try on clothing haul for the summer time!

try on clothing haul for the summer time!

hey guys what's up and welcome back to my channel this video is going to be a princess Polly Hall and you guys know I love princess Polly like obsessed with them love them and I always do hauls with them like every month so it's a princess Polly all today a box of fun little things to show you guys from them for the summertime or just like on the stuff in general have a code it's on the screen you can use this code and you can get 20% off your entire order so I would definitely use it because princess Polly has some amazing products and clothing items that are super cute and you can get 20% off your entire order they also offer after pay so if you're interested in that they do have that as well so today's just principle at all you guys know the drill I'm just gonna show you the pieces try them on and yeah also if you guys are new here hey what's up I am Maddy welcome to my channel um yeah if you like going to see or like this video definitely hit that subscribe button and stick around you can also follow my Instagram because I will be posting a picture in one of these outfits so you guys should definitely go follow me on there so let's just get right on into this clothing haul first thing I got from purchase polly was this sweater it looks like this it is green white and black and it's just a oversized sweater dress I love it I think it's so cute you can wear like biker shorts and then talk Martens with this and it's so comfortable so cute um and I just love it so I got this and yeah also I got this in a small/medium just for size reference and it's oversized on me so like this is a small/medium it is a cheetah print bikini top it's super cute it just looks like that so yeah I got this bikini top I love this pattern I love Chia prema princess Pauly's like accessories and stuff pop the q ever so I got this like coin necklace which you guys will see oh yeah it's just a coin necklace and they also got another coin necklace which I have literally been wearing the one stop like it's like my new favorite necklace so yeah it looks like this and it's like a double coin necklace so yeah the next two things I got we're pairs of sunglasses so I got these ones which they are like square kind of vibe I don't know I really like them so I got these they're just square friends and then up these ones which look like a diet um and yeah these are really dope as well this top which it's a white bralette kind of top it's really cute um you'll see in the try out but yeah so I got this this which I love this I think this is so cute it's this like I don't even know like astronomy top I don't know it's just really cute it's black and it has moon stars and all that Chad and I think it's so freakin cute and it's like a t-shirt dress but yeah it's so cute in a u.s. six I probably obviously could have gotten it in a u.s. four but just so you know they stop right here and it's like a lace top it looks like that um you'll see you get in the tile it's really really cute it's like a Lacey's kind of top I think this is so cute and I am so excited to wear their jeans which just looks like this they're like a light wash kind of Jean and they just look like that I think these are awesome they are definitely a staple in people's wardrobes and the coloring of them and the wash is just really cool and unique so I picks up these jeans it's a blue a brand denim skirt so yeah it's just like a basic that everyone can use in their closet this pink top which is just a I don't know how to explain it but it's just a pink top with little flowers on it and yeah it's really cute and you compare this with so much stuff black on that same kind of style different pattern and I really like this one as well really adorable and super cute like dress up or you have something down so is this one this is a one-shoulder like top and it's like a really cute going out top so I picked that up another like going out top kind of deal thing hold on so it's this like black tie top you'll have to speak it on because holding it up just doesn't do it justice but it's like a tie top um and yes it just looks like this it's a long sleeve black top and then it has like one sleeve shoulder kind of do go on so love that black dress which I'm actually like obsessed with it's so cute it just looks like this it like ties um and yeah I think it's so freakin cute and it's just a cute like summer dress and yeah so guys that is everything I got from princess Polly I hope you guys enjoyed this haul I also have a summer Tryon clothing haul coming as well after this so look out for that but you guys should definitely use my code and go check out princess Polly because they have some super cute clothes for the summertime and all year round in general so yeah you guys should use my code I will put it on the screen for 20% off your order and yeah so thank you princess Polly you for sending me these amazing clothes I love you guys all so much and I will see you guys next time please ah that's all over exposés I do anything in my path where to see you just smile I want you to fry come from but even if that means I'm by your side I do anything in my power words

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  1. i love these vids. but i feel like she just buys the same things with slightly different designs 😂

  2. I loove the fact you don't look like a pro-ana girl like any VS model, but u still look better than most of them.

  3. You got so many cute things and girl you literally rock every single one of them!! I’ve never shopped from princess polly but it looks like they have a lot of really great stuff! 😍

  4. heyyy i know you included the size you got for the items but what are your measurements? just for reference haha

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