Twitter Q's Answered: What Would Jenn Wear?

Twitter Q's Answered: What Would Jenn Wear?

hi everyone it's Jen welcome back to my channel I get a lot of questions regarding style advice from a lot of you so I thought I'd hop onto Twitter and answer a few for you guys so the first tweet comes from sin sin she asks my clothes are mainly black white or gray how do I not end up looking dull and plain working with only these colors first off I know that feel I am such a sucker for black whites and Gray's today is an exception because I'm still wearing my pajama top I try to spice up these colors using two elements which are texture and pattern I'm going to start off with texture and so for this outfit right here this top is the foundation of my outfit it's the base and I used a ribbed white off the shoulder top and I think that this ribbing texture just makes the top more interesting and less boring rather than just wearing a regular plain white cotton tee another example of texture is this black mohair cardigan it's fuzzy it's fun and it just feels really good on the skin now I'm moving on to the pattern I'm wearing all the colors you mentioned in this skirt but I think it's hard to notice because it's disguised as a floral print for shoes I kind of cheated and just went for these brown ones because I just think that it's important to stay true to my style this is what I would wear and I think that they're really neutral and just very feminine and pretty for this particular outfit next up we have winter wolves and she asks SOS what should I wear to a family party without looking like a nun haha I like this question because I am definitely guilty of being that girl wearing the booty shorts at a family affair and to be honest at the time I didn't care I felt good with what I was wearing and I felt proud but looking back I could have toned it down a little bit more so this is what I would have worn if I could travel back in time I went ahead and more this pale pink dress because there's just something really useful about it and it's got an awesome flare for the skirt part and as a nice weight so I know that the skirt won't go flying up or anything and it's got these adorable little cutouts on the shoulder so you're not gonna feel too much like a prude to cover up the arms even more I throw on this lightweight beige cardigan I like how the beige is kind of flesh toned so it kind of feels like you're still wearing something without covering yourself up I added some black swirl tights to make it more family appropriate I still think this outfit is very much my style because of the shoes share they're freakin huge platforms but I I'm not the type of person to compromise my style I'm gonna wear whatever I want and to be honest I think big boots they aren't that you know provocative so I'll drop them to a family party so the next week comes from Bronte she asks I want to have a lazy outfit day at school but I don't want to look like a slob how to be comfy and cute so this outfit that I'm showing right here is the definition of a casual yet put together outfit everything I'm wearing has kind of a purpose behind it from my top I wore a striped shirt under this beige military-style top I like how everything is kind of oversized because it makes it really fussed free that way you're not gonna have to worry about being body conscious so that way you can just really concentrate on your studies I printed this outfit with some black skinny jeans because they're classic if jeans are a little bit too stiff for you definitely try some leggings with it they're also ribbed and they're quite opaque so you're not gonna have to worry about your underwear showing your shoes I can adjust things up by wearing these patent flats they're fancy kind of grandpa's and I think they're just plain awesome if you've been lazy and you haven't gotten around to washing your hair I think a beanie is the perfect item to just plop on your head to cover up an oily scalp or some nasty dandruff and for accessories I just piled on some quirky bracelets from mr. Tate so my last tweet is from Rocio and she tweets please I'm going to a concert and I don't know what to wear hey this is alpha that would wear to a concert because my main problem at a concert is always overheating I'm just constantly like hot at a concert and it's probably because there's just a lot of people and area and then I wore this black lace top underneath if you're kind of iffy about showing off your arms you can throw over a cardigan and I love this one because it's really flexible with temperature it seems tight keep me warm when it's colder but it's lightweight enough to wear out even in the summers I personally think that skirts give me a lot more freedom to dance and just kind of get down and lastly for shoes I'm wearing my trusty old boots from Etsy they've got some height but they've got a really fat chunky heel so they're comfortable and they're able to give me the support that I'm gonna need so that's it those are all the tweets that I picked and if you have a fashion dilemma and you want me to help out you can tweet me at I'm Jenna and use the hashtag WWJ w and that stands for what would Jen wear if you liked this video please give a thumbs up it would mean a lot to me and I guess I guess that's it I'll see you my next one bye

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  1. I love love love ur videos and this WWJW segment is a great idea. very interactive and helpful 🙂 Im sooo excited for ur Jen goes to Shanghai video!! Hope to see some shopping and yummy food!! I watch ur Dubai video over and over!! Cant get enough <3 u

  2. you are definatley my favourite youtuber! this vid shows perfect your amazing style and personality! keep up the good work! when will u upload another wwjw?? 

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