trying on literally EVERY piece of clothing i own

trying on literally EVERY piece of clothing i own

I owned a lot of clothes like too many like an unreasonable number of clothes regardless here in every single piece I own so I've always thought about building my wardrobe the same way I think about drinking which is bottoms up bitches so fucking cheesy um anybody basically what I'm trying to say is I buy pants first and then I think about what colors and silhouettes of tops would complement them this is because obviously pants are generally way more expensive than tops so I own fewer of them and I also feel like the pants that you own and specifically the silhouette of jeans that you choose really sets the tone for your whole wardrobe and acts as a basis of your whole style these are my absolute favorite jeans in the fucking universe but they cost like an arm and a leg and three or four kidneys on the black market so thrifted jeans like these ones are a godsend because they only cost like half of an egg maybe since most of my bottoms are on the loser and nothing is super skin tight and scandalous I like to contrast that with my tops most of which show off either my collarbones shoulders or an egregious amount of acne when I'm shopping for tops I think about them falling into one of two categories either they're a statement top that on its own is cute enough to dress up a simple pair of jeans or they're a nice blank background to pair with some funky printed pants or a little bit more of a crazy outfit obviously my sweaters have to be a little bit more high coverage so I don't freeze my clavicle off in the winter but I still look for details that set them apart like a cool mint texture or pattern or at the very least a good old-fashioned Steve Jobs turtleneck I also own some basic tees for when I can be bothered to wrangle my boobs into one of those finicky trendy looking tots and this also happens to be what I wear like five days per week when I'm a complete and utter editing well in case you're wondering what the hell is going on here this is a scientifically accurate representation of my last brain cells when I'm up at 4 a.m. still on Final Cut Pro okay um that's enough of that moving on when it comes to jackets and coats I am a complete texture whore I look for pieces that already works with my existing color palette but add that extra layer of dimension with some nice denim or leather or any of that texture goodness so I own a lot of dresses but in my defense they each have their own purpose like my first date dress my second date dress my dress for hiding my hands during socially awkward situations my I'll literally never have an occasion to wear this one I'm keeping it because it's pretty dressed my picnic bitch dress my hardcore picnic bench dress my I think I'm just addicted to buying gingham dresses dress my I forgot to shave my legs dress my I remembered to shave my legs dress and of course my I ate way too much of Thanksgiving and now none of my jeans fit but at least this dress fit dress in case I don't feel like peeing for an entire day I also own some rompers including this one with a thoroughly broken zipper that I'm clinging on to for no apparent reason I am a big fan of miniskirts as you guys may have noticed in my videos I think they just work well for my height and my body types and they also come with the phone bonus of getting catcalled by a ton of old creepy men whenever I wear them outside wow I love the patriarchy I own a couple shorts and clearly don't own an iron but these are really the only ones that matter you know how those shorts get kind of like sad and flacid by the end of a summer of wearing them not these ones these ones I wore for like five months straight and they are still going strong I'm not a huge bag lady and mostly I'm just looking for bags that will work with the most outfits possible hence almost black plus 90% of the time I'm just wearing my trusty old backpack to class anyways I have developed into a little bit of a crazy hat lady though I have quite a few which range from newspaper ho to art ho which are pretty much my only two moods so at least I got that covered I also own literally one scarf yup just the one an exciting category to us and this video okay that's it guys

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  1. hey folks! don't forget to check the description for links to everything that's still available online + my best dupes for stuff that isn't! 🤠also to clarify, i don't shop at places like zaful and shein anymore due to their sketchy ethics but i still have a couple old pieces from them in my wardobe. anyways hope y'all enjoy!!

  2. 3:40 OMG this is a whole freaking mood
    I thought I was the only one struggling with this annoying inconvenience. >_>

  3. Ashley: I own too many clothes
    Also Ashley: Makes video ,,50 outfis when ypu have got nothing to wear"

  4. I love this style and it's my desired look/esthetic(sp?)…
    BUT! I'm not allowed to wear half of this stuf!!!
    -no crop tops until 18
    – All shorts must have a 5-8 inch inseam
    – No dresses more than 2 inches above the knee
    – No v neck shirts or dresses
    -No bikinis until you're 18, then you can wear high waisted bikinis until you move out
    – No experimenting with new styles unless you want to feel the wrath of your mother basically calling you a hoe for liking short skirts, shorts, and dresses
    – Not allowed to be confident lest you wish to be glared, smirked, and talked about behind your back by your older sisters.

  5. I just want to say I am deeply impressed by your flawless content, it is so very well done and esthetic, and even so far away (I live in Portugal) I really appreciate watching your videos (is it possible that I'm getting addicted??)
    Anyways kisses to you and your beautiful clothes too,

  6. a French friend once told me that only tourists wear berets in France, and no French person actually wears them, and if they do, only men do because they were meant for men. If anyone can confirm or argue about this let me know! it's good to learn something new every day LOL. also, not hating on the fact that Ashley has a beret. Just had to put out some random info out there LOLLL.

  7. Fun tip some of the black boots she has with the vertical chunky heel thing is on the same website as the pink pants in the description 😛

  8. I’m currently going through some of your backlog at 2 am from before I got Uber obsessed with your channel and it’s amazing 💕

    Also now that you aren’t in school I think you should get a short handled bowling ball type bag and a nice big cross body, both will be stupidly useful if you don’t have your backpack all the time!

  9. literally adore your wardrobe, i am dead. how to find these items in uk… edit: i'm fucking shook, not only are cothes in description but u put in top right hand corner… YOU ARE THE BEST YOUTUBER I'VE SEEN, HANDS DOWN. NO COMPETITION, i love u

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