Trying on Fashion Nova "Wear to Work" Outfits

Trying on Fashion Nova "Wear to Work" Outfits

23 Replies to “Trying on Fashion Nova "Wear to Work" Outfits”

  1. As someone who works in a professional firm, you absolutely CANNOT wear any of these….too short, too tight, unprofessional colors….my manager and would have a huge problem with all of these for the office.

  2. I love joslyn.. sorry if I spelt her name wrong but she’s so extra and she doesn’t care about it😂

  3. All these are very cute BUT under no circumstances would any corporate companies allow women to dress like that unless it was like a female ran office. But all of it is very cute

  4. I feel like the only one you could wear to work if you didn’t have anything else is the one at 9:11

  5. Those clothes are so ill fitting and cheap looking. I'm not usually so critical, but these are just bad.

  6. Some of these could be "office casual" if they would of finished getting dressed. Put a top on with most of the suits and they would be ok but u do no wear a blazer with nothing or just a bra to the office. Just a thought but maybe if the outfit needs boob tape probably not work appropriate.

  7. Aum Drew has an amazing body she can literally look amazing in anything like she can wear a trash bag and look fire

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