20 Replies to “Top T-shirt Trends Summer 2019”

  1. Is it okay if I design a Artist Button change a little bit.
    Can i Upload a Design like that or is it against the copyright

  2. im always ahead of the trends swear its like im being silenced yet followed by someone thats got the capabilities to produce which I do not. Seriously frustrating starting doing something different then it becomes trendy and you get put in the catagory as doing the same thing as everyone else and frowned upon like a follower when in fact you were a leader, correction, are a leader.

  3. I am so happy that Japanese characters are popular on tee shirts. All of my designs feature this. Still waiting to get my first sale though… Wish me luck!

  4. Exactly what we don't need more pink floyd , ac/dc t shirts . How about teaching people how to be cREATIVE or Original instead of worker bees for corporations .

  5. Ive bought his book three years ago and can honestly say that its underpriced for the amount of information, value and extras
    up until today if i have doubts or lost i have it right in my phone and check it out
    you should absolutely do the same if your serious about life

  6. Always enjoy the info. Thank goodness for fast-forward so I can skip the constant plugs for B&C. Clearly you're getting paid by them and the plugs are really overboard. Use to watch every vid right away, now first thing I think about is how many B&C plugs are going to be in this one. Can't even imagine all the plugs inserted into the "Master Course". Again – always appreciate the help and info, just have to keep a click on the FF.

  7. I’m trying to get to you website, but all your links to Tshirt Help Desk take me to a generic webpage to contact Host Gator.

  8. Hey, G. Grand Rising! I written you before on another video. I was wondering if you could help me understand the copyright or trade mark laws. As I have alot of ideas in my head that i'm ready to go with, money is a challenge right now. Can you help me get started?

  9. Thanks, for the headz up, i came to your channel through Lisa Irby, both of you are a great combination, ✌🏾 from London. Keep up with the great work.

  10. @Tshirt Help Desk
    Hi Gary, I found your channel today while exploring some Tee Shirt trends subjects, I like the way you present the ideas with plenty of examples, I got a question, do you think you can make a video to talk about some recent case studies for T-shirt sales? I think it would be cool to have an idea about sales numbers, just for informational purposes of course, like: what's possible for a beginner, for a mid level seller, for bigger shops after X years of existence etc. I think that can be cool.
    By the way i think you have a problem with your hosting or something your site isn't working, check it out.
    Thanks again and of course liked and subscribed 🙂 have a good day!

  11. Always love your videos and information. Simple ideas with flare, thanks as always! Who does the graphic/animated clips in your videos?

  12. good video bro. if any one want soom cool tshirts hit the link to my store. https://teespring.com/stores/marks-apparel-and-accessories

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