TOP Android Wear Apps for New Watch Owners

TOP Android Wear Apps for New Watch Owners

just getting started with Android wear well these are three apps are going to help you get started probably fall way more in love with your Android wear device so let's get started so it's been a ton of fun covering all these different apps for the favorite Android wear app videos but now is a time for a little bit of a change which is a good change I'm still going to leave all of those videos inside the YouTube cards as well as inside the description so you don't miss any of those you can still go back through but what we're going to start doing is actually dividing them into different categories so there will still be mentions of new apps as we go along but again they'll be in category so it'll be much easier to follow along besides just each month you never know what's coming so starting with this video we're going to be talking about three different apps for brand new Android wear users to help them get started and help them understand what all is possible with this amazing device so even if you're not brand new who knows these still might be helpful apps just for you let's get started talking about a launcher that I would suggest well why have a launcher well I'm sure you've started to realize that trying to find your favorite apps or even your settings takes a lot of scrolling through a small device so with a launcher it's going to make it so much easier to get to those favorite apps as well as your settings so my favorite launcher is called where mini launcher you can customize setting within the app on your phone but basically with one swipe you can have all of your favorite or most used apps on the first screen and then you swipe to the second screen and you'll see your phones and your watch's battery you can set your phone's notifications media volume do not disturb Wi-Fi and more this makes it so much easier to find exactly what you're looking for usually with one swipe next up is messaging trying to send in the text messages on again a small device is not always easy but we do you have a favorite app to help you do it it makes life really simple so my favorite one is called coffee SMS with coffee SMS that allows you to send or receive SMS messages right from your watch so when someone sends you a text message you can open it up and you can choose to respond from a list of emoticons which then opens up a list of predetermined messages or you could still choose to send your message via the microphone this is really easy to use and makes communicating with your watch so much easier next up is notifications I'm sure that you've noticed that a ton of notifications are coming through on your watch and number one it's draining your battery and probably number two you're getting really annoyed by pad so first of all go inside your Android wear app settings and then choose the applications that you want to block from sending notifications right to your watch now for those that you choose notifications for on your watch well then I'm sure you also notice that so many of them have the exact same note notification vibration pattern so it makes it really difficult for you to then realize which app is sending you that notification well this is where an amazing app comes in and it's called feel the wear with feel the wear this gives you the ability to set custom notifications like one or two taps or even a custom vibration pattern and then once your notifications come through well now you know exactly what pattern that is for what you've said already in the app so you know exactly what it is without having to look down at your watch magic so that wraps up three easy apps for you to get started with your Android wear device hopefully this will save you some time with a launcher the SMS messenger as well as custom notifications so if you liked this video be sure to give it a thumbs up also subscribe I would love to have you as a subscriber so you can come back each week with a brand new video so if there's anything that you would like to see maybe a topic a question about Android wear maybe an app to be covered please leave me a note inside the comments I absolutely love to hear from everybody you can also connect with me on Twitter at Stephanie's Carl's as well as snapchat at Stephanie Carl's I'll see you soon bye

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  1. Hello. Great video. Only 2 questions I have are:  which smartwatch are you wearing in your video 'TOP Android Wear Apps for New Watch Owners'? It looks great! Also, out of all the smart watches you own, how do you rank the one in this video?

  2. I know this is an old video, but i hope someone can help. I just got my fossil q venture and i trued this app, customized it it was working cor about 10 minutes then it stopped working on my match. I deleted it and re downloaded it and it did the same thing. Any clues as to why this is? Thanks.

  3. Hi thanx for the reply. Yes I found out it actually works and I was able to Lower the brightness below the default levels so its all good 😀

  4. Does the brightness slider bar in the quick settings control the brightness on the watch or the phone? I have my 360 at 1 brightness and it's still too bright,will this be able to lower the brightness even lower using the mini wear launcher ??

  5. Nice vid. I bought a huawei watch today and looking for nice apps. Too bad coffee sms is deleted from the playstore..

  6. I live in England and I was wondering if they sell the Moto 360 in any shops instead of buying them online ?

  7. Really good ideas for apps and great editing! More uploads will definitely bring you more subs and views with quality vids like this!

  8. Nice vid….. I'm new to Android Wear as of last night, but I'm LOVING my smartwatch. I was going to download Coffee this evening, and that launcher looks like a must have. Thanks for sharing, and you've got a new subscriber.

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