Trying On Very EXTRA Clothing From Wish ! Success or Disaster ?!

Trying On Very EXTRA Clothing From Wish ! Success or Disaster ?!

I'd say they were pretty extra I don't think that zip is gonna do up so floppy I'm gonna die these are the trousers wow-wow-wow stuck together hi everyone welcome back to my youtube channel so for today's video we're doing another wish testing video I'm gonna be testing extra clothes um if you've seen me if you know me or even just if you're brand new taking one look at me I'm the least extra person when it comes to fashion I wear t-shirts and jeans pretty much every single day or like today leg ins I've put on workout clothes and I'm not going to the gym I barely even knew what the word extra meant I had to look it up on urban dictionary that's how down with the kids I am I had two urban dictionary the word extra fit men way over the top excessive dramatic um which kind of describes me kind of but fashion wise definitely not so I headed over to ish and had a little look for some home thing that I would deem extra I've got a bag of stuff next to me I'm just gonna delve in okay I don't even know where to start with this when I was shopping for these clothes I was thinking more along the lines of what looks crazy and out there to me that really cool girls get away with wearing that's what I was going for because I am NOT one of those cool girls that can just wear anything and it looks good so I found these have half-joking bottoms that literally just open all down the side and you'd find really cool girls taking photos like crouched down on the floor wearing them like give them a try Wow there are a lot less Joe Girish than I thought they're made of like silk type material not real silk and they're very see-through oh wow very easy you put them on they've got a nice little stripe down the side and then they just sort of open up and you can stick your leg out so I got these okay I've put on a little crop top just so there kind of goes with the outfit a little bit more you know I didn't really think my t-shirt was going to quite cut it trousers are wrong legs like the Levin I'm actually going to do the poppers up at the sides just here because otherwise my pants are way too on show and we don't want to get demonetised now do we these are the trousers what are you thinking they're pretty comfortable I mean it would be weird if they weren't comfortable because they're barely on my legs my legs are just kind of chilling out around the sides hi how are you I can obviously do them up in which case then they just kind of turn into general jogging bottoms and I feel like the point of these is to have your leg out but maybe you meant to do up just the bottom bit maybe oh maybe that works better I'm making this up as I go along I don't have a clue what I'm doing now my legs can still pop out a little bit if they fancy more but they kind of feel more like normal trousers now for the best bit trendy Instagram pose where people do this Hey Wow almost full bum on show how they looking did it do it I mean you can barely see what I'm wearing because it disappears once my leg pops out but yeah they're all right you know what these are not as bad as I thought I really like doing this it feels better than it always looks but it feels really cool like these wow I'm excited for these wow wow wow I got myself some boots oh my goodness look at them um yep this is happening um definitely thinking these a kind of extra they've even got little what are these cold I'd say they were pretty extra although they're also extremely comfortable and I kind of want to wear them out maybe by the end of this video my fashion will change and I'll become extra I won't it's not happening I can't do it so I figured because these are white black and red I thought I would pair them with my fab new trousers because they're black white and red yeah okay worried pairing these shoes with these trousers I see wasn't a great idea because the trousers covered them however I'm thinking if I undo my trousers BAM your thoughts please what are you thinking of my shoes with my trousers look at this in this outfit I feel like a whole new person I feel like this outfit would photograph better than it looks on like walking around like this I think I look quite stupid it doesn't it doesn't look good these trousers are a bit weird with the shoes and it just isn't the best look well I can imagine in like the right scenery the right background the right clothes that you could get like a really good photo in this outfit like with the bend down on Instagram pose but in general if I were to wear this downtown it does not look that great let me know in the comments if you like it would you wear it out do you have anything like it or do you thought also these shoes extremely comfortable I'm actually considering finding an outfit and wear with them because it doesn't feel like I've got heels on the next item looks a little bit like a throw or a cushion or a teddy bear it's gross oh it's so blobby I'm gonna die oh wow oh wow wow this is so soft it's like a little teddy bear kind of a fan of this I really like it I don't know what I would wear it with maybe just a simple talking jeans because least extra person ever but this would make me a little bit extra I'm a little bit nervous because it's so soft but I want it to fit and look good but I feel like it might not here we go oh I do not like the cut of that neckline I really don't like the cut of this neckline at all it feels like you know you drink something over your shoulders and it feels like it's falling off and you want to wake it up like okay well that doesn't look any better I just feel like it needs to be like this but it's just it just it it's making me feel is making me feel really uncomfortable it can't explain until you put it on it feels like it's falling off my back and I want to lift it up but it's on properly it it just feels really really weird I don't know why it's making me feel horrible this is what it looks like on it's not comfortable at all around the shoulders it's just making me feel really on edge the rest of it is pretty comfortable it fits nicely I can move in it it's very very soft and I can already tell very very warm but oh I know it must seem like I'm over playing this and being like dramatic and extra but it just feels so wrong it just doesn't feel nice I don't like this that I won't be wearing it now this is what I would consider night where this material definitely looks like I'm wearing it to bed but in the picture she looks like she's going out for the day and it doesn't say anywhere that it's pajamas or night wear so I'd say this was pretty extra you would know catch me wearing this on a general day out oh it's making my hair go static can you see that get away it's a little bit out there what has pockets guys it's called pockets we all know I live in my pockets especially on a playsuit that's great play suit pockets what more could you ask for I'm still never working this out the house this looks great doesn't it I'm just gonna put this belt round and hopefully I'll magically look better nope this is extremely comfortable it's very soft I can move in it it it's got pockets it looks really nice it looks pretty cute it fits well could do with maybe a mini iron because it's a little bit creased but please a gentleman could I ever see myself wearing this out of the house no this is pajamas it's pajamas it doesn't say on there it's pajamas and in the picture she has a handbag wait a minute got my handbag can you imagine me wearing this to town like the looks I would get this is just it's it's pajamas this is pajamas but realistically me wearing this to town is just a no-go let me know if you would genuinely wear this out somewhere wow I bought a lot more than I thought which business oh yeah I remember ordering this um it's a leotard or a one-piece or a body or a bodice whatever you want to call it it's black and it has massive frilly shoulders I will say though these shoulder pieces do not come out as far as they do on the image on the image the shoulder pieces come out too like here so I thought well that's gonna look amazing they really stick out that far so we'll see how it goes okay so this is the body um I have no clue whatsoever what you would wear on the bottom half with this in the image she's just wearing this I don't know whether you pair it with jeans or what you pair it with I also don't see how you couldn't wear a bra with this because it would be so much on show but I know some of those are ok with that I just couldn't maybe you could get away with a black bra in it I'll also say that in the image these literally came out like here in the image you they barely even sit past my shoulders so perhaps not that's not quite what I paid for and it's also quite itchy inside it's quite comfortable and I can move around and I feel quite free but it's just quite itchy in certain areas so around the buttons it's a little bit itchy run these sleeves it's a little bit itchy the mess just isn't the comfiest it's just not the comfortable piece of clothing and I can't see where anyone would ever wear it but if you can't that's great it's just not it's just not it's just not good not for me this is a crushed velvet body con oh I see body cordon off the shoulder dress that I just think you've got to be a little bit brave to wear you know anything if you were to wear this out you would catch a lot of people's attention because look how shimmery this is so I've got my dress on I don't hate it I don't think I'd ever wear it out and it definitely doesn't look as good on me as it does the model but it's not a terrible item of clothing it is very soft it fits nicely it's a little bit loose here but I could obviously get a size smaller it's actually pretty cute little dress I possibly possibly go as far to say that this is one of my favorites and I possibly would wear this out if the occasion were right although maybe I do wish this was a little tighter more body calm but it's not it's not horrible I don't hate it on me I just think it could look a little bit better maybe I'm just becoming a little more extra with my outfits now I could never wear this out what is this I don't remember ordering heinous oh it feels it feels weird what it's stuck together oh I don't know if I'm getting in this what is this oh wow oh wow oh wow so I do not remember ordering this but really know what this is I logged into which it turns out I did order this it just looks a little nicer on the model it still looks bad and I don't really know like I've ordered it um it definitely is very extra as in pushing the limits of extra but I don't know why I ordered it and decided I would try this on on camera because look at it I don't really want to put this on I really don't want to put this on whoa oh wow I don't think that zip is gonna do up this is a trouble I just want it to be I'm in I'm feeling quite sucked in it's not the most comfortable material it's also super duper short so I'm pretty sure if I huh I can lift my arms oh oh oh I've got free rein of my arms I can move my arms my body's just very still you know what once you get used to it and you've kind of warmed up the material a little bit it's not quite as stiff as it seems I would never ever wear this anywhere ever ever ever and as soon as this comes off and never putting it on again but it is actually pretty comfortable I'm getting kind of Liz Hurley in Austin Powers vibes does anyone know who I'm talking about but yeah me PVC outfit pretty much as extras I think you could possibly go one of these No okay so that is it for today's video I really really do you enjoyed give it a thumbs up for me if you did subscribe if you haven't and I will see you guys very very soon bye

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  1. Hey Hi Hello !!! Happy new year and stuff!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    P.s. don't forget to leave your favourite timestamps in the comment section!!! πŸ˜€

  2. I could see the blue romper as a day outfit but it would have to be on the right person. The black leather dress in my opinion did look good on you, but I see it as one that someone would wear to like a club or bar or something

  3. I really like the white boots, they look like something I would wear to a Halloween party as well as a normal party.πŸ™‚

  4. Anyone else getting my date with the presidents daughter vibes from that velvet dress?!? Anyone? No? Just me? Ok!

  5. 🀣🀣🀣 Austin power dress with the white boots or the hot pink ones from the other video and ur "extra " dressed for a night on the town 🀣🀣

  6. We were the button up pants (1st item) In the late 90s but we always had them buttoned all the way up I’ve never seen anyone with buttons open this must be a new trend.

  7. 5:59 she sounded like that little girl off of despicable me when she got that unicorn πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. Oh man I grew up with the joggers with the snaps! They were popular in the 90’s – they were the popular pants!!!

  9. That black leather dress looks awesome on you. You could rock that with a pair of black stilettos and a silver necklace

  10. The first pants seems like a knock off of the pull off sweats they had for Athelics at my school. My sister had three from basketball, there were her warm-ups, but the had buttons on the waistband too.

  11. Fell upon your channel with the butt stimulator thing from wish and so glad I did! You are HILARIOUS πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

  12. The silver dress looked lovely on you don’t think you need another size ,great video thank for sharing.😁

  13. Wow, GIRL!!! You look absolutely AMAZING it that silver sparkly dress!! You really don't give your self enough credit! You are stunningly beautiful!!! If you would go out in a few of the outfits that you deem so so "extra", I think you would see how many positive responses you would get. And after that maybe you wouldn't think you look so "bad" and would realize how stunning, gorgeous and perfect your body really is!!! Nick is a lucky man!! Keep up the awesome content!!!! Love ya from Southern Maryland USA!!!!

  14. At 5:56 her face when she opened the soft pillow thingy!!! Omg I am dying!!!🀣🀣🀣🀣

  15. 14:41 why did I think this would be perfect for a cute anime seduction with the boyfriend πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

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