31 Replies to “Two Bears Wrestle in Front of New Jersey Home”

  1. БЛя было бы это в России наши бы с ними в драку полезли)))) "The fuck would it be in Russia, our with them in a fight reached))))"

  2. Lol I’m from nj not surprised. People always fighting animals always fighting usually over summtin so stupid too

  3. One Bear was trying to convince the other that the Giants made the right choice in drafting Daniel Jones in the first round.

  4. Наши Русские медведи не позволяют себе такого. А вообще все беды из за баб.

  5. the day will come…the day will come when they begin to understand us more. they'll see human beings with cameras, they'll begin to distinguish subtleties, they'll understand to use this as a tactic for distraction— grasping and rolling down the hill towards the porch seemingly enrapt in a pantomime, that to us looks like battle, but for them is only play. and then, all at once-simultaneously both turn and bound over the railing into the house.

    I love nature.

  6. …на самом интересном месте кончилась плёнка! браво!

  7. У американца два "домашних" медведя! Значит, он (американец, т.е.) на завтрак (т.е. вместо завтрака), обед и ужин (т.е. вместо ужина) пьёт виски литрами, и играет на банджо!

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