Trwała powłoka ceramiczna dla każdego – Quartz Coat | Tenzi Detailer

Trwała powłoka ceramiczna dla każdego – Quartz Coat | Tenzi Detailer

Ceramic paint protection – QUARTZ COAT Hi, my name is Aska and I’ll show you revolutionary ceramic coating for everyone which is Quartz Coat from Detailer Line Quartz Coat is a preparate based on newest technology for long term protection of painted surfaces It provides many years of protection from light scratches together with extra gloss and hydrophobicity. It is distinguished by extraordinary easiness of application. Quartz Coat is offered as a set for unassisted application. The convenient box contains big 100 ml bottle with ceramic coating, another one with degreasing preparate two atomizers an applicator with 2 small clothes for spreading the coating and 3 microfibre towels for buffing. Before you start the application you need to precisely clean and dry the car body. Quartz Coat should be applied in the room temperature and after applying should be left for hardening in the same conditions for at least 12 hours. Remember, that we should always work on dry, clean and cool surface. When the car is ready, we start final inspection of paint using microfibre towel and degreaser – IPA Cleaner. Then we start with the coating. Quartz Coat can be applied with 2 ways. Either we soak the cloth wrapped around the precise applicator and spread onto the paint cross-wisely. or – after attaching the atomizer onto the bottle we spray the paint directly and then spread it with the applicator. After 5-7 minutes we buff it gently avoiding pushing the towel, until the surface is streaks free. For better results we can put 3 or more layers od coating. The break between application of another layers should take at least 3 hours. After the full application it is best to leave the car for the whole night for drying. We also avoid washing the car with chemical preparates for first 2 weeks. For keeping the Quartz Coat in the best condition we recommend regular hand washing using our Quartz Shampoo. For maintenance we also recommend Quartz Spray that can be used also after washing with another preparates. Try our Quartz Coat for yourselves on your cars Check out other films about Tenzi Detailer products ands share your opinion on our Facebook page Good bye!

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  1. Chcialbym przygotowac lakier do polozenia powloki ceramicznej, ale mam problem z zaciekami po myciu, dlatego pomyslalem o uzyciu waszego produktu "Szyki połysk". Czy nie przeszkodzi on w przyswojeniu sie powloki, jesli zostanie uzyty przed nalozeniem?

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