Hey guys, I’m so excited to be doing this video, I’m going to be doing an unboxing of a trench coat that I bought off Aliexpress today The color looks good so far. Oh my gosh oh My god it feels so nice this is Such a nice color. This is exactly the color that I wanted oh my god. First impression so far so good I hope it fits well this material so far is amazing. It’s just a really nice water-resistant You know heavy material. It’s not done like a cotton II Blend like I’ve seen in some other Trench coats that wrinkle easily. It’s not like that It’s a very nice kind of wrinkle free material definitely water resistant Definitely a heavier material so not something that’s super light and that’s not going to keep you warm in the springtime This is a nice or thick material. It looks so nice you guys I cannot wait to try this on okay? I had a couple of hesitations with buying this coat One was the sleeve length some of the reviews said that the sleeves didn’t quite reach the wrist so when I try it on That’s one thing. I’m gonna be checking for The other thing is the belt apparently the belt on this is really long that it almost goes double over But when I went to the stores I had the same issue with some of the coats that I tried on there so that’s not a huge deal for me I’m so excited to try it on. I hope it fits nicely. I hope I love it. It’s so far so good Okay, let’s try this. Oh my god. Oh my gosh. It’s nice. No Ok so first impressions with the jacket is that I really like it. I love the color. I love the material I love the fit the fit is perfect The size is perfect It’s pretty much exactly what I was looking for Definitely on the downside is the sleeve length and that is one of the things I was worried about so the sleeves Yeah, they don’t come up to my wrist. They’re just a couple of centimeters off I wish they were longer cuz I do have long arms I’m five nine so if you’re shorter this might not be an issue for you If you don’t have long arms and this might fit just fine But because it is a coat that I’m gonna be wearing primarily during the spring You know it’s not. I’m not too worried about having a little bit of extra skin around my arm exposed So that’s not a huge deal if anything I might just be Even kind of pushing up the sleeves like that a little bit You know the belt loop is I really like wearing it like this. It is um It’s not as long as I thought it was going to be the way people were saying is that? It was just kind of ridiculously long, but it’s actually it’s just as long as any other belt that you would find in a store here in Canada for a trench coat you guys I love this coat I’ve just been looking at myself in the mirror and getting a better sort of glimpse of it I absolutely love this coat It was it’s pretty much exactly what I wanted – the a bit shorter of the sleeve length this has major Burberry vibe it looks like a Burberry trench coat. Here’s what it looks like with the collar turned down. Okay? This coat is gorgeous It’s gorgeous. It’s so nice. It’s nice Whatever relief because that is the worst feeling to get something and you don’t like it And then you can’t really you know take it back. You’re stuck with it, and it was fifty US dollars It’s not a small amount to me so Loving this coat okay does it not look so good. I feel this looks so good Love it. Love it. Love it. Love it. Love it I just love the coat even more because I know that I got such a good deal out of it And I know that this would have cost in Canada this would cost At the minimum at three hundred dollars probably more, okay Let me take you through some of the features of this coat so it does have a storm flap Like Burberry coats or a lot of trench coats do you have not all of them? you can wear the coat of course buttoned all the up or You can turn the collar down for this look The belt you can wear it tie it up or you can wear it like I have it here Looped around There’s two pockets on the side and the length goes a couple of inches above your knee which is perfect I didn’t want it below the knee or anything too long. You know Anthony I wanted adjust a little bit above So this is the perfect length? I didn’t want it too short because I did want some coverage for those rainy days here on the west coast The only other thing actually that this trench coat is missing is a hood. I wish that There was a hood at least one that you could attach on size-wise. I’m a medium in Canada-us I’m a size 8 in the US and the size 12 in the UK Here, I ordered an XL. Yeah. Let me show you the gorgeous plaid Lining on this like how Burberry is this right the quality of this is amazing I’m actually I’m very impressed I would love to hear your thoughts and whether you think this could pass as a dupe for a Burberry trench coat Let me know if you like it What features you like or don’t like I’d love to hear your thoughts if you think that this suits me or not I personally and loving this coat Thanks so much for watching this video I hope this review was helpful and Maybe helped you make a purchasing decision about this trench coat or others if you like this video Please give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you are into buying things up Aliexpress, then definitely subscribe to my channel because I’m gonna probably continue to be doing hauls like this So let me know what you guys think. Thanks so much for watching and happy shopping


  1. Monica, you really look VERY BEAUTIFUL in your trench coat!!!!! It is my FAVORITE thing to see you wear!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

  2. I’m so glad you reviewed this, I’ve been wanting this from AliExpress too! I live in New York, just for reference how long did the shipping take? And what size did u get? I want to get a size M cause I know China sizes run smaller however I’m 5’2 and weigh 110 pounds, pretty petite so I’m not sure what size to get, thanks for the review it looks gorgeous on you! 💕

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