27 Replies to “Trailer – Cloth Map: Brazil”

  1. This is truly amazing, already saw the first video and am impressed by how it nails everything better than any other article or documentary, it respects and is real about everything, even as a Brazilian that lives in São Paulo, I have never seen anything like this, I have seen coverage like this! Absolutely going to subscribe and follow what you guys do, this is more informative and educational, and probably took a lot of research.

  2. Glad to see this one looks a bit more games-focused. I enjoyed the Ukraine stuff, but it didn't really feel like it had any proper connection to games. Just kind of a tangential connection that some games were set in Chernobyl. So good to see this one actually goes more in to the gaming culture in Brazil, as well as the wider travel stuff.

  3. You inspire me, Drew! This looks much more game-centric. I loved your Chernobyl series, and if this Brazil series is as great/better than that? Count me as a patron!

  4. Drew is so damn good at making trailers and content. Drew seems to be good at making anything really.

  5. This is looking really promising! But I just gotta ask…no amazon visit? Would have been really cool to see Drew and Joey going on a trip to the rainforest!

  6. I'm so happy to see the Brazilian version of Wonder boy with the sprite swap called "Monica" (0:41) hopefully we get more info about it?

  7. This keeps getting better. I don’t think the “gaming” point of view is even required here. I think you’re just becoming a kickass travel blogger.

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