35 Replies to “Transformation: Baggy to Fitted Shirt!”

  1. Dont be cheap just bring it to the tailor so the can professionally fix it for you. You might fight it up plus you need all thos tools..not like everybody has a sewing machine 😁

  2. the result is not form fitting. Im not saying it has to be fucking spandex. But that result is not form fitting. It's not a potatoe bag, sure, but it is still a bit baggy. whatever.

  3. Well, that looks simple. 1X Tall are usually expensive at big and tall stores. I can go to the thrift store and buy a bunch of regular 2X and chop them down. Thanks.

  4. If the shoulder seam is too wide then taking it in at the sides won’t really do much good. Taking in the shoulder of a top is WAY harder than just trimming it

  5. I like this start of alterations, in a pinch. NEXT, for some,
    YouTube videos also show how to make better fitting…IE
    how to reduce sleeves and shoulders size also for the finish.

  6. Thank you. I found a really great shirt at the thrift store but found out it was too big 8) and 8( LOL but this video was perfect. And it worked! Thanks again.

  7. Wow its amazing how people are so rude. This was helpful and very easy and simple. Of course if you don't have the materials this tutorial is not for you, idiots smh .

  8. can't really see the shoulder of fixed version, hope you can stand little further see better result. my other shirt's shoulders are baggy and seam is not following my shoulder, makes my armpits looking saggy and fat back as well..

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