Trying on cheap wedding dresses from Wish

Trying on cheap wedding dresses from Wish

hi everyone my name is lana and welcome to a new video so as many of you already know I recently got engaged so when I thought this trend going around on YouTube of people trying on wedding dresses from wish I was like yes I need to get on that you know why because I need a little bit of wedding it’s built in my life right now therefore I went on to wish calm ordered myself for wedding dresses under $20 for the most part it went on my merry little way and then three weeks later my wedding dress has finally arrived and this is the grand reveal so I was super excited about dress number one which was meant to look like this I am very much in love with long sleeve waiting dresses I just think that they look so like nice and sophisticated so I was yeah very very excited about this one but by the time that I finally arrived by the time that I like put it on my body I forgot how it was meant to look like so I ended up putting it on backwards and I wasn’t until my sister pointed out that the train was in the front that I realized and like connected the dots in my brain and was like oh that’s right and so I quickly went back put it the right way forward the hind side and when I looked in the mirror I honestly looked that bad obviously I mean you could tell that the dress wasn’t the best quality or anything like that but I feel like it wasn’t that bad although I probably shouldn’t have been wearing black underwear or black socks but you know I kind of was like a look you know and I I didn’t brace that towards the end so that’s okay so in the end I think that I would rate that dress a 4 out of 5 because it was really really good but I was ready to see what else was coming next they always try to save my fives just in case you know although I really shouldn’t have in this instance but you know quit moving on so next up was a dress modeled after a dress that I actually really really like it’s from my brand called grace loves lace and I’ve seen this dress around and I was like wow you know that was really nice on so this is how the dress was meant to look like and then this is how it turned out I feel like they did kind of get the idea of the dress but they just messed up a little baked-on like measurements i don’t know who that dress was necessarily meant to fit but certainly not me and I’m not that tall to begin with so I don’t I don’t know maybe a child like a 10 year old child or something I don’t know I think I would rank this dress like a 2 out of 5 who’s liked the idea was there but the execution was not so just number three was meant to look like this which isn’t a dress that I would typically go for because I’m not really a big fan of like the bottom portion of the dress anyway and I don’t know it just it wasn’t really my style but still I was like I don’t think that they could really mess this up wrong they could and they did I feel like a million bucks well I think it’s safe to say that I felt a little bit more like a $50,000 debt but yeah that’s just me I just hated like everything about it like there was nothing that fit well I just I thinking about it now I’m just uh there was like a scene going down the front that was just so unflattering and there was also just so much extra fabric that I know didn’t need to be there but for some reason it was there and I just I didn’t get it it really felt like someone could have just camped under there I just that’s not something that you want on your wedding day so this dress out of five I think that I would give it like a negative two because it was so ugly and just oh I was so let down by it I just I didn’t even have that high of expectations for it but definitely not like that like I really expected it to be slightly better it was just it was a disaster and then ask for the last dress I felt like it actually looked the most like the picture online so I really wasn’t too disappointed with that obviously that dress is a bit more on the casual side but still I feel like it was a cool dress I wouldn’t necessarily wear it to a wedding or anything like that but it was a cool dress that maybe you can wear to a different event or something I don’t know or maybe like a photo shoot or write a note you may have to just like get it taken in a little bit you know to a tailor but I feel like it looked okay you know I would raise his last dress like 4 out of 5 just because again it was the most accurate to the picture that was online and although the dress wasn’t anything like fabulous or anything like that still I think that it earns all of its points just because it was pretty freakin accurate all right and that is it for today’s video I really hope that you guys enjoyed it let me know in the comments which of these you think well the worst dress was it dress number one a dress number two a dress number three Oh a dress them a phone let me know and if you did enjoy this video then make sure to give it a thumbs up I know that I’d like never ask for this but it’s just because I always forget but you know I remembered this time so if you did enjoy it giving it love why not anyway as always thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in my next video I can’t get over it I can’t get over this they are the star of the shoot today like why why not suck why not

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  1. All are horrible!! I'm sorry. The worst, number 3. All that fabric!! What 's the purpose of that much. I want to see the chosen one.

  2. I say the worst dress was def the third dress but I still think you slayyed all of them.I hope you find the perfect fit for your dress soon

  3. pleaseee can you do this with luzu and suits? it would be awesome! (both seeing luzu witha suit and the vídeo of wish suits)

  4. I'm in love with the first dress. I love how it looks in you but I don't think that it's a good dress for a wedding Idk I feel it's too meh haha. Maybe for the reception it could be good.

  5. The worst dress was number 3, at least the way they manufactured it was a total disaster. And the other dresses were cute. I can not wait to see the dress you choose for your wedding. Best wishes!

  6. To be really honest with you, I think that the idea number 1 and 4 it wasn't so bad, I can say that maybe I wouldn't wearing on my wedding day but for a Bridesmaid OF COURSE!

  7. Oml can you imagine how pretty she is gonna look on a real wedding dress and a nice hairstyle? Like srsly she is gorgeous

  8. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas! Lana wedding themed videos I’m so so so excited! Plus I think it was dress 2 the worst though none could be worn for a wedding no way! Xx

  9. BDSBDBSBSNSB💕💕 i'm so excited for the wedding and i'm so happy for you both😣 wish you guys the best💕💕💕

  10. Now you should try bridesmaid's dresses. I can imagine it like the movie 27 dresses, and i'm already laughing. I loved this video, and i'm reaaaaaally looking forward to seeing the real dress you'll wear ❤️

  11. this was really great! I actually really like #2 tho🤔 like that's something I'll definitely want as a second -part-of-the-party dress

  12. Oh God!! I can't believe how awful is dress #3! I mean, to disappoint even when the expectations were low! hahahahaha. I must say that #1 looked very nice on you, as well as #4. Loved the concept of the video! And would love to see the real deal, the actual one you pick!

  13. You look so cute OMG,I cant believe that you two are getting married,Im so happy,you are the perfect couple and I cant wait to see you on your wedding dress,anything would fit you well😗😗❣❣❣🇦🇷

  14. we don't know anything about the wedding yet when this video came up i already got so excited TT i can't wait for it and i hope you can share some videos about the whole experience with us some day!! i'll look forward to it!! yayy!!

  15. 1) The worst 👗 was the third one: definitely!!!
    2) The fact that you put on the first dress in the wrong way has been the best part of the video. 😂
    3) That is just an idea… You could show us how you and Luzu are preparing the wedding, like the vlogs of London. 😊

    Have a nice day 😘