Tutorial muñeca articulada de tela

Tutorial muñeca articulada de tela

Hello, welcome to my channel again Today I bring you a creation made in cloth It’s a doll All made of cloth This doll measures With its head is about 46 centimeters You can sit and move your arms Also we will put some wires inside the arms So that they can move, the fingers also Let’s see what we need We need cloth One hundred percent cotton I have this cloth here beige It is neither too thin nor too thick We put a piece of double cloth Now the bosses You find them in the description, the links are three Here they are without seam allowance margin the body the legs The arms And the head that are three front And this double, which would be the back of the head This would be half where Will sew And in the middle would not sew To fill the head and put the neck To start we also need A wooden stick thick To introduce it into the body Also some buttons They measure in diameter 2 centimeters and a half Beige or transparent We have a long needle That has to cross To be able to sew legs and arms It can traverse what are both legs and body And the same for the arms This wire is neither too thick nor too thin is malleable And silicone wadding That no matter how hard it gets, no ball is made The first thing we do is print the patterns, you have to print it at folio A4 We put them on the cloth Here I already have it indicated Put it on the double fabric An important thing These feet have neither left nor right But it is important that this hole We must put it Into the wrist This seam would be for that So that it does not happen as it is in this seam that I did not take into account When placing the pattern on the fabric One of them is placed to one side And the other to the other side And the arms equal Yes the fat finger looks to the left The other pattern is placed to look to the right With that we get this hole Which is where we’ll turn it around once sewn And to be able to fill it It will stay Inside the body Once the molds have been placed We passed it in pencil all around And we put a centimeter of margin All around The mold that is the one in front of the head The one on the front You only need one copy Therefore the fabric will not be double Once everything is drawn, we begin to sew A trick We will not cut piece by piece to sew it Let’s sew directly on this whole piece of fabric Or we can cut it in half To make sewing easier This way it will be much easier And then another thing to keep in mind The stitching of the machine It has to be the smallest seam Because the filling is going to go to a lot of pressure So that the stitching does not open We started to sew Then I will explain more how the toes are made And the part of the head Because they are two pieces this piece With these two that goes double I also have here indicated The red lines from one point to another Where are we going to sew From that red line All up to the neck And then we would start from this point All this side Up to the crotch So it would be open Crotch and neck And that’s where we fill With the arm we do the same The whole red line is the one to be sewn The whole arm And then this opening would be opened To turn it over and insert the wires And the filling The fingers Which is also in red Also sewn Can also be made by hand The foot will also be sewn around Minus this angle Is left without sewing Because then the tip come together And we will sew it like this The back of the head In the beginning we are going to sew What is indicated in red From here to here And from here to here only Then cut out and open in half And those two pieces will be attached to the front piece We’ll see it later. Let’s sew I already have here sewn pieces And I’ve already filled up the body With his stick inside The body is quite hard Pretty firm Because the body is going to do what it takes to support the weight of the whole wrist To give you an idea I’ve weighed it and it’s 70 grams I’ve sewn it down here by hand And the neck there is sewn too Here is the head as I told you You have to sew the back of the head Here is the opening I then trimmed it And I stuck it all around To the front part of the head And here we would have the three pieces together The margin is trimmed to half a centimeter And we make a few piquetillos All around We turn it around the opening part And it would be ready to fill Be patient with the filling Fill it up a lot No wrinkles left And leave it firm Here are the legs Let’s see how the toe is stitched We have here these two peaks Let’s separate the fabric And let’s join one peak with the other This way We sew from side to side Let’s make more arrangements We have here the sewing line But I sew a little above I’m going to draw where it would be Let’s sew it like this From this line to this I already have it sewn here If we turn it around By the opening part And we left her like this The toe of the foot would come out very wide And very ugly Then what we already have sewn Add one more centimeter to the inside Making a curve from the side of the foot From here to here and From here to here This way it will look more beautiful Let’s sew this line And is Let’s sew and see how it looks I’ve already sewed it and it stays that way In this way I’ve reversed it here Will stay like this Let’s start filling out Well it’s almost stuffed We are going to close here a little Then continue filling the final part Good friends So far this tutorial Do not miss the next one I hope you liked it And we will continue learning things See you next time

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  2. Te acabo de descubrir y me encanta tu muñeca ,yo tambien hago pero con carita soft espero aprender a pintar caritas contigo

  3. Hola,acabo de conseguirme tu vídeo.Espero poder hacer una igual pero morena.Mira,no entiendo cuando diceshaber recortado las dos partes traseras de la cabeza y luego la uniste a laotra parte redonda. Por eso es importante mostrar todo el paso a paso.No mostraste cuando cosiste y rellenaste algunas partes: el cuerpo por ejemplo,pienso es importantísimo saber como hiciste para rellenarlo con ese palo adentro?.Me intriga demasiado saberlo.Gracias por compartir.

  4. Saludos desde perú .con mucho cariño amiguita Maria , excelente enseñanza bien explicado ,ya voy mirando tus videos repetidas veces , porque lo hago, es por que deseo hacer tu hermosa muñeca , gracias de antemano por enseñar denota excelentes sentimientos de solidaridad y desprendimiento y deseo de enseñar a los demás para que se venevision transmitiendo tus conocimientos gracias amiga de corazon

  5. buongiorno,bellissimo video, spiega molto bene. Volevo chiedere dove trovare o acquistare il grimaldello. grazie!

  6. Gracias por compartir!!!una pregunta ,no se modifica la carita si antes la pinto y despues la uno?gracias.

  7. Explicas muy bien, gracias, acabo de descubrir tu canal y me encanta, aunque hace un año que no subes videos, me suscrito y le he dado click a la campanita deseando y esperando que vuelvas a subir tutoriales. Un abrazo 🤗🌺

  8. Buenas! Me encanta tu trabajo, la muñeca es una preciosidad! Y tengo una pregunta. Ya se donde conseguir los patrones, en tu link, pero mi pregunta es sobre el material. ¿Qué tela usas para la muñeca? ¿Dónde se puede conseguir? Gracias!

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