trying on every piece of clothing in my rainbow closet

trying on every piece of clothing in my rainbow closet

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  1. Damn! I can’t be that skinny even in my dreams. But just a lIfE hAcK, buy clothes that are petite—insert size here. For Frederic that is an extra small. It is intended to fit short people like me and it should be like a glove fit. I don’t know if it is only found in the woman’s section or whether it is found in both departments, but I have bought petite clothing in the woman’s section that doesn’t make me feel like the midget ass I am.Hope this could help…

  2. You got me into sunflowers so every thing I can paint I will paint sunflowers so thank you my gay BFF tehe

  3. I got a really cute gay sweater from forever 21 for two dollars

    Not only did it have a rainbow on it but the rainbow was made out of hearts

    The clearance section is the best

  4. "thats what comes with being 5'5". . . bro, im 5'2 and other than the giant (5'8) i call my boyfriend and my slightly taller friend whose 5'3 im the tallest in my friend group. . .also did i mention im shrinking? i think im the true midget here.

  5. every piece of clothing i own is either greyscale, purple, or green
    and i have a million striped things too i love them

  6. Lil' Eugene at his best! Also, the second yellow jacket would make such an EPIC Masky from Marble Hornets cosplay/costume!!

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