Trying on Homecoming Dresses Under $30 from AMAZON

Trying on Homecoming Dresses Under $30 from AMAZON

– [Lia] It looks like an eighth
grade, like an eighth grader or like a fifth grader would wear it to her father daughter dance. – Yeah. – Don’t have an opinion, good on it. (girls laughing) (upbeat music) All right y’all, so it is homecoming time. Which by the way, this
year is really set up weird because my homecoming is not
until the end of October. And I know that in other schools, homecoming is literally this Saturday. Either way, it’s very hard to find dresses because our homecoming is pretty much later than everyone else’s. And everyone gets to pick
their dresses before ours. It’s just a big mess. So this year, I thought,
I did a video earlier this year where for the beginning of school, for back to school, I ordered
all my clothes on Amazon. So I thought it would be
funny to do the same thing with homecoming dresses, but this time to put alittle twist on it to have all the homecoming
dresses under $30. Obviously, that’s pretty tough because most homecoming dresses
are a lot more than that. I am not one that loves
super fancy dresses. So if I can find a dress for $30, I’m gonna wear a dress for $30 and I don’t care if it’s
$30 and from Amazon. So, I ordered a couple and I’m
going to be reviewing them, trying them on, seeing what
other people think of them. I think Bella and Lia are coming over. They’re supposed to be here now but I’m running a little
behind, so we will see. Oh, excuse me, oh look you
can see me in the mirror, Hi, I had to tilt the mirror
up because there’s a window right here and this
window faces the street that I live on so, see now
you can’t see anything, you just see a window. All right, so first dress.
This is a little cheating. It’s not, this one’s
not under $30, it’s $35, but it’s pretty hard to
find an Amazon dresses under $30 so I did my best. So this is the first
dress, got some lace on it, Some nice detailing, feels like it could be a good Sunday church dress. Not really quite the homecoming type. Okay, this dress, wow,
this is a very light dress. It pretty much feels
like a piece of fabric. It looks good in the picture
though, this girl’s killin’ it. Look at her, she’s modeling. It was only $7,89. The shipping was almost as
much as the dress itself so, if you’re gonna buy
this I recommend buying it in a bulk of things because
it doesn’t make sense to pay for shipping
that’s pretty much equal to the product that you’re buying. But here’s the dress, it
seems a little bit sheer. And by little bit, I mean a lot. I don’t know if you can
see my face through this. We’ll see how that goes on,
okay, it’s really see through. This is good, but, it’s
again, it’s maroon lace, so it’s kinda like the pink one, the style’s a little bit different where it does come down in the back as you could see from the picture. That’ll be popped right here. But yeah this, you can definitely
that this is $8 quality. Even compared to the other one, it feels a little bit cheaper. To me, it doesn’t really
matter the quality as long as people think
the quality is higher. I’m a little scared for this
next dress, not gonna lie. $26,99 barely under that $30 mark. It just feels like one
of my dance costumes when I was growing up, like that material. I don’t really know what it’s called. I wonder if there is like a
tag on here I can look at. I don’t know, it does feel
pretty sweat proof though, which could be good depending
on how much you’re dancing. I can’t find any tag with anything on it so that doesn’t help. Oh, polyester and spandex,
I don’t know if that helps to describe what I’m feeling right now. That’s what it’s made out
of, this what it looks like. This the top, kinda looks like
my choir dress on the top. I am not in choir anymore.
Sike. My old choir dress, this is
what the top looked like. Except for I think this was
suppose to go off the shoulders. Not positive on that,
but then the bottom so, it could be good up on the top. And then the bottom, was not
quite what I was expecting. The colors are pretty out there. I’m not one that really
likes off the shoulder things anyways so, it’s not quite my style. Okay, following the trend of lace, because apparently all of these dresses from Amazon have lace on them. I have this navy blue one,
that was quite literally right under the $30 mark, $29,99. What is with this material? All of these have like a
really weird feel to them. This one is 97% polyester and 3% elastane. This looks like it
might be a little short. I don’t know, I don’t really
wear a bunch of lace anymore. But I definitely would have worn this dress to church like when I was 12. I feel like it depends on the accessories. You could really dress
these up for homecoming if you really wanted to. I think you really could,
and you could get away with wearing like a $30
dress to homecoming. This one, it looks so
different in real life than it does on the pictures. Let me just put that out there. Okay, so this one is $23,99. This is what it looked
like in the picture. I’ll pop it up right here so you can see. It looks like a nice ballet
dress, I don’t know why but that’s what the skirt reminds me of because it looks kind of like tulle. This one, I’m a little nervous for, again with the sheerness,
it’s very see through. Oh, you can’t really even see it. But it is pretty see through in real life. Which could be easily
fixed with, I don’t know, something underneath it or just getting extra lining put into it. But also I’m confused on what
is going on with this here. Why is that drooping down?
I don’t know. To me this one feels pretty
equal quality to the $8 one. There were dresses in here
that felt like higher quality, and this is definitely not one of them. Again, we’ll have to see
what it looks like on. This is why I have people
coming over to judge them. Because I feel like I’d be
like (hesitant mumbling) I don’t know. For something a little bit different and a little bit more fun, I thought it’d be interesting to order one dress that was above $30. I kind of gave myself
a higher priced range. Just to see if the quality
difference would actually be better if you went a
little bit higher in price. Or if just all dresses
from Amazon were probably not the best known dresses for homecoming. So I ordered this one that was $79. It came in a bunch of different colors, but I thought red looked
kind of like the most fancy. Like the most you could
get away with being fancy. I’m gonna try this one on
and see if it feels better or if it feels higher
quality than the other ones. Considering the price range is
like a $50 difference, maybe. And I’m also going to see if Lia and Bella can tell the difference between them. And then I’m gonna try all of these on. (upbeat music) This is dress number one,
I’m not a fan of the length. – Eww!
– No, that’s a fat no. My least favorite thing is fake lace. That is fake nasty lace,
Amazon, no, hecks naw. – [Kamri] Bella, you need to give them some context on your mood right now. – Guys, I’m having a mental breakdown. I am not okay, I have car
engine all over my hands. – [Kamri] You actually do. Eww. – My car broke down, the
battery ran out, my gas ran out. I couldn’t pay for the gas
because my card ran out. But luckily I had cash so
it’s all good, it’s all good. My phone died while I was on the way here talking to somebody so I
was in even a worse mood. My phone doesn’t work, I’ve
dropped it so many times that it I can’t type p’s
or l’s, or the backspace. I’m gonna lose it. (Bella And Kamri laughs) – [Kamri] So that’s why Bella
is acting a little aggressive. – Maybe just a little bit. – [Kamri] towards the dress. This is really, this is not it though [Bella]- I’m not a big fan of the [Bell And Lia]- high-low. – [Kamri] Yeah. – And the neckline. – Actually, and it like doesn’t fit, like- – I love lace, but when you can just tell it’s that nasty fake…
– [Lia] Right. – [Kamri] So how much do you think it is? – Like $10.
– $2. – [Kamri] I gotta verify,
but I’m pretty sure this one’s $26. – No, it looks like a grandma thing, like if I’m being honest. – Or if I was going to a elementary school dance this is something one
of those girls would wear. – [Kamri] (laughs) – [Bella] So that’s a zero out of ten. – [Kamri] Dress number
one, oh you’re rating it? – [Bella] That’s zero stars. – Okay so I’m wearing
the second dress but, I don’t think I’m gonna
show y’all this one because it’s very see through
and YouTube would probably demonetize this video if
you saw the rest of it. Yeah, there’s a lot of
like lace print right here. Very revealing, so yeah, I’m
just gonna go to dress three. – [Kamri] This is a no. Zero stars. This is dress number,
whatever number dress it is. (upbeat music) – [Kamri] I just wanted to let you know, these are probably not
dresses that I would pick to actually wear. These are just the best
options Amazon had. – Can we open them? – [Kamri] I picked them, but like Amazon has a very
small selection of dresses. – Okay, open? – [Kamri] (laughs) Okay, go. I feel like I’m wearing a choir dress. – Oh! I don’t like that. – The high-low again. – It’s so cheesy. The colors are so bright,
just not you, it’s not you. – I literally don’t know
what else to say but bleh. – [Kamri] Oh wait, how
much do you think it is? – $20. – I’m gonna go with a solid $12. – [Kamri] So, this is $26. – I say zero stars, maybe one. – It literally looks like
a rainbow vomited on you. (simuntaleous talking) – Like it fit you better
than the last one. – Yes.
– But it’s like not- – Still don’t like the high-low and- – It looks like an eighth
grade, like an eighth grader, or like a fifth grader would wear it to her father daughter dance. – [Kamri] Yeah, okay yeah. It’s just like the
coloring of the flowers. – [Bella] I don’t have
an opinion, good on it. (girls laughing) – [Kamri] Okay, next
dress, okay, $30 dress. (upbeat music) $29,99 so, it’s totally wrinkly cause it was in the Amazon package. I feel bad, saying I
don’t like any of these. They’re just not quite my style. – [Bella] All right, close me eyes. – [Lia] Aw, you did it too fast! – You ruined it! – It’s not as awkward of a length, though I like it’s not high-low. – The length- – [Kamri] I didn’t even
zip it up all the way. – It’s the lace. It’s
really getting to me. I like the color though. – The color looks good on you. – Yeah, navy blue. Makes you look tan. – [Kamri] Okay, so what’s your rating? – This ones like- – I’ll give a one out of five stars. – [Kamri] I give a solid one, it’s just the texture that’s weird. It doesn’t feel like a homecoming dress. – [Bella] Eww. Is like- – I also like- (simultaneous conversation) – What’s the thing you put, tablecloth, it’s like a tablecloth. – [Kamri] It feels like spandex. – Yeah, but like a cheap spandex. – [Kamri] Yeah, what’s
your guess on price? – $20.
– I’m gonna go with $26, ’cause that’s the other ones. – [Kamri] It is, $29. – I was closer.
– What? Okay, why? – [Kamri] Bad on this
one? Better than the rest? – It’s better than the rest. – Better that the rest,
but still don’t like it. – [Kamri] Tough crowd. – Yeah, well- – [Kamri] I tried my best okay, Amazon- – Bad choices. – [Kamri] Amazon has very little options. Again, not really my style or
homecoming style in general. – [Lia] I know what you’re talking about! (simultaneous conversation) – [Bella] Latex!
– [Lia] Yes, latex. – [Bella] Latex!
– [Lia] The latex. – [Bella] But like Barbie pink – [Kamri] Are you ready? (simultaneous conversation) I think we had a little
uphill and then I think we fell back down for this one. – Ready? 1, 2, 3 – [Kamri] (laughs) – Look at the underlay,
look how cheap it looks. – [Kamri] Oh yeah, I know. – [Bella And Lia] (disappointed grumbles) – Yeah I just don’t even
know what that top is. It’s not lace, but it’s, it
just doesn’t look good quality. – [Kamri] How much do you think it is? I kinda forgot, let me- – Okay well you, I bet
this ones more expensive. – That one was really
ugly, like really ugly. – Oh this one, I think
this one’s about $40. – Yeah I feel like this
ones more expensive because they’re like, oh nicer. I’m gonna go with $98. – Oh! No, I said $40. I say a solid $40. – [Kamri] Wow, it’s not even high quality. Why’re you saying that? – Because I feel like
Amazon would do that to you. – [Kamri] $24 – Ugh, dang it, you said it was high. – [Kamri] I said there
was one that was high. I never said it was this one. – [Bella] You made it seem like it was. – [Kamri] No. Okay, this is the last
dress, it’s a little wrinkly. I think that out of the rest
of them this one’s the best. – [Bella] Ready? – [Bella & Lia] 1, 2, 3 – [Kamri] Wait, what? – Oooooh.
– Oh, this one’s cute. – [Kamri] Somebody just
like totally text me. – This one’s really cute.
– This one’s like, yeah this one’s good. – This is like increasingly
better than all the other ones. – Really cute. – [Kamri] It’s a little wrinkly ’cause of the Amazon packaging. – Just steam it. – Phst, iron. – The only thing I can say about this is, is everybody wears these kind of dresses. – [Kamri] Yeah. – But, not saying that that’s a bad thing, ’cause they are really cute
just everybody wears them. – Yeah, it looks cute. – So if you want a dress
that everyone wears. – Honestly, this is a step up from all- – Way step up.
– a hundred steps up from all of the other ones. – [Kamri] Okay, what would you rate it? – Out of what? – Five, five stars. – [Kamri] Five stars. – [Lia] I’m gonna give
it a four point five. – [Kamri] Oh wow. – [Lia] Because it’s
Amazon and it’s cheap. – [Bella] Yeah. – [Lia] But this is a pretty good outfit. – [Kamri] Okay. – [Lia] Four and a half. – How much do you think it is, price wise? – [Bella] $5 million, kidding $500. – [Lia] I’m feeling more like $60. – Okay, so this one was $79. – [Bella & Lia] Oh okay. – So that was what I
was really trying to see because all the other
dresses were under $30. – Girls spend $300, $200
for a homecoming dress. – For like that, for like at Sherry Hill or Terry Costa it will be like a $160. – Yeah.
– Yeah so. – [Bella] Yeah, but if you go somewhere like on ASOS or Amazon. – So do you think all
Amazon homecoming dresses would be bad or is it just the price? – [Lia] I think it might be the price. – That’s what I was thinking. That’s why I wanted to
try a high priced one. – [Bella] Yeah I think you
can honestly find a steal maybe on Amazon if you
really search for it. – If you really search for it. – [Kamri] Okay. – Yeah, I like that one, it’s good. – Okay so overall, I think
we concluded that Amazon does have some pretty good dresses but you might have to go up in
price to get the better ones. Obviously, this one is
one of the better ones but it was also closer to
$80, not so more under $30. I’d like the other ones
are not homecoming dresses but you could wear them to other things if you styled them correctly. Hope you guys enjoyed watching
this video and if you did, may sure you comment saying
which dress was your favorite and I’ll see you guys next week. Bye! (upbeat music)

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