TORUK – The First Flight: Costumes | Cirque du Soleil

TORUK – The First Flight: Costumes | Cirque du Soleil

The most exciting thing about the new show is a parameter thatís been created by the film. But also we have room to create
our own version of that myth. Wow, she looks gorgeous. Most of our costumes have to look
like they were made by human hands, or Navi hands. So they have to
have an organic, hand-made look. Weíre using a lot of materials that could
potentially look like they grew on a tree, or they came from the forest. We keep changing it and changing it, until opening night, sometimes even after opening night. Because as you continue towards opening night, the directors might have a new idea,
or a performer might have a new idea. Or all of a sudden the lighting and the sound
and everything comes together, and you look at it and youíre like
ìAh! But I could make it betterÖî

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  1. Max Barr — these videos show some acrobats in the show: and –but i think they haven't released the main Toruk acrobatic video clip yet

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