Trying On Cheap Wedding Dresses From Wish, Ebay, Amazon ! Success Or Disaster ?

Trying On Cheap Wedding Dresses From Wish, Ebay, Amazon ! Success Or Disaster ?

hi everyone welcome back to my youtube channel so today's video is going to be the third and possibly the final installment of my little mini series that I've been filming where I try on wedding dresses because I'm not even engaged so trying on wedding dresses it's kind of ridiculous but I wanted to film one final one so I tried on wedding dresses from wish I tried on wedding dresses from eBay it's Amazon's turn I picked up some wedding dresses they're all under 20 pounds so super inexpensive and we're gonna try them on however I did find a wedding place to on wish that I desperately wanted to try on then I also have an extra dress that was meant to go into the eBay haul but I didn't have time to film so there's like six dresses mainly Amazon but this is like an Amazon wish email all so yeah last wedding dress this one says on it kids form I hope it's not a kids wedding dress um no it says women's ten to twelve kids form why don't you call a wedding-dress company kids form unless of course you get married and then you form a kid you're forming a kid kid form you know no okay it was like decent quality this is obviously like a mini little belt and then hmm let me lower the exposure so you can see so this is a wedding dress number one and it is similar to ones that I tried on before where it just reminds me of a like summer party dress or a barbecue dress or a I don't know if you can see that but there's a nice little black mark on this right around the bomb region so that's lovely um I'd call it maybe like a midi dress it's pretty lightweight it is nice and soft I'm not too sure how sheer it's gonna be pretty sheer it is sleeveless and then it comes with a little lace bow to go around your waist I'd assume Oh No oh no I need help oh we've got movement we're in ok this is wedding dress number one what are we thinking um okay it's not bad let's see if we can put this little belt round how do I want it I'm thinking it would go like here it's very hard to do a bow behind ones back okay so this all dizzy so this is the first wedding dress I have to say I like it a lot more than I expected to a lot more because I don't normally like midi-length dresses so I was expecting not to like it . it's mini–length i don't think that suits me as much and then the waistband is actually pretty high and as i said to you guys before my waist sits around here and this is kind of a ribcage kind of ordeal which just I don't think suits me however I don't hate this dress I like it a heck of a lot more than I thought I would I definitely think of you having a really simple wedding a relaxed wedding or if this is just your style I think you can get away with this is a wedding dress it doesn't scream wedding dress it's not poufy it's not full-length there's no train it doesn't scream wedding dress but I do think it's very cute maybe I'll keep this one maybe I'll wear it someplace I have nowhere to wear it but maybe just maybe okay moving on to a wedding dress number two this is also from Amazon and it says on it I feel I feel good like Eiffel Tower but it's just like the same kind of letters muddled up I feel I honestly don't know how you say that word but that's where it's from it's a little wedding dress it is a size 12 it doesn't feel scratchy or harsh but it doesn't feel like the best material but it doesn't feel like poor material it's like right in the middle there it's like medium material little boobie cups here we've got little straps this looks like it might be slightly big for me and then is a pretty pretty pretty pretty long dress so a lot of the wedding dresses that I've tried on have been adjustable either with a corset or like this one it's got a little bit of stretch to it and it's got a little belt as well this one just has a zip so I'm a little worried it's gonna be too big for me and won't give me any structure it also isn't my style of wedding dress I wouldn't pick this myself but in these videos I want to give like an overview of all wedding dresses and what you can get for your money so I'm gonna try it on I don't think I'm gonna like it but we'll try it on we'll see what it looks like let's step into this one this would be great you know those people who hold up the little curtain and the shimmy and then they've got a new outfit on this feels like one of those look war and then I'd wear a new outfit but I'm not so oh well this is so ridiculous I should have just gone into the other room got change very much appreciate your delivery ASOS but I had a minor panic attack given I was wearing two wedding dresses when I open the door it's like getting changed on the beach and then duh new outfit this is the dress on and as you can see it is too big for me it's just being held up by these it's very very very loose on me I range from a size 8 to to size 12 depending on the clothes store I go to the style of clothing whether it's tops or bottoms dresses play suits or just you know the day of the week it changed sizes so I went with a 12 in this because I looked at the measurements of the dress and I suit the 12 the best but obviously I was wrong because this is just too big for me I've pulled it behind my back and this is kind of what it should look like if it fit properly if it was tighter around this region and then sort of puffed and flowed out around here and as I suspected I don't like it on me I do think it's a very nice dress though it could do with a little iron I don't know if you can see all of the creases in it it could definitely do with a little iron maybe little tailoring around the back but other than that it was under 20 pounds so I don't really feel like you can complain if someone wore this to their wedding I wouldn't stop them the ghosts accuse me is that from Amazon under 20 pounds I just feel like your wedding dress looks beautiful go you it's just a little bit too big for me that's all the next dress comes in a beautiful little what looks like aluminium foil but it's actually nice and soft little packaging and it's from bright dear never heard of them no idea okay it's off the shoulder not necessarily my style again but I wanted to try I wanted to show you guys what's available so I got this one would you say it's kind of a skater dress maybe and it's kind of MIDI length there's not too much to say about it okay it's not too bad it fits me pretty well actually and then it will take these off it's a really pretty dress um I really really like it as a dress I don't love it on my body but I really like the dress as a dress but it is slightly asymmetrical I'm not a big fan of that I'd rather it just came down in the middle but it's sort of this side goes longer than this side it's very very comfortable it's sitting nicely it could be maybe a tiny bit tighter but I'm not unhappy with the fit the shoulders are holding up nicely I can definitely imagine someone wearing this for a beach wedding it's just really nice and lightweight and the wind would blow it nicely I don't know I do really really like this dress it's just maybe not on me but for 20 pounds or less I'm not gonna complain it is pretty cute what do we think what do we think next up we have just a bad with a dress in it it doesn't have any labels it just says elegant photo gown white large see what it looks like okay this is the softest one from this hall so far this is really nice and soft there is no structure around the boobie section whatsoever which I would have expected it and the back is just lace so you're gonna have to go braless or one of those slick on bras which I just don't trust then it'll cinch in around kind of the rib section and then again it is wow it's really long who does this have a little back to it wait I think this might have a mini train I don't know if you would see this but the front of the dress is slightly shorter than the back and there is a little bit of a petticoat underneath here somewhere if I can get to it yeah there's a little bit of a petticoat underneath and then the lace on top and this is maybe the softest lace I've felt in these halls so far it is very very nice because a lot of that excess fabric around my feet oh my goodness oh it does have a train but I'm just standing on it wait a minute and we ready for the reveal yeah I hate it yep I hate this dress on me I do not like this at all I do not like how it looks there is a car alarm going off you're just gonna have to ignore that I don't really know what to say about it if it's your style that's great but I almost can't comment because I don't like it that much I'm not feeling this wedding dress I don't like it I do not like this style on me full stop if this is your style that's amazing everybody has different tastes but this is just not my thing however it is a very nice soft fabric it is holding up nicely it does have a nice little bit of elastic holding on round my waist this topic is holding up as other sleeves I will say it's a little bit sheer so I am wearing a nude bra but you can still kind of see my bra so maybe this is for people who are confident enough to wear no bra I am NOT one of those people and then it is super long wait a minute let me zoom the camera for you and in the back there is a little bit of a dream the next wedding dress is the one from ebay that I didn't have time to film with and it's come in a box as opposed to a bag my on me that says on it fragile which is interesting for a dress so I don't know what I'm going to find it looks very very pretty it smells a little bit of but maybe garlic I don't know if it's the dress or the plastic bag I'm not too sure but I'm just getting little wafts of garlic which is very interesting so this note really stinks oh my gosh it smells so strongly okay so this is the pool oh my goodness I was not expecting that at all that's really quite cute however is another cause it if you've watched my other videos you know that I just struggle with these corsets so much I have no one here to help me and they're just so hard to do okay as you can see it is off the shoulder it's got a little bow around the kind of ribcage section and then it's got this beautiful puffy detailing stuff all the way down no not all the gum ooh all the way down the back oh my goodness okay I'm gonna have to stand I'm gonna have to stand up to show this to you wait a second if I flip this dress round it is all the way down the back of the dress and then it's a really long dress oh my goodness look how high I'm holding this dress and it still reaches the floor that's way too long unless oh my gosh no this is just the front of the dress the front of the dress ends here I think I'm gonna like this dress this is the wedding dress and okay I have very mixed feelings about it so this part I just do not like at all one it's uneven I don't know if you can see that on camera but this side sort of dips lower than this side I think this side is meant to be like here but it's sort of lost its structure so it looks really uneven also as with in previous videos I can't do the corset quite as tight as I would like so it is slightly slipping now just slightly but the bottom half of this dress is so freaking cute look at it I'm definitely a fan of mini dresses over MIDI and maxi dresses so this looks adorable but I still have a really beautiful little train even though it's a mini dress when I get married / if I get married I think I want a short dress with a long train it looks like I'm wearing a full wedding dress but Kabam I have my legs out then I'd probably have some form of detail around here maybe sleeves maybe something around here but then have my legs out this is so cute I really really love this style of dress and I love that I've got a little train right how do I sit down in this on to the final wedding item this one isn't a wedding dress is actually a wedding lace suit and I'm so so excited to try this on I there's a strong chance I'll get married in place ooh I just love places I really really do okay I'm so excited for this this looks really really Diddy my dreams have been shattered this is a no place – it's a bodysuit I am so sad well I've just looked up the picture of this and it says on there Roper jumpsuit it does not say body suit or leotard which is what I would call this I would say this was a body suit it says romper slash jumpsuit and in the picture she is wearing shorts but now I'm coming to realize they are just random shorts I am so annoyed right now because I do not have that style of short I don't I don't even want to try it on I am NOT gonna try it on just I don't want it I don't what I'm so annoyed am i over exaggerating maybe what I'm just so annoyed I'm just gonna end the video here I hope you enjoyed if you did give it a thumbs up and then if you're still here in the outro let me know in the comments how angry you are about my place suit because I am so angry um I love you guys an awful lot and I will see you next Friday at 6 p.m. bye

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  2. When you do actually get married, will you show us your outfit? You looks so beautiful in the short dress.

  3. Jazzybum is honesty the nicest, funniest, most amazing youtuber ever! And purplestars02. Like if you love jazzybum

  4. Hi jazzybum I love love love your channel and think you are sooooooo funny. I would love love to meet you but I love in america😩

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