form-fitting early-season TNG uniform is inferior to the later-season version in my opinion).

  40. One question for anyone in the tos where spock goes into panfarr Tpol of vulican is the younger version tpol of vulican on the Enterprise NX-01 anyone?

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