Tutorial: How to sew a ripped hole in clothing (Eng. 101 project)

Tutorial: How to sew a ripped hole in clothing (Eng. 101 project)

hey fellow viewers um I am Giselle Navarrete and this is my English 101 project on a how-to video and this how-to video will be based on how to sew a hole in like any pair of clothing that you have as for me if you didn't know I have lots of holes in my clothes I really need to start sewing them together because like this one here it doesn't really seem pleasant to stand out and I don't like that so I am going to show you how to sew a hole so that when you get home and you can probably do it on your own without having to pay someone to do it so what you'll need in this tutorial like you'll need some thread a pair of scissors a needle like the size doesn't really matter on a needle but just a needle that has a hole through it where you can put your thread and to sell with that and you might need a parent to watch you or if you're not sure what to do and you need your parents help you can do that but you just need to be extra careful because you don't want to poke yourself with a needle and the color of the yarn doesn't really matter um I know that this shirts black and white but I'm just using pink so that you guys can see what's going on in a closer view and see where the thread is sewing at you're going to need a certain amount of length of the thread so you're just going to cut this off here okay so now that we have our thread you're going to make sure that you will make a knot at either end but make sure it's like a good an amount a good big enough of a knot that it will not go through any of the holes that there is around this hole here so I'm going to make a knot you you so now that we have our little knot here pretty big enough for it to not go through any holes we're going to get the other end of the thread and we're going to stick it through this tiny hole of the needle it might take a little bit of time to do that and if it doesn't work in you can just always try to like sharpen the end of the throw with your mouth so that it'll be easier to go through and sometimes if there's like little threads poking out you can just snap it off just like that and then like sharpen it with your mouth again and see if it will go through okay so now that we have our we've got our little thread now see this is why I told you guys to make knot so that it won't go through the needle hole or so that it will lock on with a thread now you just want to get both of those and just try to straighten it out evenly and when you're sewing the hole be careful and not and try not to get them falling apart and stuff so I'm going to show you how to start off with selling this hole here okay so we have a closer look here and I'm going to try to go slow as I can what you have you have your little needle here and you're going to get at the at this end of the hole and just go underneath and go under like that and then now when you've done that you can just go to the other end and go underneath that like that okay so now that you have your needle thread like this you're going to take this end of knot and just pull it all the way through just like that and now you see how you see how there's a end here and end there you're going to try to get them lined up like hooked up with that so it doesn't slip off and you'll have to start putting in the thread through that hole again and which will take on that a lot of time to do so you're just going to give that amount of length and just line it up and then now we're going to go backwards here and just do the same thing but do it backwards so you're going to go underneath this and then go under and then go through the other end by on going underneath and then pull that needle through and see you can just go like that and then keep doing the same pattern and as you are pulling the thread you can see that the thread is pulling the hole together so that the whole won't be as much appearing as it should be so I'm just going to pull like that it's closing in there and just keep going so we're almost done okay so now that we have our whole knitted here and we want to make sure that we have it secured and we are going to do that by making a knot at the other end so you can just go all sorts of places okay so i prevail pretty good about this now so I am now going to take the scissors and cut this off like that and so now when you put this on the hole shouldn't be there anymore and if you don't want any of those throughout the show you can just cut a little bit off like that and so now that you have your hole knitted it's no longer going to be a part like it is because that now that you know how to sell it so it should be pretty easy to do and it shouldn't be hard if this thread comes off again you can just always sew it back together and do the same process I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and thank you for watching and have a great day

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  1. thanks! my stepmom punished me with fixing my own hole in my sweat pants but I had my phone so yay!

  2. Even tho I am a bit old for stuffed animals, I have a hole in one and I really want to fix it, thank you for your help! ♥️

  3. I'm 23, no one in my family wanted to teach me how to sew because "they learned it on their own in their country" blah blah blah. Thank you so much for this..

  4. Thanks for this. My mom was being a #€÷!% and was only yelling at me so I decided to learn on my own.

  5. Big Thanks, just learned a life long skill and sewed my favorite jacket after an 8 minute video. Keep up the good work 😀

  6. Ya know, I'm 31 years old…I probably should have learned how to sew before now but I never bothered. Oh well, thankfully youtube exists now. People like you who upload random tutorials are the unsung heroes of this website.

  7. Thank you so much
    Know I don’t have to bug my Grandpa how to end the thing on my fuzzy dice

  8. Thank you so much you legend I was gonna kill myself when I torn my favorite shirt thank you so much

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