Try On Haul: Fall Ready Clothes

Try On Haul: Fall Ready Clothes

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  1. I have been following you for a few days now! I loveeeee your attitude and all of your vlogs and hauls! You’re an awesome person! You’re motivating me to create my own vlog! ❤️

  2. You inspire me guuuuuurl! Motivated me to start wearing crop tops. I'm the same size as you. 16 jeans and 1x or XL tops. Taller tho. Lol. LOOOOOVEEEE you sarahhhhh

  3. That moment when you're wearing the exact strapless bra she is showing. I bought mine at Target and II love it too. It fits so well. (PS: I know this is an old video, don't judge me!) lol

  4. why wear no shirt under the jacket then try to conceal your body should of just shown that work of art off

  5. Im a guy and I have no idea why Im watching all of these. But yet here I remain. I would date the shit out of you. Keep at it, you're a hoot to watch.

  6. Hey beautiful:))! I bought the best strapless bra in the world at Victorias Secret 15 years ago and just replaced it early this year with a Victorias secret pink lace strapless bra and I wear it EVERYDAY:) That should tell you how AWESOME it is:))))
    You're#1on youtube!!!! Thank you for inspiring so many of us. I'm having brain surgery in a couple of weeks and anytime I need to be cheered up I just come to your channel:) Hugs from south Louisiana :))

  7. does anyone know what size she is in charlotte russe jeans? I'm trying to see how the sizes run…I tried checking on her blog but if the item is out of stock it doesn't show the size she shares the link too. ahhhhhhhhhh please help!

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