//Tutorial #1// Realistic Ears for Costumes + PDF Pattern

//Tutorial #1// Realistic Ears for Costumes + PDF Pattern

Start cut the fabric Shave the fur to make them more realistic Foxes have a bit long fluff inside the ears so don’t shave all of it (My clipper disagreed a bit with me ) Use the same pattern to cut out the foam pieces. The foam helps the ears keep the shape. Then add some metal wire in the bottom Now sew the fabric together If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can sew them by hand Now glue the foam on the inside of the fabric Shave the rest of the unwanted long fur off Trim the bottom of the foam and fabric to get a nicer finish Now sew some of the fabric together in the bottom Glue the ears on the headband Now airbrush the last details on Let the paint and they are finished 🙂 All tools, materials and info are listed in the description

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  1. Thanx. This video is amizing!!! I use this video for created a new ears on my old hat. Thank you very mucht

  2. Okay! I'm gonna do this!
    1) Have all of these fancy tools!
    2) Know how to sew!
    3) When there's a will, there's a way!

  3. Awesome! Does this paint work on longer fur too? Is it 'Model Air'? Any tips or alternatives if not? Much appreciate this tutorial thank you! <3

  4. Pleeeeeeeease make another tutorial on how to make realistic kitten ears ^~^ with voice over?? I’m so slow I can’t process dis

  5. I would make some (which is why I am here), but I don't have the materials and I can't go anywhere at the moment

  6. Lol I went to buy something like these online
    Rip I’m so broke
    They where welling for like 63$ with 17$ in shipping
    Imma try my luck and make them myself lol
    Thanks for the tutorial.
    I should really get a job xD

  7. Its 2:30 and I'm here worring about felt made ears

    The sad part is I'm just a kid and I can't make that I have nothing I need for the ears so I suck …. (If you didnt notice I'm broke )

  8. Sorry, questionnnnn. ….
    What do I do if I already have a metal cat ear headband with everything but the frame removed?
    Edit: making them for one of my best friends ^w^

  9. Can u make me a suit plz can it be not a lot of money I’m 12 and I need help I’m going to be doing Birthday party furry send me a comment if it’s ok with u

  10. Is it bad that I spent more time reading the comments than actually watching the video?

    I missed more than half of what to do 🙂

  11. I was just looking at your commissions on Etsy! I wish I could justify buying the fennec fox ears, as I would love to support a fellow artist, but I’m not in that place financially. Plus I think they would be fun to make!
    So cool of you to do a tutorial, thanks for sharing your techniques!

  12. Can you do a tutorial for movable or floppy ears? Movable as in you can slide them up and down the headband. Floppy as in they go up THEN down

  13. Could someone tell me is she is sewing the top of the ear? I don’t know why but I can’t figure out what it is

  14. Dude who dafuq pays 70 dollars for some fox ears. The material is worth nothing, couple of dollars. Make them urself. Plus the time making this doesnt qualify 70 dollars. Maybe 20 but not THAT much.

  15. Hi I have a pair of ears I like but not so much the colors of it I was wondering can I go over the color with the airbrush paint? it’s black & grey & I would like to make them white with some black

  16. I want to make these for my larp character, she is going to have fennec fox features. What fur would you recommend from that site? I was looking around and wasn’t sure how the color is in person.. if you remember what they looked like let me know 🙂 thank you so much for your time
    Edit: Also can you use the same fur for the tail? You use a nice razor! Hopefully I can find an alternative because I really love the realistic look you got from shaving the fur down

  17. Does this work with pelts? While PETA supporters might not like that, faux fur is plastic which takes centuries to decay. Where as actual fur is naturally sourced and biodegradable.

  18. I might go to a cosplay so I wanted to do an even or nintails(the Japanese foketale one) so yeaaaah

  19. Thank you for the great tutorial! I have one question though. What kind of paint did you use to shade the ears?

  20. *me halfway through the vid*……I'm confused
    *me looking through the comments and seeing you had to turn on the subtitles*………DAMMIT!

  21. Me in sitting in bed on YouTube:oh I can do this! Some time later… Me:wait I don't have any of dis stuff!

  22. being broke and not knowing how the sew for this.

    ugh why did i choose kemono friends to cosplay

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