Twitter Wants Natalie Portman to Wear a Diaper

Twitter Wants Natalie Portman to Wear a Diaper

-I have to congratulate you
on something — I mean, “Thor.” Can we just take a moment
for “Thor”? Because you’re returning to
the “Thor” movies with “Thor: Love and Thunder.” My first question —
how ripped do you have to get for this role? -It’s unclear right now. I haven’t read a script
or anything. But I’m assuming if
I’m going to be Thor, like, he has — Like, his
bicep — Chris Hemsworth — is like the size of my body. -Yeah. -So I’m assuming I’m going to
have to — I don’t know — start, like, protein-loading
or whatever you do to get that body. -What kind of roles
have you done where you’ve had to prep
in such a way like that? -None.
-None? -None. Not to get like big.
-And now you have to be Thor? -Yeah. I mean,
I’ve had to, like, do — You know, I did, like,
dance training for “Black Swan,” but that was more to get,
like, really tiny. -What intense exercises
did you have to do? -For “Black Swan”?
-Yeah, yeah. -Oh, it was just like
hours of ballet and toning and — You know. -You’re so cool.
-Thanks. -You’re so cool. I love your just casual,
“Just hours of toning, ballet. Just whatever.
Now I’m going to be Thor.” -I feel like that’s
the opposite of cool. -That’s so cool. If you think she’s cool,
give her a round of applause. You are so cool.
[ Cheers and applause ] -What an encouraging group.
Thank you. -To add on to
the list of cool things, you also have your new movie,
“Lucy in the Sky.” Tell everyone what that’s about. -So, “Lucy in the Sky”
is about this astronaut who, after she comes back
from her mission, has a hard time readjusting
to life on Earth. -Mm-hmm. In what ways? -It’s hard to, I think, see how
insignificant the planet is, that Earth is from space, and then come back
and feel like anything matters. Because all the things
on Earth — When you’re on the
International Space Station, you can, like —
You realize that we’re a speck in the universe. -Right. And to prepare for this
role, I heard you went to NASA. But you did a group tour
at NASA. My first question here is —
could NASA not hook up a private V.I.P. tour
for Natalie Portman? -It was awesome. It was really — It was pretty
amazing what they — You get to see,
like, where they train. You know, they train underwater,
in a pool, to kind of give
the feeling of zero gravity. And they have the entire
International Space Station built underwater. It’s pretty remarkable. -Wait. What other cool crap
is there? Tell. Keep talking. -They have —
It was really surprising. They have, like, a whole area that’s just for
the Russian astronauts. So you’re like,
“Oh, this country that we’re not necessarily
politically with, we’re all working together.” It’s kind of inspiring,
actually to see, like, we can all work together
towards, like, a larger goal. when it’s — when we get out of
the political world. -Did you do any of the gravity
stuff while you were there? -I didn’t. I didn’t. I always, like,
dreamed about doing, like, space camp or something
where you get to do the zero gravity,
but I didn’t get to do that. Have you ever done
anything like that? -Yeah, okay. My parents didn’t let me sleep
over at my friend’s house, okay? I’m not going to no space camp,
I can tell you. You know, when I heard about
this movie coming out, I was so intrigued,
because I was on Twitter, and the first thing
I noticed was — there was a lot of people
tweeting about you. And I don’t know much about
the story, but there’s a lot of people
tweeting about being upset because you weren’t
going to wear a diaper. And I have so many
follow-up questions. -What is wrong with everyone? Like, they’re obsessed with
seeing me in a diaper. -What’s with the diaper, though? -Okay, you guys,
so, the story is inspired by a real thing that happened
with an astronaut, who kind of —
She drove cross-country to try and, like, kidnap
her boyfriend’s new girlfriend. -Relatable. -That’s sort of what inspired
the story. It’s not her story,
but the detail that made it into all the tabloids was that
she wore a diaper when she was driving so she wouldn’t have to
make bathroom stops. But we didn’t put that
in the movie, because this isn’t, like,
a tabloid story. This is, like, a story about
a woman who’s, like, going through some hard stuff,
you know? Anyway, everyone’s like, “Why
isn’t she wearing a diaper?” I don’t know. Maybe we’ll have some, like,
group therapy for all those people
on Twitter about why they need to see that. -This is why I love Twitter,
’cause I was actually, like, reading through some of those
tweets before you got here, ’cause I was like, “Are people
actually this enraged?” And they are.
Rest assured, they are. One of the tweets was,
“The fact that Natalie Portman is not in a diaper is childish.” That was the actual tweet.

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  1. It's actually hard to manage so much within such limited time and for that Lilly and her team deserves an applause.

  2. Lilly evolved so much in only three weeks. Can't wait for her totally slaying not only the late-night show thing but a talk show thing in general.

  3. Im all in for strong female role models, but a FEMALE THOR??
    It is like the Queen of England played by a black dude with strong Alabaman accent!

    We already got James Bond played by black woman. What next? A movie about Adam and Eve with Adam played by some upcoming female actress? These are not female heroes but colossal casting failures!

    C'mon hollywood, you can do better! Create NEW heroes who ARE women!

  4. Honestly, the diaper was such a big part of the story. Lol. I mean, it showed how determined she was πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

  5. Great interview, Lilly!πŸ‘πŸ» I didn't know that Natalie Portman was playing Thor…what a role change!! I πŸ’œ how down-to-earth Natalie is, too! Keep up the good work, girlie!πŸ€—πŸ’œπŸ’•

  6. So apparently the Woke Team has decided Thor should be a female now (MeToo) and Natalie Portman will be Thor.

    Yeah, that’s happening

  7. really? her? she better make a HUGE body change. bc seriously thor is really ripped. there are so many female athletes out there or at least some ripped female actors. (wonder woman's also used to be a model before she acted) she is like this tiny woman. the goddess of thunder needs to be strong. or is even she captured by society's standards that a woman needs to be tiny and frail. dont get me wrong, natalie is gorgeous. but not a great female thor

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