Travel to Europe – What Men Wear

Travel to Europe – What Men Wear

hey there when you travel to Europe here
our outfit pieces for men to wear I'm going to be showing you trousers or
pants than a man can wear when he travels to Europe shorts outerwear shoes
shirts and even boxers the first outfit piece is a nice pair of shorts that can
get wet and block the win and be stain repellent these shorts as well as some
trousers that I'm going to show you will do all three this brand is Gerry and
what my husband likes about these shorts is that they are water wicking or water
resistant or repelling if you listen to them they make a noise but they are not
scruffy okay they're made with 97% nylon and 3% spandex so they have the stretch
but they house they also have that cooling effect this brand is Jerry and
it is available from Costco and I will also find some that are available in
everything that I talked about from Kohl's and Amazon if I can find them
one feature my husband likes about the bottoms that you're going to wear to
Europe is that you have a regular pocket but you also have a zipper Bowl cargo
type pocket down below and what he did when he traveled to Europe was he packed
his passports or wallet in here like when we're on the subway that kind of
thing we have also traveled with a travel belt
that sticks inside your pants and there's also one like that looks like a
necklace that would fit under your shirt we also have the hawk company brand of
shorts one thing that we like about these shorts in addition to the pockets
and the additional pockets that they have down below that are zippered is
that they look nice if you have to go into a restaurant you can add a polo
shirt that you buy from Costco or Kohl's because guys are easy like that how many
times have you been traveling and you see a man in a polo shirt and you're
like his wife got that for him at I bet and then there's also another kind
of Jerri brand that has a belt in here I believe that's the one I could find for
you down below it is a thin enough belt it kind of is hidden all the way around
the waistband and then it comes out here but my husband doesn't use it he will
wear a regular like leather belt on these shorts if he needs them my husband
is 510 and he says that these shorts and pants are all true to size
now one brand that I have from Kohl's is the Columbia brand and it has the extra
pocket but the zipper is not hidden down here it's another helpful feature if you
need to put passport or something lower than a regular pocket would be for
pickpocketers that's the main reason these Columbia brand shorts have elastic
wear your love handles are so you can eat all the pizza and croissants that
you would like it also has a cooling effect technology in this and these are
at Kohl's and I will list an additional type that they have from Kohl's that are
Columbia brand as well for trousers or pants it's similar material and it's my
husband's brand these were all from Costco but they are flat front they have
the regular pocket and then they have the zippered pocket that is hidden it's
got a lip over it and then in the back these pockets are also zipped and then
flapped over as well now when we travel to Europe my husband likes to store his
wallet in the front pocket because he can just stick his hand down in there if
we're on a subway or in a tight situation or sketchy situation he can
put his hand down there and kind of protect that wallet at all times I know
if they're professionals they are going to get away with it somehow
and then there's also an AV brand that I'm going to try and look for I'm going
to try very hard to find very similar fabric pants for you we traveled in the
month of March and it was in the upper 40s and very very windy 20 to 30 plus
mile per hour winds in Berlin Munich and then in Normandy up in France
beautiful such an awesome place I wish I would have gone there earlier go to
Normandy if you haven't been and right there on the beach there are all these
houses to stay at anyway my husband said that these pants were more rent wind
repellent then or when blocking then a good pair of thick denim jeans would
have been he said that they blocked the win something crazy for him when he wore
his outerwear the down jacket and we got this at Costco as well because he's easy
like Sunday morning it's much like the North Face or those kind of things just
a down jacket inside pocket in outer pockets for your hat he also had a sock
hat we recommend that you wear a coat that has a hood if you were going
somewhere or a detachable hood if it's going to be windy or really cold that
day because for our tour we were standing on the beach and our tour guide
did not catch on that we were freezing and really not even listening at that
point because we were miserably cold and my husband was holding his face like
this he got wind bird and for me I had a hood on my jacket and a sock hat or
beanie whatever you call him leave me comment below or answer this poll to
tell me what you call a sock hat or a beanie a hood helps block that wind just
enough if you turn the right way on a windy day if you have it detachable it
just helps now because my husband is a pilot and we travel with benefits that
means we can fly standby and get on at a discounted rate if there are open seats
we have to abide by a dress code so we have to wear like business casual shoes
and clothes in Europe we saw a lot of tiny plaid shirts ok or the simple polo
shirts that you would find at Kohl's but for dress shirts I did see a lot of the
tiny plan not the big plan but the tiny plan and the whole reason why you don't
want to stick out or look that much different even though people can tell
that you are American or visiting from another country because of your fashion
or style the main thing is you don't want to stick out
pickpocketers if you just scream easy pockets take all my money I don't know
what I'm doing because I'm walking slowly I'm on my phone I have big
letters across my t-shirt or my sweatshirt says University of Texas hook
em horns it sticks out to pick pocketers that's the whole reason we don't want to
stick out and pick pocketers one good thing about traveling to Europe is they
wear tennis shoes now and used to Americans would stick out because they
all head on a six or white Asics and because I have such concerns about being
comfortable with my feet I wear grey tennis shoes so I won't stick out that
much but I'm sure they can still tell I'm a big ol American my husband has
been spending I've had to say stop spending by buying boxers this year I
think one of the brand's was the most comfortable pair of boxers and another
brand that he loves is Tommy John the reason he likes Tommy John boxers is
because they are longer than a regular pair of boxers would be I love the
patterns there you can really have some fun with the patterns they are made with
86% pima cotton and 14% spandex so they're a little stretchy but they're
really smooth like they don't feel like cotton boxers they don't feel like those
biker shorts either now for shoes in Europe or like Alaska you would need if
you were going off-road you would need some shoes that can really handle
different terrains and this is what we have used in the past
one thing we use for flying on the airplane and dressing up for a nicer
restaurant is another pair of Merrill's we those were 17 years old these he just
bought this year so I do have a link for them so they are comfortable they're
supportive they go with every color pants or trousers or shorts that you
have denim they go with those but they can also louse if you're going to a
nicer restaurant and then he also has these that are built a little more like
a tinny shoe down here but they are waterproof they can get wet they're
water repellent or what and they kept his feet warm but he
bought these like the week before and did not make sure they were worn in he
did not get a blister at all all right what have I forgotten Oh denim we did
see a lot of regular denim light light denim skinny jeans we saw a lot of boxer
or joggers with the band at the base of the leg the wide band if your ankle like
we used to wear in the 80s and the 90s they were everywhere in Europe we saw
tiny shoes they are wearing white teeny shoes they're wearing colored tennis
shoes oh and we also saw a ton of vans if you have a teenage boy vans the black
ones with the white thing on it converse I didn't see a whole lot of converse
this time but anyway whatever works and is comfortable comfortable for you will
work hopefully you will not stand out as an ignorant American male traveling to
Europe this video hopefully has helped you know and inspired you for what
outfit pieces to wear for comfort and for intelligence and for looking good
thanks for visiting my travel tips by laurie youtube channel if you have a
chance be sure to click the bell beside the word subscribe to let me know you
are enjoying this video I hope you have a great travel trip wherever you go

20 Replies to “Travel to Europe – What Men Wear”

  1. Very helpful. What's your take on ball caps? Big red flag? If the hat doesn't have a sports team logo is it better?

  2. Do you suggest different clothes for domestic and international travel to Indians🇮🇳 who are from Asian continent and want to travel to 🇺🇸 America

  3. Thank you! I appreciate the video for men's wear. My husband doesn't think he needs ANY new pieces in his wardrobe! (of course)

  4. I can’t thank you enough for helping me get ready for my 3 week Ireland trip. I have always been a over packer.

  5. Im glad you shop affordable stores for everyday people. Just looked at Bergdorf website,they have a men's beanie for $165(cashmere)Yikes!!

  6. Can't get my husband to travel to Europe. I enjoy the tips on the Costco clothes. Some great ideas once again Laurie. Thanks for the tips.

  7. A tip from me, (living in Germany) to avoid pickpocking: you have to watch/observe other people, especially young males. Many times you can see how two or three of them are following you and talk about you. That happened so often to me and my friend in big cities like Rome, Paris etc.
    If you are on a trip with some friends you may point out one, who is „protecting“ the bags, while the others are buying tickets or reading the map.
    A story what happened in France: a lady has left all her bags with wallet and passport in our tourbus and a thief run into the open bus and took it all, her friends were somewhere else…..

  8. Thanks as this was very helpful. I sometimes forget about my husband’s travel wardrobe. Going to Europe in August so will use these tips then. Love the Cosco and Kohl’s reference 😂 How true!

  9. Fantastic video! All good tips we learned living there. They constantly said do not look like an American. We didn't see white tennis shoes much when we were there. I would get stopped and have them talking a mile a minute in German. They thought I was German. It makes me laugh, because I didn't know a lot of German when we got there. I learned more being in the hospital for a month for my 2 back surgeries I had there. They are very nice people and I still miss being there so much even though I have been back in the states for almost 18 years. It has been my favorite place ever that I lived and traveled in.

  10. Hey Love your videos. We are traveling to Japan in Oct/Nov this year what are your recomendations of clothing for me.

  11. WOW Laurie,
    Super informative and soooo interesting.
    Appreciate your experience and tips.
    Helpful & important. Thank you so much. 🇨🇦

  12. Lovely to see a gent modelling. On the subject of pick pockets. We have encountered them 3 times on public transport. They seem to operate in gangs on crowded buses, trams and metro systems associated with visitor attractions. They usually jostle you, extract what they can and get off at the next stop. The first time they had my husbands wallet from an interior zippered pocket, took around €80 then dropped the wallet with the credit cards still in it. This was on a tram to the castle in Lisbon. In Athens as we entered a metro train a man found my husbands note book, my husband noticed and the man handed it back ( of no interest to him). Most recently I was the target, jostled when getting onto a crowded bus in Naples an elderly lady tried to open my handbag (purse). She was unsuccessful. I usually wear my cross body bag under a jacket or coat and make it as difficult as possible for some one to unzip it. In Naples and Lisbon the locals on the bus were aware of what was going on and warned us

  13. Nice to see a guy video. But please tell me why you wouldn't leave your passport in your locked safe on a cruise or in a hotel. I never carry my passport since I don't need it except to board the plane. That way your don't have to worry about losing it at all. Thank you.

  14. Thanks for the tip! I also found that the Pants that zip off at the knee is great for travel too! The material is the same as the short you were telling us all about.

  15. We are going to Europe in Four weeks on a river boat cruise. Should we take our passports with us on excursions or lock them in the safe on the boat?

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