oh my god do I even need to speak for this dress makes me feel like a princess I'm gonna have to give this one a pass what is up everyone and welcome back to my channel so in today's video as you can see by the title we have yet another wedding a related video now if you guys have seen any of my previous videos to do with wedding dresses you'll know that I've done quite a few on like eBay and wishes sort of dresses but I remember to try to store where the dress is my action to be half-decent so for today's video I thought I would try out some wedding dresses from Asus now I'm gonna keep it real with you guys in order to actually from this video I had to spend almost a thousand pounds on wedding dresses and let me just tell me wedding dresses are not cheap so I picked up at 6 different dresses and they're all sort of like different styles different shapes and I'm really interested to see which ones I will like because as you guys know I recently got engaged so I'm actually on the lookout for a real wedding dress they're together we are gonna see if any of these dresses are worth the money and worth the time you guys are brand new here make sure you guys it's coming during the dinosaur family by subscribing down below and also be sure to follow me on my social media at rogue Saurus what we have referred to a let's get on into the video okay so first things first I'm probably gonna get a lot of comments on my eye makeup and I did actually use my revolution X Roxy palette this is the color burst palette you guys have probably seen it a hundred times but you guys have been asking me to do a blue toned look with some of the more like cool tone shades from the palace so I delivered if you guys would want to see a tutorial of this look let me know I might do like a little insta video tutorial kind of thing but back to the dresses so the first one I have is this one right here so this is actually the smallest one that came in like a little regular aces pack here whereas all the other ones I literally like a giant bloody box wrapped in the Aces packaging so let's just try and start it off nice and easy and just try the little one on Oh actually there's two that is a curve boy I did not expect that okay so out of the two I think I'm gonna try this one first it's kind of like a little lacy moment to be honest with you guys they all pretty much look the same when they're in the packaging because they're white and they're lacy so how much more adventurous could you get with a wedding dress oh my god this is actually gorgeous can you guys see that Wow so the first dress cost me 36 pounds it was actually reduced from 75 pounds which is such a bargain so this is basically from a brand called Club Elle London never heard of it but to be honest I've never really shopped for a proper wedding dress before either basically the thing that drew me to this dress is the sleeves because they're kind of like lacy but also share and I don't know what it is but I just have this thing where I actually I'm obsessed with these sort of sleeves and I think I definitely want my wedding dress to have them so the front is basically a v-neck sort of cut it's got like a little lace scalloping across the sort of neckline and then the back is kind of like a teardrop effect it's kind of cut out on the back this is literally the cutest dress ever already I'm in love and the bottom is basically just like a straight down bottom it's actually nothing too fancy on the bottom half but the top half definitely is a showstopper I'm really interested to see if this will fit because it's a size 8 but obviously with wedding dresses usually want to get them tailored so let's try this on and see if it actually looks and fits nicely okay so this is the first dress and oh my god I'm just looking in the mirror and I'm kind of obsessed like it just fits so well I did not expect this whatsoever I think my main feature of this dress is definitely the sleeves like I said I just think they're so beautiful and so dainty and I also actually really like the neckline again I didn't really think I'd be up to like my taste but I actually kind of liked it in terms of the sizing of this dress I got this in a size 8 and I feel like although it fits really nicely it is kind of tight around the waist bands I mean if you're planning to eat at all on your wedding day you're gonna probably struggle in this one because it's just really really tight around my belly and I feel like if I ate anything or bloated it just would not be very forgiving if you know what I mean the length of this dress is rude nice it kind of just goes down to the floor it kind of dragged a tiny bit but not too much I girls with a nice pair of heels this would look amazing this is actually the first dress that I've tried on there isn't like a wish or a ebay sort of dress that's super cheap looking this is actually really nice and I actually kind of like it I think overall I'm gonna give this like a 7 out of 10 okay so the next dress is the second one from the same package this one sure looks a little bit more boring I've got to say it doesn't really have too much lace or anything like that which place isn't really a thing maybe this one would be the one for you so this is it and oh wow so it's actually from the same brand it's from a club al London and this is what it looks like it's gonna be so hard to show this one basically it's kind of like a whole tunic sort of style thing so it's supposed to sit around your neck like so and then kind of come down like this now I've got to say this is something I've never actually considered that I would have as my actual wedding dress I'm just not really into like halterneck as much but I was definitely willing to give it a go because I feel like you have to try everything to kind of know what your taste and style is and then the bottom is absolutely gorgeous it's basically like a fitted sort of body con style dress and then it kind of tapers out at the bottom and it's got quite a long trail which is definitely something I actually really want in my own wedding dress too this one is another affordable one I've got to say this one was only 35 pounds and we're gonna get to the expensive stuff after this but honestly for 35 pounds if someone was actually looking for a wedding dress I feel like this is a really nice quality one we're yet to see how it's gonna fit so let's pop it on and see how it looks okay this next dress I've gotta say I'm not really a fan of I don't know what it is but it just doesn't look very like wedding e to me it just doesn't seem like a bridal dress I don't know what it is maybe it's the fight that it's like really high neck I do I should really like the back of it I think is very flattering on the bag but I don't know the front it just feels like too blocky maybe if I had some kind of cutout or maybe like a little sliver of skin it would look little bit better it has got quite a long trail that's sort of just hangs and drags behind you again for a really inexpensive wedding dress I feel like it's actually a pretty good steal because it is a very nice quality it's not see-through it's very nice and stretchy as well I don't really have anything bad to say about it but just personally it's not my cup of tea but let me know what you guys think I think for me I'm gonna give this like a 5 out of 10 okay it's now time to move on to the humungous boxes I'm actually really looking forward to this because these are like a hundred and two hundred plus so surely it's gonna be good this feels straight fabulously I've never opened a box this big from ASOS oh my god on the box that actually says a sauce bride that is literally the cutest thing ever I swear to God if every dress comes packaged like this that is so cool this box isn't she taking off my whole studio send help okay wow this is different what do I even say about this dress right now so this one is the asus Edition satin fishtail wedding dress with a dramatic sleeve so this one actually cost me a hundred and twenty pounds which is definitely an expensive dress abut up for wedding dresses in the grand scheme of things that is literally nothing just because in the grand scheme of things at wedding dresses can cost up to like 10,000 pounds probably even more and if I was to get a dress that expensive I'd probably have to sell my liver so we're gonna just stick to a so the stresses for now so this one is very interesting because the actual color isn't white it's kind of like a metallic key beige I don't even know it's definitely not white but it's kind of got like a gray sheen to it I'm kind of questioning whether they want you to wear this as a bride or as like her bridesmaid I don't really know because I feel like that would kind of maybe outshine the bride if you were wearing a long gown like this it is a pretty long dress also this dress is completely backless so if this is too loose then my boat will just be on show that's just how it's gonna be so without further ado let's try this on and see how this looks okay I'm gonna have to give this little purse honestly this is probably the weirdest Wow actually I've tried some weird things on my channel just kept it one of the weirdest wedding dresses I've tried on my channel that's for sure because this just does not look like a typical traditional wedding dress well let's be real I should quite like the back I mean it's very exposing but it's a little bit different this dress has a lot of length it's got a really long trail or tail or whatever it's called you looked cool on the model but now that I'm wearing it I kind of feel like I'm someone's like aunt it just kind of has like a weird middle-aged woman vibe sort of thing I don't think I would actually wear this to a wedding whether that's as a bride or as a bridesmaid or even a guest I just feel like it's too extra for a wedding and I don't know maybe I'm just quite traditional I prefer like a white dress but I wanted to give this a go just to see what it's like I feel like the fabric is really hot as well like I'm actually sweating wearing this right now which is not great if you're you know we need to wear it for a whole day on your wedding day but yeah I'm gonna have to give this like a 2 out of 10 okay next up we have the next dress this kind of feels like Christmas I've no clue which one this is going to be so we'll see together okay wow this dress is definitely a princess dress of my dreams I honestly love the embellishing I think it's so beautifully detailed now this one is another Asus Edition one so it's a Sosa's own brand and they quoted the embroidered and beaded wedding dress this was actually a hundred and thirty-five pounds so again it's not really the cheapest also distress isn't like your true white wedding dress it's actually more of like a beige II cream kind of dress which I actually kind of like and then this is the bottom it's very long very layered which I actually really really like I really like this bottom because although it's not like a Cinderella kind of dress by any means it is quite floaty and as you can see with the models photo she's kind of like tiny and I feel like it definitely will have a lot of movement I'm 435 pounds I feel like it's a really beautiful dress it's very well made the quality feels really nice but let's actually try it on and see how it looks okay this next is absolutely gorgeous again I am obsessed with it I'm gonna have such a hard time finding the style that I actually want for my wedding dress after trying all these but basically this one is super floaty as you can see this is literally like a princess dress but without the poufiness if you know what I mean I love how long this dress is there's this she's so much fabric it just never ends although the length of the fabric is kind of making me a little bit worried if I do have a long dress for my actual wedding I feel like I might just trip on it the top half is so beautiful like I said it's very dainty very detailed with lots of like little pearls and sequins and then the bottom is very simple and plain but I just love how float here is and how much movement there is this dress with a little bit more expensive than the other two but I feel like it definitely shows in the quality and like the detailing of the dress and also the length of it I feel like there's literally so much fabric here I really like this one I think I actually like it even more than the first one so I'm gonna have to give this like an 8 out of 10 okay so the next dress comes in another massive box my god this one is so beautiful I am kind of in love with it and I'm kind of contemplating already like what if this is my real wedding dress so the first thing I've got to say is that the top half is so gorgeous it's again kind of got that lacy effect it's not really exactly what I'm after because I really prefer where it's kind of like a half mesh half lace if you know what I mean and then the bottom half is the main event of this whole dress because it is just layers and layers and absolute layers of fabric there is so much fabric is that she just like filled up my whole room let me try and get this whole dress into shop because I feel like you guys aren't actually getting the gist of how big this dress is so let's pop this on and see how it looks oh my god do I even need to speak for this dress this dress is everything I just cannot get over how much fabric there is in this dress I we feel like a princess you guys know I usually go for the regular sort of fishtail bodycon kind of dresses but and actually really really liking this I swear I'm not she's saying that about almost every dress in this video but this one is just like it's so special it's so long like you can't even I just like on the top hop is actually really well fitted I really like the sleeves they're not itchy or anything it fits very nicely around my waist and in general I just love at the bottom half of this dress it's just so beautiful I feel like a princess and I feel like that's what it's a little bit on your wedding day you want to feel like a princess and this definitely makes me feel it and again like I said unfortunately with wedding dresses if you do get what you pay for and you know when you pay 300 pounds you're gonna get a lot nicer of a dress than you will for like 30 pounds I've gotta say I'm gonna give this like a 9 out of 10 because I don't think I can give it a 10 just because it's not like my perfect wedding dress but it's coming pretty close and the very last dress of this video is another expensive one this one is the second most expensive of this video now this one cost me at 295 pounds and it's actually an ASIS edition dress now again it's kind of on the expensive side but it definitely justifies it just because is so gorgeous so the top half is kind of simple I don't know if you guys can see that but it's kind of just like an all-over lace then the back kind of has like a a v-neck cutout with like a scalloped sort of edge and then the actual bottom of the dress is so gorgeous there's lots of like messy sort of layers to it but the main portion of the dress remains quite body con it's quite tight-fitting and it goes all the way down to the floor and kind of drags a tiny bit but not too much now with this dress I feel like it's not too out there it's not too in-your-face but it's very like subtle and delicate which is what I really liked about it so let's pop it on and see how it looks now this is the very last dress and again I really actually like this one it's definitely a little bit more simpler than any of the other dresses you guys in this video I actually really love the bottom mostly because again it's got like that netting sort of fabric covering the body con sort of part of the dress and then it actually has quite a long trail at the back as well it's like all connected as you can see and it just looks really gorgeous as you're walking it down the aisle I'm gonna be honest the thing I'm kind of thrown off by is the top half I feel like these straps are a little bit too close together I feel like that would look a lot better if they were just like a tiny bit more apart like this but it's not the end of the world it's still a really beautiful dress also I really love the detailing around the bodice part of the dress where the lace kind of overlaps onto the actual netting fabric which I think looks really beautiful and dainty as well again I really like this one it's not as good of an option for me as the previous one because I really loved that one so I think I'm gonna give this like a 7 out of 10 so those are all of the wedding dresses I'm gonna try out for you guys today I hope you guys enjoyed this and found this a little bit helpful as well if any of you guys out there are gonna get married anytime soon let me know in the comments and congratulations to any of you guys out there I hope you guys got to see what some of these wedding dresses actually look like on a person like me who isn't a model because I feel like a lot of these people on ASOS are obviously models so sometimes I feel like it's kind of hard to see yourself in a dress be sure to let me know which one of these dresses with your favor I feel like my favorite was definitely the most expensive world which is so like annoying because it is the most expensive one but I feel like with wedding dresses the more you pay and the more you actually get for your money and a definite shows an equality and like the intricacy of the actual dress if you guys would like to see more wedding dresses related videos or just any videos in general let me know in the comments below what you would like to see next but that is all from me thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you guys in my next video bye


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