TRY ON CLOTHING HAUL 2019 | Pretty Little Thing

TRY ON CLOTHING HAUL 2019 | Pretty Little Thing

hello everybody and welcome back to my channel so for today's video I'm doing another try at haul this one is with pretty little thing this is sponsored by pillow thing they send me all these items for this haul and I'm so excited to film it I've actually never done a haul pretty little thing or tried any of their clothing before so I'm excited about it we have all the items linked down below for you all to shop if you liked any of that and further ado let's just get into this huh I'm still filming in my new filming room there's still an echo I put a rug on the floor so we're trying to fix it I need some curtains and some more furniture up in here to stop that echo but I'm sorry anyways we're gonna get in to all of the items now so I'm really excited but all right behind me oops this hanger is trying to run away first up the tech tip I'm wearing on myself right now is this really cute baby blue tank with a little cherry detail on it I'll show you more in the trend for sure but this is called the baby blue embroidered cherry rib crop top I got it in a size UK a6 which is like a US – I believe everything I got is a size to us which is a six but yeah that's just tank top I'm obsessed with it I just love like little items like this they're so easy to wear and I'm a very casual person I'm really wearing like track shorts right now so this is just what I like to wear but anyways let's move on into some other items this item I have been living it if you guys follow me on my Instagram you'd already know about this so this is like a pink fuzzy housecoat and it's like the perfect length it's not too long and not too short it says pretty little thing on the back which is really cute it is the softest it will material ever it literally feels like you're wearing a blanket like around your house I live in this especially because our air conditioning is great but it also has like a hood that you can put on its just the best thing to ever happen to my entire existence if you're gonna get anything at this freakin rope because like I love this thing comes in this color and another color don't quote me I think it's black possibly I got this dress which is beautiful like I just want to go to a wedding so that I can wear this to a wedding this is called the white floral chiffon a double tier plunge skater dress and so basically it's just this beautiful like rose printed white chiffon dress but like these really pretty sheer long sleeves it kind of like cinches at the waist it's got some like tears going on it's a low V and then it has the little strap thing just like cinch in the waist even more it zips up in the back it's just beautiful like this with a really nice pair of heels I think would just be the prettiest that's this item obsessed it's beautiful the material feels so nice and just like flowy and pretty and if you guys ever need like something for an occasion poor little thing is amazing for that because they have so many dresses like whether it's like a daytime dress or you're looking for something that's more like formal or like club' they literally have everything it's incredible for dresses is this little cute white number so this is like an off the shoulder dress kinda like tube top II and then it has like these straps again that like cinch around the waist and then it's got kind of like a crossover hem on her legs it just is really really cute this is the petite white Bordeaux tie front wrap mini dress a size 2 and it's just gorgeous I'm really saying this is petite so hopefully the length will be better for me usually I go for petite items just because the length typically works better sometimes I can be too short because I'm like borderline not petite like I meant read the rim of petite versus regular that's this item and I'm really it really excited about it I just love red I love red I live in red I breathe in red I surprised red it's white my brain don't know where it went Oh God this is another white item this is the pretty little thing white embroidered sweater dress I just pictured myself lounging in this this is kind of like one of those around the house comfortable items no pants you know like sometimes you're just like I just want to exit a on the pants but I don't want to wear like a dress dress or like a skirt I just want like a big hoody and these are perfect sweater dress right it's like literally the best thing never happened it's literally just a plain white to crewneck sweater but it's like extra long and it says a pretty little thing on the front cuz like you know you want to feel like a pretty little thing when you're wearing this all right and it's just really really cute I'm hoping it's not too long but then again if it is long it's kind of nice for all the house because I don't want my book coming out when I'm lounging on the couch feelings okay moving on we got this item ooh this is pretty so this is the premium turquoise floral printed frill wrap dress ot dress so it's basically a tea dress so you'd wear this to go drink tea with your grandmother at the garden it's kind of an I picture when I see this so it's got like the little really cute like ruffle it's coming some police neckline it wraps around really nice I love the sleeves I love this like bell sleeve vibe it's right up my alley so I'm a fan yeah that's this one I love the color of it too I have nothing in this color I don't know if this color suits me to be honest we're still gonna work with it even if it doesn't cos hey I look really tanned all fake another white dress this ones are really pretty I don't know what it is about this it just it just is really pretty to me a little worried about the cuppage though it seems quite big don't got much going on in this department so we'll see but this is the white Roush frill details strappy skater dress so basically just this really pretty white dress the straps are just bull which is always good for me and then it has like a zip up back cinches in here and then it kind of sick flow sounds like this tearing with this little ruffle detail on it really cute just a really good summer I know this with a really nice pair of sandals I think would be really girly and pretty it's a very heavy to like the quality is really good it's really thick material there's some weight to it which is nice so yeah I'm a big fan first up we have this little white top I'm Donald assume fit me it looks kind of big but we'll see I do I pray for kind of broad or in cage area kind of so this might fit me perfectly actually I always underestimate my ribcage no overestimate my ribcage size no anyways this is a petite white Dobby mesh tie front crop top so it's just just really cute white crop top you obviously tie it up like this it's got the really cute sleeves they're kind of like sheer and they have this really nice polka dot kind of detailing all on them I love like the ruffle it's just adorable this with like denim shorts in the summer is just a perfect outfit if you ask me personally it's my vibe I wear a lot of white in the summer because I like to make myself look it's hand as humanly possible it's just what I like it's gonna go for I'm a fan of this item I think it's really cute and I just love little tie-up poufy sleeved Bardot style tops they just scream my name like Chelsea then I got this top is kind of more like a going-out top but I guess you could wear this casually too it kind of screams going out to me I think this is the red Bardot a slinky lace up detail crop top so it's kind of like an off-the-shoulder vibe ruched detailing in the front and that laces like up and you can like tie it here I just think it's really pretty I love red and like off the shoulder it just makes me feel like a saucy little princess and this material is very like spandex silky kind of material so very like form-fitting like artery tell us is gonna be very like hug the body style of top which I never complain about ever we love a little hug the body moment up in here so then next up I got this really cute yellow top this is so cute in summary I love it this is called the two petite yellow I can never says word game game ham game damn I'm placing that so wrong but it's like the work for this plaid a sheared tie strap top crop top the names yeah that's this one so it's like this really pretty yellow color I love wearing yellow it goes really well with my hair and this is just a really girly item I'm so into like the whole tie sleeve thing that's like become popular I just think it's a really cool trend and I like it you can like they have it like with dresses and tops and all that stuff and I'm just a big fan of it so that's this item again denim shorts and this would be so freaking cute together so I love this so much and hopefully it'll look good on me then next up I got two really basic items but like kind of necessities and pretty little thing has these for such good prices so if you guys are looking for like basic items I would only check them out because the pricing is really good that they have so these are the basic baby this one's in pink and this one's in white little t-shirts are they what is this a roll sleeve all the sleeves roll up and this one's in like this really nice to be in pink color I love this color on me for some reason I used to hate pink but then one day I just had an epiphany and I was like pink looks good on you and ever since then I just wear pink all the time and then I also got it in white because you can never have too many white t-shirts they just go with everything every bottom every top every skirt every short every every thing boy t-shirts I already have like a tight white t-shirt but I want to come like a more loose flowy one and that's where this little baby came into my life and I would forever be thankful for her in her the twins what am I saying no one knows okay moving on then I got this skirt which I am literally obsessed with I want to wear it constantly I'm gonna wear it tomorrow to an event I'm going to this is the petite brown leopard wrap pencil skirt and a size 6 so is this just like a leopard print midi skirt and it's a kind of high-waisted it like fleece is here someplace is that the right term I don't know like I open detailing going on in this area which I like and just leopard print stuff like this looks so good with like fan t-shirts and just like a white t-shirt it just goes with everything I'm a big fan of this style I think it's really cool and I just want to wear this constantly so despite by one of my favorite items other than the robe which is definitely up there this is like number two last up I got a pajama set because I don't know I have no cute pajamas I admit it I sleep in the ugliest clothing ever so I was like you need some cute little matching pj set so you can look cute lounging around pre-bedtime you know sometimes you want to look good for a bed so I got this one so this is like this really cute pink silky set it's got like a little black trim it says pretty little thing on the pocket which is really freaking cute and then it comes with like matching shorts that aren't too short which is nice so your butt will be hanging out but this is just a really really cute set and I'm gonna wear this tonight I'm gonna I want to wear this now like while I edit all these videos and I've done it I just want to wear this that is everything and then I got from pretty little thing how freaking exciting I hope you guys enjoyed all those items comment down below which I know was your favorite from this haul I would love to know and I'll have links to all the items down if you want to shop them and I will see you all in my next video peace and love from your girl Chelsea okay bye guys

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  1. You're gorgeous! I've been watching your videos for a long time now. ❤️

    Btw, can you all visit my channel? I cover songs. Thank you 😊

  2. Hi Chelsea! Great clothing haul. Very cute! My favorite is the Floral White Plunge Skater Dress! I find it so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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