Trying On $3 WEDDING Dresses I Bought From Ebay *DISASTER*

Trying On $3 WEDDING Dresses I Bought From Ebay *DISASTER*

HOW TO MAKE $3 EBAY WEDDING DRESS “AWESOME” hey everyone THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN MY CHANNEL It’s millie to episode 3 on my eBay series thing that I’ve got going on this channel Today we’re gonna be trying on wedding dresses I don’t plan on getting married anytime soon. This video is just being made out of curiosity These dresses were ridiculously low like 3 dollars, so obviously I’m not expecting amazing quality from these dresses at all. You know You get what you pay for But what I’m curious is to what will actually arrive because on the like image on eBay showed you the dress you were ordering. Like the thumbnail. You just know that them dresses cost a lot more than 3 dollars. So what you actually receive isn’t what’s shown in the image. So they kind of forge the dress but use really really bad material. So I was just curious to see what I would actually receive. And We will find out And really quickly I have an Instagram page that I’m gonna start posting on a lot more now I’m gonna like a theme going like continue with the theme I’ve got. So if you do ever wanna follow me on Instagram or hit me up on Instagram. Here’s my profile Okay, first package. *Ruffles from the plastic bags* That’s what it’s like in like the plain package. *Laughs* oh woh oh That smells really nice. Like It’s not perfumed, it just smells like really fresh linen. Ah, I know which one it’s supposed to be. By the way some of these dresses are kind of brides maid dresses. So they aren’t all like pure wedding dresses because a lot of them were quite expensive on eBay and I wanted to stick to 3 dollar realm But they are all like white lace dresses that most of them, almost all of them can pass as wedding dresses. To be fair that’s quite a match like it’s pretty much exact. I’m actually quite impressed with this one. Because it looks exactly like, obviously we’ll find out when I actually put it on. Whether it’s what it looks like in the image. I don’t know how it may look on me because I’m not really the slimmest of girl like in the image It’s kind of like sand paper but not. I can’t, it goes through me when I touch it. This isn’t bad at all For 3 dollars it’s not bad at all. However, I really don’t like the way it fits on my body. It doesn’t compliment anything. It just looks like a bit of materials being thrown over my body. It’s not tight in any places, it’s just basically loose everywhere so it’s just not fitted. Overall, I’d rate it probably like in terms of factoring and the price. I’d rate it probably like a 4 or 5 out of 10 Only because it’s like 3 dollars though By the way, if you watch this video and are enjoying it, it would be absolutely amazing if you hit the subscribe button down below. We’ve just hit half a million that is absolutely unreal and there is going to be more of these to come. There is some stuff planned for future videos with eBay so if you wanna watch those videos, be sure to subscribe. I’m gonna go for the black one now. It’s the only package that is black, others are white Oh, I know which one this is. This one wasn’t shown on a model so I don’t know how it’s actually supposed to look It’s shown on like a mannequin and I know the dress on the mannequin is a very expensive dress I just like it when you get it in these packets like when will you ever get a dress like that you know in a plastic bag When you pay 3 dollars for them i guess. Oh, God no. I don’t like the sequins on that one. *STUNNED* What the hell. *STILL VERY VERY STUNNED* The hell is that? *Laughes* Oh, my God, you know when you buy a dress and you’ve got the corset and it’s got the padding so you don’t have to wear a bra with it because it’s backless or whatever. This is what you get when you pay 3 dollars for a dress. *Laughs* They are the cups And imagine the guys watching this like ‘what the hell is she on about?’ These are where the boobies go. By the way, guys comment below any new videos you wanna see to do with eBay or anything like that. Any video request? I read every single comment, honestly I read them all. All the dresses in my prom dress one were really bad in my opinion. But these aren’t too bad so far anyway. I don’t like the feeling of that and I feel like as well this mesh thing here is a bit random, doesn’t fit. It’s just a bit..That looks like mosquito net, yeah I can put that on my window and catch like a million flies overnight. if you are wondering why the word disaster is in the title that’s because of this dress. What is this dress??? I hate it so much, it’s just that random bit of mesh material like the mini skirt It just doesn’t do any justice to anyone’s figure. It’s just not a good look what so ever and everyone was watching me wearing this dress as well, it was a bit embarrassing Before you get your hopes up, this dress definitely wasn’t 3 dollars It’s actually from a website called newyorkdress and will be linked in the description. They contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in working with them and I accepted. Because I felt like it would be good use to this video like when you look at this dress and compare it to the 3 dollar ones you get an idea on how bad quality those eBay dresses are. which obviously is expected because of their price well oh i m in love with this dress and you can trust by me being honest because you will see me wearing it as my prom dress in a few months time if you are on the hunt for a really nice prom dress i highly highly recommend that website they offer so many different designer brands and they are 100% legit i checked multiple times oh wow *AMAZED* thats actually really good aah thats what its supposed to be ok so this is like a mini dress with then like a transparent material going down as well its like a mini dress but a full length dress in one but i m looking at this top bit and it actually feels like really good quality material like legit even why is this video so positive compared to my ebay prom dress one i have no idea just look going off the lace like the lace is relatively thick its got like stitching in there as well and then going down its got the mesh now the mesh isnt the best quality ever but its not bad i m so excited to try this one on overall i’m pretty sure that the dress you received is the dress thats shown in the picture because its so accurate the only thing that i dont like is the top because i feel it goes a little bit wide on the front like i had to adjust it to so much to get it to not expose anything else *LAUGHS* i do like the fit of it aswell its relatively complimenting but also not at the same time in some areas it is in some areas its not honestly this one isn’t too bad either there’s not really much to say about this the lace itself isn’t as good quality as the dress that i was holding before but its not terrible like this is all putting into like fact of the actual price that it cost as well, like they’re all $3 oh, erm, i feel like this might be a bit uncomfortable cause of the material, it’s a bit sandpapery like can you hear this? i don’t feel like i can give a solid opinion until i’ve actually tried them on so… so this one definitely

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  1. you said u read every comment so I hope you read this. You are such an amazing person. Everything about you is amaing. Fist of all you are ssoooooo stunning. like how is that possible??? and your personality is so incrediable and I hope you get everything u want in life because u deserve it xx

  2. hi I'm new I love the white dress and black one and I'm on my dads account soo I'm a girl and my friend is watching to we r a big fan of you and we live your vids

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    Loved this video as usual x

  5. I love your makeup and I love your videos they are so inspiring out of interest where do u get your white tins from in the background what hold you make up brushes ! Keep up the hard work xxx

  6. I never watch YouTubers but somehow I can’t stop watching yours loveeeee your videos!!! Every year our primary school went to that hall for a trip 😫😂😂

  7. I love watching your reviews on everything you do. I even watch the make up ones and I don't even wear make up at all. Thank you and keep it up.

  8. I looked at the prom dress she got in the description and SHE SPENT 478 POUNDS ON A PROM DRESS JESUS CHRIST

  9. The first $3 dress, she could just take it to seamstress and have it slightly altered to get it properly molded to her figure. Otherwise, it is actually quite a beautiful dress. A long chiffon like ribbon can also be tied around the waistline to create a cascading design at the back of the dress or wearing long veil with a train can camouflage the overall flaws of the dress itself.

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