30 Replies to “TRY ON HAUL: revolve summer clothing haul”

  1. Ok yessss, wearing more full coverage bottoms is not as flattering as cheeky ones on bigger booties! I’ve always thought this about myself haha

  2. Ahhhh yayyy I love that suit I honestly have noticed a huge shift in confidence in Danielle since being with her new boyfriend 🙂 GO YOU BABE 💕

  3. Giiiirl, that bikini bottom is so narrow on the 'important' part 😂😂😱 I could never. But more power to you!!! Love as always 💕

  4. your style is the BEST!! can't wait for the greece vlogs omg, im studying abroad in january in london and paris and i cw 😍

  5. Everyone Ik this sounds weird but go subscribe to me I love this girls channel and she inspires me so go subscribe to me and her!!!!

  6. Okay seriously though how does she not have more subscribers? She posts so much and has such great content. Honestly a fav of mine 😍

  7. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE VIDEOS FROM THE GREECE TRIP!! 💕💕 you and brooke are going to have the BEST time

  8. The jumpsuit is way to big in the chest area. Also criss cross halter dress is too big in the top area

  9. danielle!! you always wear the cutest tops with crazy necklines, open backs, cutouts etc so do you usually wear a sticky bra or how do you make those work??

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