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  1. OK, I am the Mother of the Bride. I promised I would not say a thing, not even a facial expression. She turned and asked me which one. I said nope. So she ended up buying the first one we saw (whichI hated) but said nothing. Now 6 months later she is trying to sell that dress online, and buying the one that I loved but didn't say anything about. Don't give Mom's a bad rap.

  2. Unless it's something really sentimental, I usually find it hilarious when I see a bride crying in her dress like it's as if you were to go eyeglass shopping and cry when you found the pair you like lol it's just so baffling to me how fabric makes people so emotional. I understand being wowed by beautiful art but crying even on the actual wedding day again unless it's sentimental like crying about a loved one not being there or something is just silly to me.

  3. I'm struggling to decide how much to spend on dress. I was raised by my dad and brother, so I have a hard time "wanting" a fancy dress.

  4. watching this in 2019! this was a great video – i started off wanting to buy my wedding dress in a non-traditional way (pre-owned or from a department store) but after 3 months of searching and trying on 100+ dresses, i FINALLY found my dress at a cute bridal boutique!

    also – your voice totally sounds like anna kendrick!

  5. “In bridal, getting your money back is not really a thing” 😂 This is such a helpful video. Thank You.

  6. I picked my dress from a bridal magazine. I found a local stockist, tried it on and purchased it.
    I never tried on any other dress and I was extremely happy with it.

  7. I just bought my wedding dress. I put the last one on and I loved it. I wasnt hoping to love that one. It was the most expensive one!!! But i needed that dress. Its the only one I could wear. I got so lucky to have a size 0. All i needed was a hem!!! I am so happy that I didn't choose a dress because of the price. (All of the dresses were wothin my budget.)

  8. Stumbled across your page, and was shocked when you mentioned CT…I live in New Haven! Love your channel, neighbor! 🙂

  9. Can you please be my consultant? I'm getting married in 480 days and I have the perfect gown in my mind.

  10. The sizing is a real thing. I'm an hour glass shape, pushing pear and I'm like three different sizes. I had some size ten dresses fit like a glove and some size 16 still not go over my hips and swallow me everywhere else. I left with a dress and was so excited(still am), but the sizing thing put me in a weird mood

  11. I'm not even getting married or in a relationship but I want to educate myself and prepare if one of ny sisters is getting married lol

  12. "Don't go shopping if you're not ready to buy" should NOT equal "Buy the first dress you like" though. I don't want to buy something so expensive before giving myself at least a few hours for the dopamine to leave and making sure it's a sound, logical decision.

  13. I work in the apartment industry and I hear I don’t know or have a budget all the time. 🙄so I’ve started saying oh let’s go with the most expensive. 😅

  14. I'm not getting married any time soon, but this was too interesting to stop watching!

    Also, you are gorgeous!

  15. I don't understand why so many women go wedding dress shopping with additional people. My mother ordered her dress without anyone being with her to see it prior. I ended up doing the same thing ~30 years later. 😂
    I wasn't engaged, but I saw a dress I'd been eyeing for over a year 85% off from Groupon. MSRP $1250 discounted to $175! I bought it and have never regretted it! It looks stunning on me! And I have it whenever the time comes, so if someone does propose, we can more easily have a short engagement.

  16. Hey,
    So I bought a dress as soon as I got engaged, but now I just don’t feel like that’s the dress I want to get married in. Now I want to try to buy a new one but there’s only 4 months until my wedding. Any suggestions??

  17. When I first got engaged, I hated everything I saw. Every dress, bouquet, center piece, venue, everything. Eventually, I told my mom to pick a store and at least get me in a dress to see how I feel. Literally the second I got the dress on, I was able to get everything to click. If I wasn't pushed to go shopping before I felt ready my wedding would never have gotten planned. Obviously I don't recommend this for everyone, but sometimes I do think you need to shop before you think you're ready.

  18. I luckily found my dress at Wendy's Bridal on the first appointment. I'm a size 12 and got it on the rack sale they had. Also am I the only one here who noticed your outfit changes? Lol

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