Tough to Awesome! Jersey Striped Bass Surf Fishing w/ Metal Lip Swimmer's

Tough to Awesome! Jersey Striped Bass Surf Fishing w/ Metal Lip Swimmer's

hey what's up Fisher holics down here the Jersey Shore day before Thanksgiving and it's a beautiful day little chilly only about 45 degrees out but I'm just taking a look at the beach right now and today I'm going to be doing some running and gunning to hopefully find some fish phone ringing I don't know who that is but yeah I'm down here in Seaside right now I'm going to take a look at seat in Seaside see what's going on a couple days ago there was a really big blitz here a lot of fish you know there might be some fish here today but you know I'm just gonna take a look I see a lot of bait here big dark clouds peanut bunker lots of guys looks like a chunk in right here quite a few guys down the beach here to the left to me surf casting so there must have been some fish that came in early this morning doesn't seem like much is going on south of me I'm definitely just going to get geared up and you know take a few casts here and then you know I might even end up down at Island Beach State Park I heard there was a lot of fish there yesterday but I'm sure hopefully find some fish alright guys well I'm up here in Long Branch right now I actually started fishing in Seaside went to Island Beach State Park didn't find anything my back to Seaside then I got a tip from Simoni fishing good Elias was up here fishing off Long Branch and he said with Eddie saw a lot of fish when I start casting on with this young money minify vinci own money minnow looks exactly like a peanut bunker so hopefully we're gonna hook up switch it over to the SPM in ohm God not a bad fish not a bad fish probably a borderline keeper whoo really fat little chubby one I took two jerks with this SP minnow and his fish I smashed it oh he's hooked up to good amount of fish biting they're all hitting like deep diving or swimming plug tight baits let's try catch another seems like guys are kind of hooking up throwing swimming plugs or SP minnows kinda just working on right underneath the surface of the water there's another closer look at my little SP minnow I'm using I probably could throw any color I wanted to and probably wouldn't mattered with that first fish there is oh he wanted it on the pause he wanted it on the pause always feels like a pretty good one till might be a little bit bigger than my first one you mind if I switch sides of you nice sorry who's a little bit bigger one nice fish really nice bass right there definitely a keeper probably around 32 inches oh nice fish I'm gonna harvest this one striper winter is almost here jerk jerk paws jerk jerk paws that's how they want it right on the paws all right well it's been about like 3040 minutes since I had my last fish and I'm calm you know I'm trying to get one more and then maybe head out to a different spot or actually go back to my truck and get a metal lip swimmer because guys are catching more fish on the metal lip swimmers all right nice 31 and a half inch striper that I harvested here come on some rice this metal lip swimmer here might do some damage give it a shot well it seems like the plight tied off not catching anything I'm lucky I had those three bites and landed those two fish and look who just pulled up on the beach Elias V fishing gotta see how he did what's going on hey hi I had a feeling that was you out there yeah Krista told me that I you texted him and it was going down I was down in Seaside I went to Island Beach State Park I can't went back to Seaside than what the Point Pleasant nothing how'd you do out there killed it polish it fished on live bunker that were like 36 inches okay big blues and I just got into this place at the end nice alright guys well I'm heading out it was good to see Elias here right Elias had a stellar day it sounds like out on the water unlike me I only caught a couple fish make sure you check out his video subscribe his channel and yeah I miss I missed the kayak I missed the kayak but I can't yeah look at this is a sloppy sloppy kayak alright well get home safe yeah I'll talk to you hey so that was pretty sweet I bumped into Elias and he had a stellar day caught a ton of fish out there in the kayak and I really missed the kayak right now and I was actually going to call it but I was well as I was walking back to my car the bait is like boiling under the surface and there's fish underneath it so I'm not going to turn away fish I'm gonna try and catch a couple more fish before it's dark and before I get out of here oh my gosh they're going crazy they are going crazy right before dark oh there was a goodbye to miss them I miss them I miss them missed them oh yeah oh yeah right look at this and the crowd is gone there's a few guys down there but other than that there's not too many guys here come on I gotta get a bite come on one more fish one more fish it's going off right now it's going off there he's got him got him guys in on the metal whip swimmer I knew that'd be the lure there we go alright guys nice sandy bass on that little metal lip swimmer right there just look out a little bit of daylight left hope I can catch another one there he is Oh jumping ahead of the water the dusk white is on the suede is on nice fat little butterball there is again another one they are right in front of me just smashing this little metal lips swimmer oh this is a pretty big one too it's a big fish excuse me it's a big one it's a little bit heavier fish guys a lot heavier unless I hook them in the side or something thanks man it's either a good one er I hope them it's either a good one or I hooked them in the tail or something it's pretty heavy though sorry got a lighter line on ya is in the mouth Wow might be like a 34 35 inch or my size bass here guys probably the biggest one of the day easily Oh oh that's a nice one that is a nice bass right there whoa you choked the metal lips Wimmer my gosh forget how he ate that right there whoa it's like a 35 inch bash right there not bad all right little metal lips swimmers out alright guys back to the car and yeah I just connected with a bunch of fish right before dark and I was awesome and that was all because of this little tiny metal lip swimmer I'm glad that I went back to my car and dropped out that keeper fish that I harvested and you know brought this back out on the beach with me and I was actually just about to call you know I met up with allies or a bump in lies and I know what it seemed quite anything and yet he sounded like he had a stellar day out of water too bad I can't take my kayak out you know go kayaking yet because it's too heavy I like a 1520 pound limit what thinking since my lung collapse but you know I've got to do a lot of nice fish right from the surf right after you know after I saw Elias and that was pretty awesome Casper you know every cast I was getting a hit just you know rod tip up in the air it's a nice slow slow retreat and you know a couple of jerks here and there and those bastards inhaling this hole oh no hope you guys enjoyed the video and forget did the fish dish slip you guys out of the water

43 Replies to “Tough to Awesome! Jersey Striped Bass Surf Fishing w/ Metal Lip Swimmer's”

  1. Used this rod on a week long surf fishing excursion. Rod held up very well>>> even when slinging weight up to 6 ounces. Will definitely be buying another for next year.

  2. I grew up on these beaches.
    I was born in 55 so I walked these beaches from the time I could walk till I moved in 75. To Fla
    Watching this with my 35 yr old son is cool thanks a lot for stirring
    Old NJ memories
    I remember walking the beach in the early 60s as a little kid seeing strippers bigger than me laying in the sand.
    Stripper run in the fall could empty my town
    My aunt lived down there
    I had a gym teacher catch a 63 pound onein 69 or 70 .
    My older buddy got a license and van in 71 .
    We all piled in for the stripper run
    Nobody was catching anything
    The Russian trawlers were within sight of land dragging huge purse Seine net behind.
    We all ended up in bars shooting pool for beer .
    Sombody had a petition and they were going bar to bar getting us fishermen that were pissed at the Russians for killing all our strippers
    200 mile limit is what it said

  3. we were just down there this past weekend … got on a few schools , hit the first school with 12-16" fish and 2nd school were between 18-22" fish and the last school were 22"-30" … had a good day caught over 10-11 fish

  4. I watched a video of you caching stripers on December 1st. in New Jersey , how late into the year do you catch stripers in New Jersey ?

  5. i love seeing these people fish my area of waters … i really would love to see them fish it now cuz im having no luck out there

  6. Do you think that you would need a better pole, like insteed of a freshwater pole or whatever to fish there

  7. just watched this video, when you came on to seaside ,you mention dudes fishing up in ortley, i was the guy on the bar,it's good you went to long branch, followed bait all day nothing on them, did catch a few shorts in the morning blind casting with white shads. hope to meet ya some day on the beach.

  8. Great vid. I like the boots and waders you are using. I'm new to surf fishing and would like to know the boot and wader companies you use. Thanks much.

  9. Hey i live in long branch and want to go for some stripers on the beach how do i find out when there blitzing and are they still biting in December? Also what baits do you recommend?

  10. Van Stal? Or however you spell it lol it's a glorious reel.. Too expensive for my saltwater game.. I throw Cores in freshwater but I never do good in saltwater around CT an I should because we get good fish around here..

  11. Great video as always man, what type of gloves do you use? Been using some golf gloves for sensitivity, but braid has been cutting through mine too fast.

  12. we should link ups sometime and fish i also live in RI and have a upcoming youtube channel as well…love your videos especially the underwater popper bluefish menhaden blitz

  13. Nice run at dusk. You have great instincts. I like how everyone started clustering around you as if you could bring them luck! Gonna watch Elias now…

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