Trying on wedding dresses + tips to find THE ONE! | Superholly wedding series

Trying on wedding dresses + tips to find THE ONE! | Superholly wedding series

Look what I got!! My wedding dress! Hellooo, ladies and random gentlemen
scratching your head wondering how you got here. I’m Holly, and today I’m going to tell you
all about my experience finding the one. In this case, the wedding dress. So honestly, I thought it was going to be
super hard for me to choose the right style, just because when I was little I would look through all those bridal magazines, and I liked everything every single style. I was like. Oh, wait that one’s better than the last one. I love tulle, I love lace, I love the princess cut,
the mermaid cut, long-sleeve, short-sleeve, strapless, you name it,
I was into it. But, surprisingly enough it was super clear to me
which dresses weren’t for me and which dress was the one. Kind of like when I met Ben. Okay So my first bit of advice for you would be to get a good idea of what styles you like at least on models It’s going to be different when you get them on yourself But definitely do your fair share of flipping through magazines, looking at wedding blogs, Pinterest, Etc. After clicking around for quite a bit,
I realized that I loved from Pronovias dresses, even though they’re a little on the pricey side. I definitely wanted them sort of as inspiration
for when I went shopping for my actual dress. I ended up downloading the app and they allow you to save your favorite looks into “my dressing room”, and If you go through them you start noticing quite a trend, quite a pattern. you see that the dresses I chose
have lots and lots of lace. No real embellishments other than the lace some beautiful tulle is always a key factor and definitely you can see that I love both the princess cut and the mermaid cut and obviously when you’re thinking about what kind of gown you want You’re gonna think about where you’re gonna actually be getting married. In our case It’s going to be on the beach. This should play an important role, but at the same time, your dress is your dress So if you want to be a princess on the beach you go ahead and do that My next bit of advice would be to choose a good shop, preferably near your house or somewhere in the vicinity that you can drive to I do not think it’s a good idea ever to buy a wedding dress online I thought about it for a second because I was gonna save thousands and thousands of dollars But I probably saved thousands and thousands of tears not doing so. I don’t even know how legit those sites are anyway I think it was some chinese site, and I’ve heard horror stories about the dresses coming out terribly so anyway I don’t even know why I thought about it temporary lapse in judgment. I probably just wanted to save money and spend it on food for the guests So, yes, you want to get yourself to a good shop, Find a place that carries some of the designers that you like, Definitely check out yelp for reviews to see if the customer service is up to par if it’s a place You’d like to spend time in. I think being able to see reviews by people We don’t even know is amazing and it’s something that we didn’t have 20 years back And it should help us give business to the businesses that deserve it. Anyway, through yelp I found several places that carried some of the designers I wanted to check out and Through the reviews I was able to narrow it down to this place called Parvani Vida Most of these places are by appointment only so make sure that you do that and try to get a few girlfriends or family members to come along with you. I think that’s super key because not only do you want a second opinion, This is all about the experience. This is something that you’re gonna do once in a lifetime And you want your friends there with you. A few tips for the day of: wear your hair the way that you’re planning on wearing it at the wedding just so that you can get the general feel of how you’re going to look. if you’re going to be wearing heels, you might want to consider wearing heels that are about the same height, Although you’ll go through all of that when you end up doing the alterations Which is further on down the road, you might want to get dolled up with your makeup so that it’s even more true to life and once you get there help the attendant help you. Give them as much information as you can about what you’re looking, for the context of your wedding, how you envision yourself, what textures you like, just any information that can help them pick out the best selection for you to try on it’s kind of like when you go for a hair appointment One thing is saying chop my hair up and diet red and other thing is showing them two three four or five pictures Of exactly how you want it to look in the end. Next you’re gonna get to wander through the store with your friends picking out random dresses that catch your eye. Invite them to pick one or two that they’d love to see you try on as well, if you want. The attendant usually will also pick
a few dresses for you And definitely try them all on, and here’s why: for some reason I was super anti strapless I told the attendant. I don’t want to look sexy I want to look pretty. And in my mind in that moment for some weird reason that meant I need straps or sleeves. So when she brought an a dress that was outside of the parameters that I had given her I didn’t even want to try it, even though I thought it was absolutely gorgeous. Just because I was scared it would look too sexy. Well, guess what? That’s the dress that I ended up falling in love with! So, yeah. Go outside the little box that you’ve constructed for yourself, and you might be surprised. so as far as my [experience] I went to this store, Parvani Vida, probably like two weeks after I got engaged just to get my feet wet, just to see What all was out there, And how a dresses looked on me since it’s something that I had never really done and I never really done I mean never done and as I was trying on the dresses. I was like okay this looks nice on me This is cool. Some of them were like Okay, that’s me and a white dress whatever But when I tried on the dress that I ended up buying my entire face lit up I’m not even joking and when I walked out of the dressing room I could swear there was a collective gasp and I’m not trying to say like oh, I looked so amazing I took their breath away, but I really feel like this dress was made for me my friends were super sweet It was their favorite as soon as they saw it on me But they didn’t tell me that until I had told them that I had chosen it I remember my friend kristen letting out a sigh of relief and saying I really wanted to tell you that that was the one, but I wanted you to choose at first they were so sweet even the attendant was like I want friends like that Both of them are copywriters and every time I come out of the dressing room with a new dress on they would describe it perfectly, I remember at one point them being like See that one’s more of a ceremony, but that other one is more of a celebration I ended up going with the celebration. All in all, when you’re budgeting I think it’s important to not just look at the price tag, but to also add on maybe a thousand more dollars That’s what I ended up paying just for alterations, taxes and the veil oh my goodness the veil when I was about 70 percent sure that I wanted my dress she put the veil on me And it was done. It was over. Anyway, I’m super excited to share all those moments with you guys. Obviously in this video you’re not going to
see my real dress but you can get little taste of what it was like to go through the whole process of trying to find it and honestly I shouldn’t even say the Whole process it took me like an hour And I know it doesn’t happen that quickly for everyone if I hadn’t tried on that dress that day I would have had to keep searching for it too. So just know that when you find it You’ll know it is that even comforting? I’m not sure anyway Thank you guys for joining me on this crazy journey And don’t forget to stay tuned for more video updates all about my wedding. It’s just over a month away And when it comes down, it comes tumbling to the ground And when she speaks, it’s a dangerous fantasy That sets me free to where I wanna be She sets me free to where I wanna be, I wanna be She sets me free to where I wanna be And her hair blows like a lighter in the wind And I lose my senses baby, it gets under my skin And when she speaks, she’s all I’ll ever need She sets me free to where I wanna be, I wanna be She sets me free to where I wanna be, I wanna be She sets me free to where I wanna be, I wanna be She sets me free to where I wanna be, I wanna be It’s just like… meh Nope! it’s just me right? Okay, I wish I was this girl. Oh, it’s beautiful. I would have gone for something like this. This is fun. I love this one. Second place!

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  1. k bonitos son todos los vestidos, son presioso pero el ultimo me encanto muchas, gracias, besos desde, España 😘

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  3. It's funny how we end up choosing things we never thought we would! I was the same – set on having lace sleeves but I ended up with strapless too! I think it really depends how you feel in it – I just couldn't stop smiling every time I put it on! Thanks for a great video 🙂 I've already chosen my dress but it's just making me more excited! I'm happy to have found your channel! Xx

  4. Lol I'm one of those random guys that was sitting there wondering how I got here but I stuck around because you have an awesome personality in the video and hey I learned some good tips for my future wife.…one day. Thanks

  5. Hey, I was just wondering if you knew the name
    Of the dress at 8.11? (The one that you said was too sweet) I looooove it and would love to know where I could find it'. Amazing video – you looked amazing in everything! X

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  10. I've already changed my wedding dress 2 times so far.. even after ordering and paying for it and having it come in! Luckily the store was able to help me out and let me change my mind so often! Weddings are stressful, especially when you want everything to be perfect and have soo much time between buying the dress and the actual wedding to start over thinking

  11. Hey there was a video of you trying on a bunch of dresses before finding the one can you put the link up I loved the runner up dress you had

  12. my friend who is a wedding planner has been helping me plan my wedding (which has saved me money in hiring a planner and saved me the stress of planning it on my own) she says try to not to say the "W" word when looking at stuff for your special day cause a lot of places will double the price for even it is for something as simple balloons

  13. Aaah I love this video, it has me reminiscing! The one I chose was, like you, the only one the assistant pulled out for me to try on and my initial reaction was that it would look awful on my body shape. Turns out that wasn't the case 😉 I'm so glad she picked it out, and will always tell brides-to-be to know their style but also wait to see what the dress looks like on them.

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    Maybe it was the same one!!!!!!

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  17. i do the same thing i go on Google and search mermaid and princess cut dresses and i want to get married on the beach

  18. You know that's not fair how you mentioned to not shopping online. You can find wonderful secondhand or sample dresses from online from US sellers and save money. Your best bet is to try in person then buy online with the one you have an idea of. NO CHINESE SELLERS, but secondhand is very doable.

  19. I work as a manager of a bridal boutique and I have to say that I see a LOT of cringe-worthy videos of brides giving advice on wedding gown shopping, but you actually nailed it. Great job! 🙂

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    So plz suggst m…i wnt to luk butiful…evryone is pushng me to go for an eastrn traditionl i want trdtiinl on fst day…n dis typ of on scnd plzzzzz tell m where shud i buy

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