Trying On Wedding Dresses | November Vlog Pt. 1

Trying On Wedding Dresses | November Vlog Pt. 1

(instrumental music) – Happy November First, yay! – Yeah. – I always love the first of the month. It feels like a chance
to restart everything. Ben and I are on our way to Catch LA. We are going to the
Revolve nominee brunch, and that’s gonna be really
exciting because we’re gonna be reunited with our Revolve family. – That’s perfect, isn’t it? We go to Catch LA, which is so so good. We went there a couple of weeks ago, unbelievable, and we get
to see the Revolve crew, so, good day. – It’s gonna be cool. It’s their first time
doing an awards show, and I know it’s gonna be good because they don’t half-ass anything. – Nothing. (soft music) – [Jenn] We have a very special delivery. – Yes, we got a nice new TV. It’s pretty big. – [Jenn] Yeah, it’s fricking massive. This has been a long time coming. We got a whomping 65 inches. Chipper, what do you think? – [Ben] What do you think, Chips? – [Jenn] Well, the TV
had a big crack in it, so we had to put it back. – It was really good actually. We got it out, we set it up, I screwed everything really
tight into the stand. Got it up, put the other TV upstairs, woo hoo, here we go, Stranger Things. There’s a crack on it, so, it took me about an hour
trying to drill this out, because it’s one of those that you can’t really reverse it very well. So it’s been really fun,
and the best thing about it, they can’t come pick it up and exchange it because they don’t have any more. So, yeah, that’s that. – Oh my gosh, you can’t
really see on camera, but the clouds are looking
very ominous right now, but kinda hopeful as well. Hello, everybody. Please excuse the messy office. The reason why all
these trash bags are out is because tomorrow I am shooting the second drop for the Eggie Collection. I’m so excited to be doing
that because, believe me, it has been an entire process. A lotta things go into it. There’s a lotta logistics. Samples weren’t on time. Some samples weren’t like, acceptable, so yeah, things just get pushed back, but it’s all right, I’m so happy that we’re getting closer
and closer to the date. The reason why I’m in such a fancy outfit is because I am going to
the Revolve Awards tonight. Yesterday was the brunch, but
tonight is the actual thing. I am wearing a Maijerel. It’s this gorgeous, fleecy number. And then, I’m gonna throw
a big faux fur coat on. (upbeat music) – Let’s go. (upbeat music) – Welcome to the
first-ever Revolve Awards. Give it up for yourselves. (cheering) – I’m honored to be here to present the best beauty influencer award. And the award for best
beauty influencer goes to Jenn Im. (cheering) – First off, I need to
thank my subscribers for voting for me, and I really don’t know what I did to deserve such
loyalty from my Eggies, and I wanna thank you so much. It’s crazy to win an award like this, because growing up, there
weren’t that many people that looked like me in traditional media. I am a short Asian chick, and you know, in the 1990s,
there was not that image on the screen, and through
YouTube I was able to build a platform and just showcase what I loved, which was fashion, beauty, style, just feeling good about yourself. And I wanna thank,
obviously, my subscribers, my frickin’ manager. Love you. Ben, my fiancee. You have seen me through thick and thin, and I wanna thank Revolve. Like you guys believed in us,
and I wanna thank you guys for creating such surreal moments for us. It’s all about having a
good time and celebrating, and I’m down for that. (cheering) Thank you so much. – [Man] Her speech was good. Dude, that was so good. – We’re on our second award of the night, and we’re on three fucks already. (laughter) I had no idea that was
gonna come from her. She’s like, as a young
Asian woman in the industry, I fuckin’ love you all. (upbeat music) – You know my beautiful manager, and my best friend, the villa sisters. – Congratulations, Influencer of the Year. (upbeat music) (soft music) – Good morning, we are here at the cabin. I am getting ready right now. I’ve got Amy right over there, hello. We’ve got Jeff, hi. It’s behind the scenes of the Eggie team. And then there’s Ted, of course. Yeah, so I’m just doing
my makeup right now. And then Adam and Mitchell
should be here soon. And yeah, trying to knock out this whole shoot by four, so really gotta hurry up. All right, so the crew
is starting to roll in. There’s Adam, the
photographer, I love him. There’s Jen, another Jen, from the house. Obviously Ben and Wa over there. Wa is filming the editorial
look book, along with Ben. And the makeup is done. I’m gonna take you downstairs with me. It’s a little dark, but I’ll show you. Here, got Mitchell, oh, also creating content, hello. We have taken over the foosball room. Gonna make some hair magic in here. Amy, oh there you are. – [Amy] Hello, hello. – Steaming, organizing, she is incredible. And, we are ready to go. Let’s do this. (upbeat music) – [Ben] Done, is that a wrap? Yeah. Yeah. – Are you excited to
see your grandparents? Chippo. Okay, she’s ready. (car beeping) Okay, now up. Yay! 10 seconds, 10, nine, eight, seven. (laughter) (upbeat music) – It’s so perfect. – [Jenn] I know, it looks so perfect. It looks like a set. – Oh my God, it does. – [Jenn] It’s really dark,
but Emily has accepted my bridesmaid proposal. – I said yes. – Thank God. So it is Tuesday now, my hair is darker. Pretty slightly, maybe
like two shades darker. Anna just gave me a glossing and toned it and did my base, and I am
obsessed with the way it looks. I mean, I just need to
brush it out right now. I just woke up. What is going on today? Today is a day of editing. I’m trying to get out
my October favorites, and then also finishing
up a bunch of videos for a deadline tomorrow. And I’m also filming with, To the Nines, Amy, Drew,
Scott and Karen today, or I guess tonight. We’re gonna do like a night out look book, so that’s gonna be really fun. It’s really cool doing like
collaborative look books because we only need to wear one outfit and then we’ve got like six, so I’m very very happy for that. I’m just trying to get as
much stuff done as possible before I go to Toronto on Thursday. I am so excited for that trip. I’m going for my friend Dani’s birthday, and I just got her
birthday gift right now. I’m getting her a Kindle. After I filmed my favorites,
and I was like raving about my Kindle Light, I was like, I should probably just like get people, or get like my loved ones a Kindle, because it just makes
reading so much more fun. Yeah, I can see your screen. – [Woman] Yeah, it says Eggie dot web. – [Jenn] Leo has cooked
his famous El Pastore. I’m at Karen and Leo’s place. – Hi. – [Jenn] Oh my gosh, look
at this bountiful feast. (chattering) – [Leo] It’s like this is your canvas. These are the paint colors. (laughing) – [Jenn] We got all this camera equipment. Adrian came very prepared. Thank you very much. – I have two. – [Jenn] Do you wanna say something? – Do I wanna say something? – [Jenn] Everyone’s in their
beautiful night out outfits. We should go somewhere after this. I can’t believe we’re just gonna do this and like go home after. Everyone’s looking really fly. – Perhaps Drew’s friend’s birthday party. – [Jenn] Oh yeah, Momma Shelter. – Momma Shelter, mommy. – All right, doing my dress
fitting with my girls. Maid of honor and my bridesmaids. Oh, before I forget, oh wait, okay. All right, this one is for Ashley. – Wow, I love presents. – [Jenn] And this one is for you. I wonder what it could be. – Oh, I love it. – [Jenn] Yeah, it’s so minimal. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – Oh my gosh, my favorite
sisters in the world. (gasping) Cute. – Actually, that’s really gorgeous. – [Camerawoman] Wow. Ooh. Oh my God. So this is the separates one? – Yeah, it’s a bodice. – [Camerawoman] Wow. That one is beautiful. I love the little ties on the sleeves. – [Saleswoman] The
little scallops on there are made to measure, so it would be your proportions, which is really great
since you’re so petite. – This is serious stuff, y’all. – [Camerawoman] Yeah, look at that. Wow. That one is beautiful. I know we say that for every single one, but this one. I love it. – It’s very wow factor. – Yeah. – This is hands-down my
favorite gown of hers. I’m gonna layer a little bit. – Long. – [Camerawoman] Not the one. – It’s so big on her
that, even if I clip it. Even clipped it’s just like hanging off. – [Camerawoman] I totally understand the sleeve thing now. You have to be like six feet tall to wear that. – Yeah. And like the arms, I feel like. – [Camerawoman] Yeah, it’s just heavy. – [Saleswoman] It’s like you’re playing dress-up or something. – Yeah. (laughing) (chattering) (soft music) – Hi, everybody, oh God. Amy and Jenn here. If you guys don’t know
who Amy is, here she is. I talk about her in my favorites a lot. – Yes, the one and only. I’m holding the camera for Jenn, because no tripod. – Yeah, it keeps falling. We are on our way to Sherman Oaks. But we just got back
from the Eggie spring, I guess that would be
like drop three meeting. Or drop four actually. There’s a lotta stuff
in store for you guys. There’s the winter,
spring and also summer. It just never stops, but I’m so excited to show it to you guys when it’s ready. Oh my gosh, I look like a hot mess. Because I feel like a hot mess. Today’s been one of those days where it feels so
rewarding just to sit down and not have to do anything. Definitely did the most today. I’ve got my kimchi-jiigae here. This is the best kimchi-jiigae
of all time, I must say. I wish I could just learn how
to make it exactly like this. I went them to tell me like,
where they buy their kimchi. Like what the measurements are, because this would be phenomenal to cook and I’d probably save a lot of money if I just made it myself. But yeah, today was so
amazing and productive, and just exhausting. Yeah, I feel like I
haven’t even gotten to chat about like my Toronto trip. When I was out there, I didn’t vlog. I started to, and then, first of all, it was
just too cold to vlog. When it’s freezing, it’s
just like, not ideal to like, take something out and have, you know, equipment to fumble around with, so I wasn’t able to vlog there. But it was actually good
that I got three days just to myself, I was still
working but not filming. So I’m really happy
that it was productive, but also restful as well. Sophie’s gonna come later. I haven’t seen her in like a couple weeks. But, yeah, we’ve both been frickin’ busy, so it’s gonna be awesome to get some one-on-one time with her. You guys, how funny is this? I’m in like the exact
same spot as last night. But yeah, it’s the next morning, and it is the day of Eggie drop two. It is one p.m., and it’s
been a couple hours, and the support has been incredible. Can’t wait to see how all the
pieces look like on you guys. If you happen to support,
and you receive your items and you love it, and you take a photo, please tag us at EggieShop. I love seeing you guys rock Eggie, and it makes me so happy. That is probably the
most like rewarding thing that can possibly happen. But yeah, unfortunately, I
think I’m getting a cold. I feel like I’ve been
fighting off this cold for the past like two weeks, but I feel like my immune
system’s pretty strong, but yesterday when Sophie came over, and we literally talked
for like five hours. So my throat feels so hoarse right now. I think I’m just gonna
probably end the vlog here, and then start part two of
November later on today. So yeah, I just wanted to thank you guys so much for watching and
supporting my channel. I feel like, I feel like November has already been such an amazing month. And I can’t believe that
next week is Thanksgiving, so we’re really plowing through this year. So yeah, I wanna thank you
guys so much for watching. And I’ll see you guys
in the next one, bye. (soft music)

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