Try on clothing haul || BOOHOO

Try on clothing haul || BOOHOO

hey guys it's Ashton and welcome back to my channel this is my second interruptus done because I started the intro in the wrong shirt I was in something else that wasn't very anyway um I have recently just become a boohoo ambassador so I'm going to be doing a lot of boohoo holes and and pretty much posting and a lot of bloo-hoo stuff stuff is epic Russian fun but the best part is it's super affordable and it's stylish and cool so let's get started I'm gonna start off I'll show you this top I'm wearing first this is um a pop fiction t-shirt it's pretty cool it's pretty much self-explanatory it's a really big fit like it's quite long but I usually tie it up or tuck it into my jeans I like Loser style shirts on me just because anything tight under the armpits is just a recipe for disaster so yeah this is an awesome just cool tea to go with any denim or bottoms that you own the second item I got here I literally wear every day I wear it one at home to the gym I don't know it's just perfect right now because it's getting a bit chilly in Australia on the Gold Coast and yeah it's this California grey jumper honestly goes once again with like denim gym gear whatever it's super comfy I can get like a slightly bigger size as well because I like everything to be really big on me and yeah the next item is my favorite I want to say I saw this online and I was like I'm gonna look like a trainee but I don't care it's so cool it's like an orange puffer jacket and again is getting a bit chilly here so this is gonna come in handy because I honestly it drops below 20 degrees and I'm like oh my gosh I'm in Antartica so this little guy has like a hoodie as well but yeah I just think it's so cool like don't own anything like it thought I'd be a bit different by the way the quality of this is so good like I wish you could feel it's so thick and like I'm really really really happy with it and I can't wait to wear it so much and people give me stares looking like orange this next piece I've absolutely worn to death already it's a like check in style blazer it's just so classy I got it because I'm going to Europe soon and I just thought it'd be so cute to be like eating almond croissants in and like wandering around the Eiffel Tower you know we're just super Paris fires you know it's once again it's like amazing quality it's nice and thick but not not over-the-top we don't you know we don't do over-the-top here on the Gold Coast it doesn't get that cold let's be honest next style is also a blazer but it's more of a lighter fabric style and it's really cute because it's got these little gold buttons down the side and once again thought Paris vibes like as if you wouldn't be eating like an armored croissant and some like chai tea or something in this it is so croissant vibes I mean look sorry cute but this apparently some boots in a beret vibes like this just makes me want to eat a croissant okay next item I got I just got this are cheap I know I keep relating everything back to a vibe but I got the Saatchi vibes off this but it was really cool like to tie up with some black pants maybe even wear my hair like this in a bun like real mum vibes the next item I got is this oversized grey I mean sorry Brown cord style jacket no this is something I've chopped up with like some jeans or some cord pants when I'm in Byron I just feel like it's something really chill the fabric is nice and light but it's just a nice lightweight jacket to chuck on with your boy home with your boho look you've got going that day next item is these brown checkered pants this is like a nice kind of dressy classy style pants that you could probably pay off like a white t-shirt if you wanted to go casual or maybe like a nice light long-sleeve white top or a skivvy or something like that it's just really nice trouser that I feel like goes with anything because it's like that neutral brown color the next item I got are these neutral Brown II grey by pants I usually wear them to the gym or like walking my dog we're going to coffee I usually pair it with that grey jumper over the top and then some high white socks and some runners and just going that 45 I'm so sorry you guys are gonna hate me by the end cuz I keep going like relating everything to a vibe the next item I got are these pair of sunglasses I thought they were just really different I mean they're a bit too big for my face because I've got a tiny little face so these are awesome like I love the pattern I love the shape that's slightly my face is so small so everything looks so big on my face but I think they're really funky I feel like this this is becoming a trend this this rectangular style the last item I got was this awesome leopard print or cheetah bucket hat I mean obviously I'm wearing a bun right now so it looks a bit funny but this hat is so cool I wanted a bucket hat for so long so I'm really excited to finally wear one I just haven't had a chance yet I'm a little bit nervous but I'm thinking like an all-black look would be really cool with this or just going to the beach you know wearing a black bikini and pairing it this you know make sure you're keeping safe kids some Sun safe but yet obviously it's not a vibe with a button but definitely a vibe with your hair down and you can wear it both ways too so you can wear it just black or you can like fold it up and do half half so very cool alright guys that is the end of this clothing haul I hope you enjoyed watching me explain all my items and the vibe that they do don't forget to use my discount code Ashton 50 for 50% off how to lovely afternoon or morning wherever you're from in the world and I will see you in my next video bye

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  1. Haha I love the humor that comes out when you film with your friends there! Can you do a tutorial on this everyday makeup look? The products look so nice on you! Also, would love to see the fitness routine video you mentioned on Instagram 😊

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