37 Replies to “TRYING ON £5 PRETTY LITTLE THING DRESSES | Antoinette Victoria”

  1. You look so good…….Even in a £5 dress!. you own it…And the red split dress, you should have the confidence to wear it you got the body for it.

  2. You look spectacular in all of those! The red strapless minidress is the best one IMO! You did a great job modelling everything.

  3. I really wanna buy some dresses off plt but idk wether to get size 4 or 6. I’m a size 6 in H&M, new look and primark but idk if plt dresses come up small

  4. Great review! You are really amazing beauty! Big like610! New sub and I hit your bell button for next videos:)

  5. cut the neck of the white dress and put something like a large loop Ear ring fitting in it then you could put it around your neck and clasp it

  6. I could watch you walking around in that red dress all day long! That aside, it's so nice to hear someone do a review without using the word SUPER every four seconds. an excellent command of the English language you can do reviews for ever for me

  7. The red dress is such a nice colour so maybe make it into a top if u don't feel comfortable wearing it as a dress!! x

  8. Wow your stunning, you can pull anything off!😍😩 This video helped me a lot thank you, where are your necklaces from? X

  9. Everything is On Fucking PoinT
    SupeR PrettY SexY Dresses TRY ON Haul🖤🖤🖤😗😗😗🔥
    😗They All LooK Good On YoU💕
    😗😗🌷LovE YouR Ascent🌷😗😗
    NEW SUB😗😗😗

  10. Hi Antoinette, I came here to say that I'm subscribed to you! Also, it would be very appreciative of you if you please check out the music covers on my channel. Btw, I love that red dress of yours!

  11. Hey I don't know if I missed it but could you please tell me which sizes you got? (U.K. Size) I'm looking forward buying some dresses on there but I don't know which size to get

  12. I really like this dress, I subscribed and gave you a thumbs up!! Also, you should should maybe how you would dress up or down the dresses, maybe a lookbook? xxxx

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