hey guys what's going on I'm Justin and this is my main man jersey say hello it say hello can you give everybody a ball guys this is your lucky day he gave you a bar can you give everybody a VIP yeah he's saying everything guys he's 18 months old such a big boy and he's cuter than ever guys so today you see he's playing with his toys we have a special video today we're gonna do a prank on Jersey it's the first ever prank I'm gonna do on the German it's not gonna be a bad prank it's gonna be a fun prank we're gonna hide all of his toys he'll come back from daycare and we're gonna see what his reaction is when he has no toys in this room he's saying make sure to subscribe and turn on the notifications so you can see all the videos the jars man-animals okay guys gonna start today jars are gonna come down the stairs and he usually has a predictable routine he runs into the family room where his toys are and he turns around and look to see if I'm gonna follow him in there to play he wants to play you know with that of course and then if I don't come in of course he does grunts until I come in there that's our morning routine so here he comes down the stairs now stairs can be very dangerous so the girls kind of hold the rail there they are Aven Alexis which one you guys already know the exhibits and he comes a judge man now Jersey usually claps at the bottom of the stairs for himself he gives himself his own little celebration so let's see if he does it here we go is he gonna clap for himself he did not clap but he's my feeding Club today but he is making his way through and I was gonna run into the playroom and watch him turn around to see if I'm gonna follow him he didn't want to play alone he's gonna sit down right by the train track that's his normal routine there he turns around he's like is somebody coming we have this little band over here that has some of his learning toys and fun things he likes to play with this right here which is his car horse he has his train set over there he's got some blocks over here for learning his colors and coordination stacking things up so basically guys this is a setup he doesn't have a lot of toys in the room they're all pretty much right here can you tell everybody about your colors what colors what is that oh that's my favorite Jersey what do you say orange oh bird what is that color right there red okay what about that color right there yeah green that's right anyway what about that color right there that's right what is that again oh here I says hey it's like an army recruiter did you guys make this so guys this is Josie setup you know it's pretty simple I think Jersey and the girls only need you know a certain amount of toys and then when you outgrow them you can give them away and especially with Jersey right now most of the toys are like learning related so you know with colors and coordination and learning his motion skills and stuff like that so is he making a masterpiece what is that you're making that aligned with a line did he uh he's stacking them up he's stacking him up good job Jersey loves his that toys he loves to stack stuff uh he's little boy he loves to play with his cars a lot of cars he loves his cars so Jersey what is what is that an elephant yeah they kind of make that sound don't they what is that a pig white point yeah he always does that in the cow what if the Cal do I was a very excited cow buddy so guys I think he knows just what is that yeah tiger what did he do he does another one you see purple yeah I see purple and and for some reason jerseys a little bit afraid of this Cookie Monster maybe because he talks in a bit I think he's afraid because of how aggressive you are Alexis oh look at the joys man he did go right into daddy's lap girls you have to be not doesn't so aggressive okay so guys it's gonna be a lot of fun Jerry's gonna go to daycare and we're gonna change the room around so that none of his toys are here well we'd have to see how he responds you about to go to daycare and when you come back the place is going to look different right girls just Jersey the wimpy little bit different when you come back buddy gonna see how you was fine okay body they care okay girls are you ready to hide his toys yes let's go we got all these toys these toys we got a train try that yeah so it's what I'm gonna do so come on in here we got this other room girl so what do you think about if we put all the toys on the couch and put the blanket on top but I don't think he's gonna know that the toys are small enough but wish more emails good cover he knows his book pop clouds all of his bodies he knows he knows he knows you know you are right he knows so let's put all the smaller toys on the couch and we'll cover it like the Train said all the small things I'm gonna get the big pieces okay ready let's do it and girls I think have a special place with this it will fit on the couch too big I think they're something pretty good I don't think it's gonna know like look when you put that right there look at that like camouflage she's not look at that nobody nobody will know on the couch you count all that can go on the couch guys is looking so clean over there I think I might just keep it this way look at that we could actually see the poor one of you get one side and we'll get the other then a plane make your closet yeah there you go in there for now right perfect oK we've got a few more toys I have no idea why we got a Santa bell but we have a random Santa belt that's Georgie playing with this how about it little chair and how about this Chipmunks I squirt good job good job with the bag that really doesn't give it away you can't cheat you can't tell if the chair at all can you know he can't see it where the huge right I think it'll work fine yeah there we go spread it out a little bit oh he's not gonna know it all he's gonna think is a person sleeping under here now no does it even look the same so looks like we're all done look at the room what do you girls think about me keeping it this way cuz it's so clean what do you think so what do you think Jersey's gonna do when he comes in and sees this yeah yeah sure she does it's like scooby Doo type thing girls he's at daycare Mama's on the way to get him and when he gets back we're gonna bring him in and we gonna say Jersey go in and get your train go in and get your cars what's he gonna do he's gonna run right into here of course but first he's probably open they're doing good Dada that's what he does so Mama's almost back from eating jurors from daycare and this is my favorite part of the day when he comes in he goes dad dad dad dad so we'll see if he does that and then we're gonna take him into the family room and we're gonna see what his reaction is here they come now I think he's gonna run in and and say where's all my toys that he's gonna magically blowing on top he's gonna get that maybe he'll learn how to talk all the sudden cuz he'll be so surprised he'll just learn how to say some words what do you think where's juji what's your choice man there's no idea what's about to happen guys yeah come here he's only looking around like what's going on right now something's different you ready to find out what's going on do you think your dad day your Jersey was Jersey your Jersey hi buddy are you daddy said yeah I hope you're still gonna love that that in about one minute okay he's never going to talk to you again let's go find out okay buddy you ready let's go Chile you train Chewie toys where's your toys well you trying get your training who's your training where's your train where's your stuff where is it he's like okay I guess I'll just go over here to the Barbie Dreamhouse I had the feeling he'd be like okay is there something I can play with jerseys I would say he's a simple thing he's not but he will adapt I think you're walking around for a while looking for them but and guys this is the great thing about babies like they just want to spend time with people if that happened to an adult and adult walked in their room and all of their quote unquote toys were gone they would they would flip out they would lose it they would have a bad week or a bad my cameras right give me Josie Josie come here this is the great thing about being a baby and the German has a great attitude Georgie we're just playing a little prank on you none of your toys are here but he doesn't even care that much he came in and found the next best thing he doesn't even care the jerk that you want to show my boys are what's under that blanket what's under this blanket my let's see if you something she would say to the blanket they just sisters do that buddy he's like what's going on in there we just hit on you that's his favorite now Georgie come over here he's in the air what's under here what's under here oh okay ice cream ice cream that is ice cream buddy you just showed a lot of character right now I'll get toys were hidden and you can really care you came in you found the next best thing guys isn't that great about babies look how happy is Lola yellow he's happy with colors


  1. Next time we won't mess around with Jersey's toys! What would your kid do?
    WATCH Playtime with Toys:

  2. Jersey's intelligence and alertness beats me to the core. I can't believe he's so smart for his age, the McClures are doing a good jobπŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜


  4. Awwww lol… That was just wrong y'all!! πŸ˜‚ He's so big now and super smart!!! His lil face was so cute trying to figure out where his toys were!!

  5. This is my first time watching your videos❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀cute

  6. Why don't you encourage him to speak correctly. Your doing him a disservice as a father. You welcome comments

  7. Lolololol He knew something was up, he was playing along. Waiting for the joke to come to an end, but he’s a good sport 😊

  8. I love that Jerery is so chill and he just adapts to whatever situation. This trait will serve him very well as he grows up! πŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸ˜

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