TOPS ONLY!! BooHoo Man Clothing Haul & Try On

TOPS ONLY!! BooHoo Man Clothing Haul & Try On

23 Replies to “TOPS ONLY!! BooHoo Man Clothing Haul & Try On”

  1. ~The "TOPS ONLY!!" is what got me here, but I'm going to stay because it's TP… However… if he is going to be modeling Tops… this might not be as sexy as the swimsuit edition… which was AWESOME!!!

  2. Maaaan Boohoo collars be so trash! Lol. I have several shirt dresses from them and the collars be floppy as hell. How I’m posed to look like a true professionál when my collar droopin? Lol but I think all of the shirts were nice on you. The colorful one would be great for a pool party type of environment.

  3. Les Twins are 6'4 and be dancing their asses, off, in a circle. I always wondered what they look like, in person, dancing around as fast as and as hard, as they can. lol I love your shirts. My least fave in the multi colored blue, orange, pink shirt. Sorry, bout the Jesus shoes freaks, cause, I love it when you wear your shoes with your outfits. They complete the outfit, but, freaks know how to F&*k shit up, for the Non-Freaks:( I don't know if you would consider wearing socks with your sandals, but, that's really ugly. Oh and your face, you made with the noisy white jeans had me cracking up. Great video:)

  4. I do similar things like this on my channel and I would rlly love some support from every one that will give it🙏🏾

  5. T gonna be on somebody yacht flourishing with them shirts. I hate being flat footed it’s the worst gotta break the shoes in a whole 2 weeks in advance before you wear them

  6. What does knock them ankles loose really mean? My siblings are abusing the word too much I don't think they're using it right tho.
    E.g. When they're going out "Mom Imma knock my ankles lose tonight"
    When we're going hiking"Michelle let's knock those ankles lose "
    When we're sleeping "My ankles are too loose to be knocked. Time to sleep". Smh🤦

  7. Only problem is your shirts be like 1-2 sizes too small and tight af like under armour. Pants/shorts too sometimes.

  8. Your timing is impeccable I'm getting paid tomorrow! I really like that first T-shirt and that black and gold one. Those are some pretty good prices too, I ain't much of a sandal guy tho 😂😂

  9. I love the Afro-beats shirt 😍 I need to go to some Afro beats parties lol but I peep the Breaking Bad t shirt!!!

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