Tracy Morgan’s Incredible New Jersey Mansion Has A Bowling Alley And A Basketball Court | PeopleTV

Tracy Morgan’s Incredible New Jersey Mansion Has A Bowling Alley And A Basketball Court | PeopleTV

50 Replies to “Tracy Morgan’s Incredible New Jersey Mansion Has A Bowling Alley And A Basketball Court | PeopleTV”

  1. I just looked up Tracy Morgan net worth and it was $8 million dollars but after I watched this video I'm sure it's a lot more than that this guy has a bowling alley in his house he has a movie theater in his house he has a pool table with some type of fish with teeth his garage has Ferraris that cost north of $400,000 and Bugattis that cost north of $800,000 or more needless to say this house could be worth close to probably $6 million dollars or more

  2. This guy has been in show business for so many years yet the only reason he has all this stuff is he got hit by a Walmart truck and he’s really funny I guess didn’t make that much money 💴

  3. Very talented brother his family is a beautiful family. Love you man. Love from Zimbabwe Africa. Wud u consider doing business with me man got gold mines no equipment

  4. Damn Morgan really living that GTA life, only thing is missing is that yacht to complete his collection 🤣

  5. Many BLESSINGS to Tracey Morgan in his life, his wife all his fancy hogs and that massive crib and all the treasures. We all should hope and dream to have all the loot while we roam earth in life — BUT you can't take it with you as the EGYPTIANS tried and failed. Still, and I ask this rhetorical, is it necessary for those drenched in wealth and material excesses to show and tell? And would the proverbial trophy wife still be a wife if the possessor of the castle containing said loot, shinny things and bank accounts were suddenly stripped away?? Cometh they do when thine well is full…..🤔

  6. Y'all gotta remember, that's years and years and years of hard work and sacrifice to get in a home like that. I think his cars alone cost as much as that house… Talk about caked up!!

  7. Stand Up + Hustle Man + SNL + 3rd Rock × Walmart= Im omw to the Jersey TP to find me a tired Walmart driver.


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  10. He's auh sell out like everybody else, sold his soul n sacrificed his friend that car crash connect the dots. He blew up after he came out his coma. He's Hollywood. Think about it.

  11. WTF?? Ok, did she marry him before or after the accident. Hope he saved some of that settlement money. Them Jersey taxes will kill him if divorcing her doesn’t.

  12. Respect stay positive stay humble and show love and one day you can achieve your dreams too believe in yourselves one love!

  13. Normal people with very good taste, love Tracy Morgan he is one of the best comedians out there he just cracks me up

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