Trying out COTTON ON CURVE Clothing – Haul & Try on PLUS SIZE

Trying out COTTON ON CURVE Clothing – Haul & Try on PLUS SIZE

hello rainbows welcome back to my channel I hope you guys are well I just did a little live Q&A with you guys on my Instagram I'm so nice to talk to you and thank you for everyone who tuned in so if you are seeing this makeup I've added a week because I couldn't be bothered brush my hair this honestly was like a quick half an hour kind of like I now feel a lot of type thing so in today's video I'm doing a clothing hopefully you guys I'm so excited because you guys have been highly requesting me to try out cut my curve they have recently came out with a curve range and to be honest some of their curved pieces to me it looked a little bit questionable some of their tops like they had this ruching detail which I know for me like it was right in the stomach area and I'm like man that would not be flattering on quite a few larger women even on like super slim women women it may not be flattering just because of the ruching girls room but that's just me personally so no offense to anyone out there I did manage to find a few items that I liked quite a few of the items are scrolling circles kind of like yeah yeah I'm not really me so I just got some items that I liked and I hope you guys enjoy before we get right into the video it would mean so much to me if you could subscribe to my youtube channel give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and also to check out my other social media accounts and try and reach 10k on my facebook if you have a spare second if you are on facebook i'm uploading quite a few videos on there and just terminal life stuff would mean a lot to me let's get on to it I am so disappointed because part of this haul was I purchased a Harry Potter suitcase from typhoon I was friggin in love it was amazing my products and when the delivery came it didn't arrive come on do you have a good service icon acted them and they're like all sorry we're now sold out do you want to refund I'm like no I want my freaking Harry Potter suitcase did I need it no but I was playing hazel walking away with all my clothes because I was planning on doing a Harry Potter haul for you guys and that was going to be part of the whole I've already got a few other Harry Potter items I wanted to share and I'm like Tim and I want my freaking suitcase anyway while I was on there buying the suitcase that didn't arrive I bought some clothes because why not and Hazel's just walked away to the coast Hey look I'm here please could you please oh thank you here we have so these are the audits that I've got here I'm gonna try them on see you guys see what they're like and get hopefully like fit so this is from the curb range and in getting me James I don't think to Chris I mean I'm not gonna lie they have more expensive side I think but stuff goes my brain honestly huh okay so this is the first item this is the graphic licensed tea this is an ac/dc top and this is this size attained Australian which is a 14 in the US I do like more kind of oversight Steve I like to be comfortable and I like if I am wearing high-waisted stomach and kind of tighten it up so this is an aqueduct t/o kind of has like a wood smoke smell it does it smells like wood smoke that's really lit but yeah I'm gonna try it on I think you can't go wrong with a graphic tee honestly backgrounds miss Lloyd no surprises there let me put this up a little bit for you guys so here's how the t-shirt is looking I'm glad I get a 16 because I feel like even this isn't oversized it's just kind of normal-sized it is really really comfortable there it is definitely on the shorter side in the length kind of scale but see God it's not even there's not even that much space to like tied up st. nah man I should probably go to 20 so it does simply fill on the smaller side of the scale I guess but it is nice as comfortable I think just to wear this I could tuck the same hey I think just to wear this you know on weekend what I love it's nice I like it so and I think you can't really go wrong that won't climb pretty much with everything I'm definitely in jeans the t-shirt kind of person also yes it's just easy Oh mummy already the next item I've got is this one so this is their relaxed v-neck tee this is in the color bottom now I you to you in I know this is a size 18 and again it is like t-shirt it does seem definitely more crops I think it's softer material this is definitely like real kind of cotton type cotton on a t-shirt material with this one does seem a little bit more stretchy so it has a very definite wood smoky smell what the hell is going on in their factories men or like without packing facility so so thank you for supporting BCI farmers protecting the environment and working for global change okay when they make this so this is how this one is looking again I wouldn't say it's like massive like I do like more of a size kind of tops I think this is big enough to be considered oversized and then it's not like to do it enough to be I don't know it seems kind of microwaved shape and we kind of sighs I don't really think it's that flattering it is more stretchy so I could may be tired but yet I it's not really the best hey it kind of I like the color but I'm just feeling like it's making me look like from people use like the lens in this place like it's yeah it's a bit maybe he no ma'am all right so that's yeah I don't know I don't know I'm feeling a bit weird in that one all right we have the next item this is the curved cropped cardi this is a size 20 so this is the next size up that this is how it looks it is cropped I think I did get the 20 because this was buttoned like button up and I feel like if anything straining along the boob line it gates and then you can have a sneak peek of the boobs and know this is just a really nice kind of room to material be wanting something like this for a while it's just neutral can with absolutely everything and looks comfortable as well so let's try to look at the gang page it's like man can he like freaking make mole buttons please like look look hard hard okay so I can definitely tell if I got the 18 the gay pitch would be a lot more like this is I'm gonna have to wear a single under this which sucks because that's next rely on then I get hot and sweaty and you know I just want to be able to but this is a cropped length so yeah it's nice it's comfortable I like how it looks it's just I'm disappointed again with these like this gaping like there's no way of getting around that I need hate small buttons like if those about man about layout this would not be happening and a button here don't be stingy with your buttons other than that I mean it's nice but yeah it's gaping alright so on to the last item this is the curved rolled him chain er I don't actually aren't any chinos and my husband is a massive to nori fan like all he wears is chinos so this is like a camera kind of color and I got this in a size 16 a very very long time search size wise but I think 14 or all those things like this it's better to be able to be more sloppy and comfortable so this is how it looks it is a lasting on the top there are pockets at the back pockets at the side yes say is this little drawstring which actually does work you know how sometimes is like a little fake drawstring there daddy doesn't have a wood smoke smell which is good and then the bottoms are not cinched in they're just rolled up so yeah let's try on these pants and see I'm glad about the 16 I think they're 14 wooden beams you try it I think I would have cut in too much but they feel really nice and comfortable they're not like super soft they are more a rigid kind of material I'm really liking all the pockets oh thank god my pockets pockets are so good and you can definitely wear these five more down low if you want as well but I think the me high-waisted just feels more comfortable these days so yeah this is how they're looking I liked it a lot of kids yes yes ma'am okay so they have my hope from government I know it wasn't the biggest hole and sad to say my holes are gonna have to really start slowing down I'm just like Oh using my off to pay too much and I need to put them into it trying my best to get my way out of debt and stuff at the moment someone commented on one of my other videos saying you know they really want me to continue doing hauls and what I consider doing a patreon or having my paypal details below see you guys the Chuck in four holes and god I don't know for me that this is why I'm bringing it up so I want to have that discussion with you guys I never like asking people for money and I never like even asking family members for money like I hate that I guess I'm just proud in that sense but I wanted to know your thoughts like and of course this is like if I do start to do that then it's gonna be completely optional I'm not gonna force you guys to give me money oh I feel the sake rose like it makes me feel gross talking about it I don't know why I just I don't know I don't know so I guess at this stage that's my options like stirring up something like that or cutting back a lot on the clothing walls because yeah I'm not able to buy anything else for a while do you have an ugly clothing haul coming out soon and love making these for you guys but it does get expensive really quickly every pretty much every single clothing haul video that I do except for my fashion noble ones I fund myself i buy i buy all the clothes myself the fashion oma ones i do get the clothes for free i don't get paid for those videos but i get the clothes for free which is a massive financial help so yeah pretty much every one of these videos costs me between 150 to 300 dollars to make so yeah i think this one is a lot cheaper how much was everything two four six this one wasn't maybe a hundred dollars to make for you guys but yet it especially when I'm trying to get have a debt and I'm going backwards anyway let me know your thoughts yeah I don't know I'm not sure how I'm feeling about it but let's have a discussion below and I want to know your thoughts and stuff on / cuz yeah yeah thank you guys for watching I hope you like the video you have a what love have a good day borrow I need to get off the internet alright fine

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  1. WIG!!!! This is a BRAND NEW JUST LAUNCHED from Silk Oil of Morocco! They literally just launched 30mins ago and sent me one early to try out and I love it! This is their PAMELA wig and they have been generous to give you guys a discount which will get you 15% off. This is an affiliate link and I get a 15% kickback if you purchase. THE CODE IS "JMADDEN18"
    This is the link to the wig –

  2. Jade Id love to support you.. you're one of my fav on YouTube and I watch a lot lol. For now start on what I used to wear.. how I used to do my makeup.. how I organise my baby's room.. how about a cook with me.. anything you produce I'm totally there hahaha xxx

  3. EVERYONE does patreon even the podcasters I listen to so why shouldn't you! Great content that's costing money and even if it wasn't it's still ok, it's volunterary so those who don't want to contribute won't lol you deserve it!

  4. So…hauls. I think they're dead. They're deffo not helping with the culture of throw away fashion which is makingg the fashion industry a worse polluter that cars and planes put together. And they're not helping your bank balance either, so thats really not sustainable. How about buying fewer pieces but seeing how you can work them into your existing wardrobe to create different looks? I'd watch that!

  5. Ive been wanting to try Cotton On Plus for a while, i love buying my Band tee's from Kmart mens section $10 bucks great quality and heaps of options plus sometimes they reduce them to $7.00 or Best n Less too. Theres a few pieces i wanted to get but thought the price was a tad high. Ps, loving your wig ♡ hot 🔥 … . Can you start selling some items your not wanting anymore, i understand ive been using Afterpay a tad bit to much too !!! its just so hard to stop 🙄😹♡

  6. My gosh I thought I missed a video until you said it was a wig 🤣. And I know what the feeling is about the whole asking for money but we like your videos and want to help =]

    Also omg what did Hazel do towards the end?😳😅

  7. I think being real is more important to us, we cant afford clothing that often either. Reflecting a real person's life is why we're here.

  8. I absolutely love and adore you but I can’t stand when you see you tubers begging for money and starting patreons or having PayPal info. It’s like really…look at the house you are in, you already get paid from us watching you, most people have another check coming in from somewhere else as well, then you come on here bitching about oh I’m in debt. Then why did you buy a new bigger home if you couldn’t afford it? If you can’t afford hauls, try vlogs, mukbangs, asmr, makeup videos, story times, challenges, family videos, etc! I mean really to come on here and ask for help or even have a patreon or PayPal up is ridiculous! You are asking kids (a lot of the time) for money, or asking people who don’t have anything near the amount you have and wish that we could buy what you are buying! Claiming broke or in debt is so laughable because y’all have no idea what it’s like to be actually broke, working four jobs to pay for what little you have and only paying bills and for food with! It just disgusts me when others do that! Living paycheck to paycheck with not a dime saved sucks! I was there at one point and would help out everyone else whenever I could before I realized wow I need to just stop helping everyone else and help myself get on track! I finally did but point is that you tubers who are usually in the six figure range if not millionaires need to stop asking hard working blue collar people and/or kids for money! I literally can’t even! I love you and your family Jade but you are right to be proud and not ask. Honestly you shouldn’t have even brought it up and if that was something someone asked or a few people asked because they have it and want to support you then I get that too, not saying even if people don’t have it they can’t choose what to spend their money on but you should have just put the information in your description box and never said anything about it at all. Then the ones asking, if they pay attention will see it and inform everyone else in the comments/elsewhere. Sorry for the rant! It has nothing to do with you I just needed to say what I’m sure many others have thought as well but are afraid to say! Thanks for listening and I love and support you! I always watch the ads all the way through and like, share, and comment on videos! That’s help too and it’s free! You are still supported though! Xoxox

  9. I'd give you money! it would be like me giving you a cup of coffee and a yummy treat! *friends do that 😉

  10. Hi Jade! we did in canada have a lot of forest fires .. so the smell might be form that? This may not be true. but it was pretty smoky in Alberta, BC and Sask. love the wig! (and the photo behind you! so cute!)

  11. Those chinos look great! I really liked the autumnal colored top on you! It didn't look frumpy at all. And you can't beat AC/DC! I'd be happy to chuck you a few bucks per month! All the expenses you've had lately with the move and your mortgage/rent are not helping the debt factor. We ❤️ you! Let us help.

  12. How about thrift store hauls? Just go for the patreon, I'm sure if you made the rewards worthwhile they might be enough to help out the hauls

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