Trump Goes Hard – Songify 2016

Trump Goes Hard – Songify 2016

Thank you for sitting down with me. Were you ever bullied? No, I wasn’t Has it happened that somebody has – has done something to you? To wound you? I try and unwound myself I feel like your trying to get out of bounds Mr. Trump, some have suggested that you refuse to release your tax returns because of your extreme privacy concerning your hobbies Yes So can you confirm or deny this list of personal pastimes? Yeah, I guess It’s gonna be a throw down in November Whoever sings the best will be the winner The winner Remember that you can hear the autotrack HERE To vote for president just bang your head against your desk Or argue with your friend or a stranger in the comment of a YouTube video Now have a great day and a great life!

100 Replies to “Trump Goes Hard – Songify 2016”

  1. That last part about the human genome really helped me with my evolutionary biology research. Who knew Schmoyoho would ever be educational..

  2. I'm not gonna get political here, because, I go HARD, especially when I argue. let's not talk about it….

  3. Building walls – I go hard.

    USA economy – I go hard.

    *North Korea
    * – I go hard.
    War in Syria – Waste of time.

  4. I love how this video works to Trumps advantage because he DOES go Hard.

    You progressives can't even meme right.

  5. The editing is pretty amazing but the lyrics is ABSOLUTE bullcrap! Here is a song about Trump and a much better text: by The Real Severe RedPillMusic.
    Where We Go One We Go All:
    THIS is intelligent rap with meaning!

  6. I see this song as more than a funny song i see this song as a piece of art and your singers voice is unbelievably amazing

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