Two Dresses in Two Days! : Chatty Sewing Vlog

Two Dresses in Two Days! : Chatty Sewing Vlog

hello everyone and welcome to a new video today's video is one that I'm pretty excited about because I'm in a peppy mood and when I'm in a peppy mood I try and phone leaves more casual vlog style videos today is casual vlog style video is going to focus on following a Hollywood pattern specifically number 1996 that's here before I was born I'm going to be doing the short sleeve version of this and I picked this pattern up at an antique market in Pennsylvania I like the dolmen style sleeve or fake dolmen style sleeve since this looks like it has a cuff to it I also liked the darted bodice and the button-down front I find that it's so much more easy and comfortable to get on and off compared to something that has a side placket closure which was very common in 1940's so I'm looking forward to following this and I'm going to be following it twice because when you're following a pattern you've never followed before nothing could possibly go wrong so you might as well do it several times over in the same day and that's what I'm going to be doing or at least attempting to do and the fabrics I have for this is part of the celebrate collection at Joanne's not a sponsor I'm just a big fan of these fabrics there are 42 inch wide quilting Cotton's but they feel a little bit rougher than most quilting Cotton's in a good way that makes them more apparently weight feeling to me and they are a gradient from a very dense star print on one edge to an almost completely black portion in the middle so it'll fade up fitter us and then back into the star print towards the waist and I think it's gonna be really interesting and hopefully quite flattering I am gonna have to waste a bit of fabric to fussy cut this out the way I want it to be over the shoulders but I'm willing to make that sacrifice so that is one fabric and that's the fabric that I originally envisioned this pattern with then the other day was at Joanne's and they had their Halloween fabrics in because it just your lie and of course they have the Halloween fabric set and I fell in love with this one I've actually purchased a yard at this fabric before last Halloween right after Halloween they had all of their Halloween fabrics on clearance and this one was reduced down to like 2 dollars a yard but they only had one yard left of it which isn't really enough to do anything with but I bought for some reason anyway and then I saw that this year they had it again so I decided to buy 4 yards of it and I just think it would be cool made out of this dress and since I'm already making one I might as well make another right so I'm gonna get these both cut out at the same time though first I have to go through and make sure all the padding pieces are there and ironed them because they haven't actually done that yet and we'll just go on this construction journey together and I'm also going to talk a little bit about Italian visa because that is what is consumed my every thought over the past week for a minute there I was concerned I didn't have all the pieces but turns out that I do they were very wrinkled its weight the process getting me flat but I think I managed to accomplish it I haven't actually double-checked the piece count but I think they're all there if they're not then you know I have to draft our own pieces which would be exciting so they say to finish the edges by turning them inward and stitching them down or pinking the edges or turning the edges and word of what stitching them down however this is me we're talking about so I'm gonna try it could stitch it with French themes and I think that's an appendage they're finished it doesn't look too complicated in terms of seaming these seams for the skirt are relatively straight so they should be easy to sew as French seams and then there are just the side seams for the bodice and they seem for these sleeves cuz I decided I'm gonna try not sleeve since I have enough fabric just because this is more of an autumn winter ePrint being it makes sense for the dress to have sleeves and you don't have very many dresses with sleeves that means when I'm cutting this out I have to be room for a half inch addition around all the pieces except for this piece because it is the front and I'm not gonna be frenched meaning that Center front it has a button placement may be an accomplishment so I guess I can tell my Italy story which I mentioned in previous video I've got costumes about and I hope this to come off it sounding entitled because that's really not my intention but anyway I was recently contacted by someone at Instagram who were a museum hosting a class that was taught by my favorite two costume designer or one of my favorite costume designers who actually designed the costumes for one of my favorite TV shows and it was that TV show and their work that got me into historical costumes and pursuing it more seriously I'm actually trying my hand at it so this is someone I admire greatly Andy were teaching a class in Italy over the course of three months all about costume design and I didn't go to college because I couldn't find one so it was teaching classes that really interested me and this interest would be to degree that seemed literally nothing else has now when I first heard about it I was immediately like I can't go it's in Italy that's really scary I'm someone who has anxiety I can't go and then I was thinking more about it and you know I'm in my early 20s and I feel like this is the time to do something like that they shouldn't let fears and insecurities about my abilities to travel let me potentially miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime so I started consider it more seriously I found a place where I can stay that was within my budget I realized that flight I could pay for I could afford the course itself even though it was very expensive and the fact that they had reached out to me makes me think I had a good chance of getting in actually in fact when they first contacted thing I thought it was like an invitation to be in the course but I would have still had to apply which is fine so I asked been quite a few questions and I figured out right stay and everything and then I started looking into visas because if you are American you can stay in Italy on several other countries for up to 90 days without having a specific visa but the course was like 3 months and 9 days and I asked them several times it could be completed in less time than that and they didn't get back to me so I'm assuming the answer's no but since the course is over 3 months you obviously have to be there for more than three money means you need to get a national visa and this is like what people who want to move to Italy get I gathered so it's a little bit more intense than I was expecting and the process you get when it's a little bit more rigorous than I was expecting I'm willing to go through a lot of Hoops like I don't mind it being complicated process there right to make it as complicated as they want it to be so there is no judgement or annoyance for me but I was reading reviews for people trying to get this visa and they were talking about getting declined because they can have their bank statements or dinner and then when you looked at the documents required for your future appointment they didn't even mention bank statements so it's kind of like they have all these rules that they don't tell you about and that infuriates me you also can't apply for this visa more than 90 days I had a trip but it can take up to 90 days for the visa to process and for you to actually receive it and be able to go so there are just a lot of unknowns with the visas that make me really uncomfortable and to get the visa you also do you show your flights and proof of residence while you're staying in Italy which means you have to book your housing and your flights before you even know the diffuser that will allow you to go there and housing for three months in Italy is not cheap which means you could potentially be losing thousands of twenty thousands of dollars if the visa doesn't go through and to apply for this course he needs how proof that you'd applied for a visa so to get into this course you have to apply for that visa and to get the visa you have to book your hotel in your flight and then you might not even get into the course and if you do get into the course you're still a chance the course will be careful that they don't get enough participants so you could have paid for this issue though which is a couple hundred dollars paid for your flights and hotel which are obviously thousands of dollars and then the class who is taking potential candidates up to a week before the class starts trade cancel last-minute they don't get enough people and you could lose out on all that money so there are just too many unknowns for me to move forward with it but it was really sad because there's basically this dream opportunity and I think like my excitement and my willingness to make this work shows because I'm 15 anxious human being they still did all that research and put all that consideration to potentially going and bonus even if your visa is accept and they got there once you get there within like eight days you have to go to the post office can get a packet which obviously is in English which is fine here in a foreign country you have to fill out and then you have to pay for your insurance and then you have to go to a smoke shop to acquire a stamp which is like 15 euros or something and then you have to bring all of that back to the post office who then book you an appointment with the police station where you have to go and get fingerprinted and after that you will get your residents fees or whatever within 90 days so it is just like this huge process and again it's not so much what you have to do that bothers me of the fact that it's an outlined anywhere in a clear way that I feel like I confidently follow it's all just kind of information that cobbled together from reading various other people's experiences which makes me really uncomfortable with having to attempt to do it myself so that's why I'm not going to Italy and it's very very sad but I think it was the right decision given everything Inc I am miraculously managed to add all the French names I'm supposed to well talking throughout this video nope Everett comeback forgot to put my weight on it I'm trying this bulletproof coffee thing which is basically coffee with several tablespoons of compressed coconut milk I guess so you're having this coffee that's like 81 percent fat it's supposed to keep you following all day long and keep you really focused so every time my family's been trying it for breakfast and after day doesn't work I'm very hungry and it's only like 10 o'clock and they had it at 8 o'clock and it's not so well for getting the until lunchtime coffee it's also make me feel a little 600 shoot I just put off the seamounts alright and I'm trying to add an inch to the bottom edge of all these panels just good patterns usually run a little short on me and so do dresses in general oh the woes of the in five to ten I don't understand why clothing is modeled on people horrifies a ton when it is made for people who are like five foot six and one of the sneaky things they do is they put models in larger sizes and then they came back so they get the length of the larger side but it's pinning to fit them so then when you're actually calling you by a drag it shows up in this way shorter on you then I looked on the model and it's very annoying trust me I've lived this life for a long time then 5 foot 10 foot 6 13 it's kind of funny what ends 13 I told my mom that I wanted to stop growing and I stopped growing like I didn't get any taller but it didn't grow is fabulous she says that I will to myself to socket and taller now I'm for this fabric I'm not going to cut it out like this because then the pieces would end up being a gradient from left to right whereas I want to be a gradient from top to bottom so that means I have to fold it differently that's what I wanted I'm gonna cut out the skirt pieces first with the other fabric waiting to wear that's being upside down this one I can alternate the way the piece start going which means we take less fabric to get out and I also don't worry about forgetting about French themes since I'm cutting around the back fabric which has the French names not be most effective use of fabric but as I said in the beginning and guess it's gonna fluffy cut this out so print lines up where you want it to be now it is time for the pieces that must be cut on the fold this piece which will form the back of the skirts and add a little piece ready facing is gonna be your last piece isn't that exciting I find that exciting so now I'm going to go through notch all the pieces and I'm gonna start trying to get the skirt panels together since that will be sort of time-consuming and annoying given that I'm sewing them all with French seams but it should still be that evening as part of this because I don't can worry about pleats and buttonholes and all of that stuff they'll need to be marked on the bottom panels so skirts first and then removing the complicated stuff all right so these are the pocket pieces and I just pinned them together for you right sides facing each other and I'm going to sew all the way around them except to leave maybe three inches open so I can easily turn them right side out and that's going to quickly finish all of the edges and then those now finished edges can be top stitched on to some of the skirt panels I'm thinking for the fat version I'm going to make a little applique in the shape of a bat out of some wool and stitch that on as well I'm not sure how that would end up looking but I think that would be a really cute little detail little figure that out after sewing it together so that was my Andy now and then I also have all the skirt panels prepped for the beginning stages at French seams so I made this little bat template that I showed you earlier just by tracing a royalty-free I found online and then and then I trace that on to something called heat and bond which is like double sided fusible interfacing except it's not interfacing it's just glue so I traced my image onto that and then I ironed it onto one side of this wool fabric and the wool felt so it doesn't really fray but I'm still gonna stitch around me at just by hand and now I can just cut this out and then I can peel the paper side off which preserves one side of the glue so you can iron it on the first time and I'll be able to stick it on to my pocket pieces for the skirt which I'm ready to do since I finished sewing all these skirt pieces together it's just the front seam and that's left to be done up and I'm gonna wait to do that until after the button panel thing is done which I don't fully understand how to do that I told myself I was finishing the skirt before it's moving into the bodice so I don't really have to worry about it yet I can worry about it after I sentence that clock and I think I'm gonna use little red rhinestones or sequins as eyes I think that would be really funny so that is my little bat and then I'm just gonna take a tin and use that to score the paper so I can keel PPP sides off and now you should be able to see how shiny it is that's for the blue and there it is after fusing it on it doesn't show up quite as much as they thought it went but I'm gonna stitch around it by hand and hopefully that will make it a little bit more defined and I think it'll be a cute little addition to the dress anyway so now I do do that and I also have to sew on the pockets for the confetti dress because those aren't gonna get any fancy applique so I can go ahead and stitch them on I don't know if I showed you guys with the fat pockets looked like once I finished them here you can see them in all their glory with little red pearl eyes and I've also whip stitch around all the edges that they won't lift up if the glue degrades over time so then I sewed them on and now the skirt portion of this is finished balsa made quite a bit of progress on the bodice so I ended up marrying or transferring all the markings from the paper onto the bodice that involved tux two on each side darts one at the front one at the back and then two stalks at the back as well so I marked all of those for both dresses and I sewed all of them and I also sewed up the shoulder seam with a French theme and the side seam with a French theme and then I sewed the facing in and in the instructions they want you to completely sew down and finish the facing before sewing on the skirt and I want you to fold in the portion for the skirt separately and then you're gonna end up with the meeting and a seam it's just not gonna look very nice so what I'm gonna do instead is so the facing on and I'm not going to secure it until after sewing the skirt on and then I'm going to fold the portion of the skirt that's meant to be a button facing and weird at the same time as they face Navitus bodice not sure if that makes sense but I will show it to you also when I tried to pin these two together realize that the skirt was way too big to pin on to the bodice we're not way too big but big by about two inches so what I'm doing is adding a little pleat behind the pocket that causes the pocket to proof out a little bit which I actually don't mind cuz it makes it more visible about that you can't even really tell that there's a pocket there so that is my plan for that and now I'm just gonna go ahead and pin them together and I'm feeling relatively confident in this because this is what the confetti dress looks like so here you can see it in all its glory I don't really love this belt with it I really need to buy a nice black belt I'm look on Poshmark tonight but as you can tell but pockets are on the facing is in it's not sewn in yet it's just pinned in place I want to do fitting with it pinned in place to see what it would look like and so far I'm very very happy I think the print of this dress is really neat so I'm going to move along with this and get the facing for the other dress pinned and then I'm going to sew both of them and then we can come back upstairs and work a little bit on the sleeves and such actually speaking of sleeves I did get the cuffs up for the fatty sleeves gathered then I got them sewn on to the cuff and then I got them swimming up with a French theme it was all really easy to do so I didn't film the process and the cops got folded inward and pinned down to the portion where they were seamed on and now does need to be whip stitch in place that's another hand sewing task I can do once I accomplish a little bit more on my dresses I like doing all the hand sewing at once since then it's just done and out of the way so it's a couple days later now yesterday is very sick I've been trying something called bulletproof coffee cheese where you have coffee with a lot of fat in it and supposed to suppress cravings and appetite and it works a little bit but it also made me very very ill yesterday and then this morning I felt quite safe too so I need to figure out that but anyway having gotten a lot of work done over the past couple days however I did manage to completely so in the facings for both dresses so the next step oh I forgot to sew on the carriers for this dress they have to be talked at the top as well as at the bottom and then they function to belt loops so I still need to do that for that one but the bad dress is completely finished in terms of hand sewing so now I can sew the sleeves on to that one and so being capped sleeve cuff thing onto this one as well and as far as buttons go I'm using these ones for the back dress and then I was going to use metal ones for this jatts but I was at Joanns yesterday and they had these star buttons and I thought they were perfect so I ended up getting a couple of those to use for this dress and then I also picked up some single fold by finding so I can trim the hem and finish it with thoughtful nice and pretty so as I said the next step is going to be just sewing down the carriers and then I'm probably gonna sew all the buttonholes off-camera I have decided to skip the bottom buttonhole just because the way I ended up sewing this together it laughs a little strangely and that buttonholes pretty unnecessary so I'm just gonna skip over it and sew the rest of them with black thread using meisinger heavy duty which I have a review about if you haven't seen the video about all my sewing I will link it somewhere on screen and now back to canceling and buttonholes so I got a little bit ahead of myself in addition to sewing all the buttonholes I also sewed all the buttons on and then like I said a what I said the belt carriers on as well so I'm really happy thought this looks I think the buttons are a really cute addition and I definitely like them more than just doing plain gold buttons they might be a little bit tacky but I don't know they're very in the 1940s theme in my eyes and then this is what the Halloween dress is looking like and I end up using red buttons on this to highlight the red in the eyes of the back which I don't know if you can even see but I thought that'd be cute little addition I could just see pairing it with this belt and a pair of red shoes and having that be really striking sounds what I've ended up doing and I'm very happy with the fit on this it's probably a little bit big for me and the bodice but I'm okay with that I don't think it looks bad or anything it's more of like a fancy shirt way style that was more popular in the 1950s and the 1940s just with this bit but again I'm okay with that and I think the neckline you can't see it because my hair is so awful right now but I think this is a really nice neckline and it's not too stuffy it doesn't feel like it's strangling me or anything it's just nice and kind of flattering so I'm really really happy at this I'm also quite happy at the link I'm probably gonna leave this dress relatively long and just time it by half inch and it doesn't look like you need to trim the hem it's all hanging pretty level so I'm probably just going to trim maybe a quarter inch off the bottom to get rid of any frayed threads and then I will sew my guy's binding on and fold it inward by about a half-inch and that will be a 1 inch in total hem so it won't get too much shorter I also have to make the shoulder pads and then I obviously have to sew the sleeves on and so the cuffs on so I think I might make the shoulder pads first just so those are done and out of the way and then I'll move on to attaching the sleeves which is my least favorite part of most projects and also sewing at the binding onto the hem as I said I would so I'm just working on the shoulder pads they send the instructions to cut a 10 inch diameter circle and then sew the edges together and stuff that to create shoulder pads but I don't really like creating shoulder pads out of stuffing as I find it tends to bunch up and they become an even over time especially with frequent washing so I cut out 11 inch diameter circles of muslin and then I cut out four piece of quilting batting that get progressively smaller towards the center when folded in half you have one edge that is relatively thick half-inch-thick and then the edges taper down to nothing so now I'm going to sew around these with a zig zag stitch and then trim the edges with pinking shears then they'll be ready to be installed in the garments after I sew the sleeves on at least so I have four shoulder pads complete which is enough for both dresses this is what they look like finished and they should hold up really well I made peri similar to this before and wash them dozens of times and still have them come out looking perfect so I'm relatively hopeful that these will be okay the only difference is that I usually cut shoulder pads as the square and then fold it in half so it forms a triangle but these were done as a circle so it's just a little bit different but it should hold up all the same so then I created the cap sleeves which is pretty easy however I thought you just need to cut out one layer of the cap sleeve and then fold it in half now it's not the case you need to cut out two pieces for each sleeve and stitch them together so the bottom edge is neatly finished which is what I have now done and then I did up the side seam welt with laid flat and then I folded it in half and I also folded the inner edge in half with my iron by half inch since that will be stitched to the interior as you can see here so that means I don't have to worry about getting it evenly folded inward after it's sewn onto the garment since it's already pre folded into position so eventually these will have to be sewn on to the dress in a similar manner to how they're laid out here but my dad is about to get home and I want to do some hand something in front of the TV because a loan is on so what I'm gonna do is hem these so I'm just gonna give the hem a really shallow trim even up some points for the hem isn't level and also trim off any frayed threads like you see here and then I'm going to stitch my bias binding a quarter inch away from the bottom edge of the hem then I'm going to iron it inward by a half inch or so so I will get a neat curved hem all the way around and then obviously the top edge of the bias binding will be would stitch down by hand and this is what the other one looks like I think I explained why I chose red buttons for this because they match to the bow tie and I thought it would be a nice bit of contrast compared to the black ones I can just picture it with a bright red pair of sheets I think it's gonna be wonderful and then before I get to sewing I just wanted to show you I have new unicorn additions I got this cardboard unicorn thing from ModCloth and I love it it doesn't look as good from the front as it looks from the side but I think it's really great cut some fancy scrapbooking paper to put behind it so it looks like it's mounted I also wanted to mention this which was sent to me by someone named cherish and it came all the way from Arizona she said she found a name teks chop and thought it belonged to my sewing room alongside my lady had vases and I completely agree because it's got this pearlescent Sheen to it which matches the lady head face perfectly so I'm gonna send her a message but that was such a sweet thing it doesn't it look great here it blends right in with my other old lady decor so I really really appreciate that but Dino saying I don't appreciate making bobbins and that's what I have to do before this next step and I'm not excited about it just had a little issue where the bungee cord that secures the tubes coming out of my iron I'd commish done and was pulling the power of our off the wall which is not what you want to have that I'm so excited yesterday when I was at Joanne's I bought fabric to recover my ironing board don't remember if I showed it to you but I bought a funny fabric and unicorn fabric and I let people on Instagram vote which one I should use and they voted for bunny fabric what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna make this portion of the ironing board out of a purple fabric so then all of these marks these suit marks for my iron won't be visible and I'm also going to use multiple layers of fabric there and use a heat protectant fabric there so won't shred like this because this iron is so insanely hot that has really done a number on the material covers made out of but I love this iron so I'm not complaining so now both hands are folded inward and they're officially ready to be sewn so I'm going to do that by hand watch some survival television because I'm really into that for some reason and update you when I'm done and it's time for sleeves and shoulder pads my least favorite parts and I'm not intentionally leaving them to last but it's just a happy accident that I haven't had to deal with them this far alright so I just finished sewing it these sleeves on to both of the grasses which I'm very happy about sleeves are always my least favorite part or pretty much always my least favorite part and I decided to do them off camera just so you wouldn't have to see me fighting with them so they went together pretty easily so for the dress with the cap sleeves you can probably see where the facing starts in the and the sleeve is the part that is really identity printed with the Stars and then the blacker part is be facing so that turns inward and will be whipstitch to the line where I stitch the sleep on this is the seam allowance for sewing the sleeve on and when the facing is folded inward it will neatly cover that and can be sewn down so I'm just going to pin this and then I will get to sewing it by hand the other dress the sleeves are completely sewn on so it's time to add shoulder pads so here are my shoulder pads and here is my dress in need of shoulder pads what I'm going to do is I'm just gonna fold the shoulder pad in half and then this will be lined up with the theme of the shoulder and you always want the tapered part going to your neck you're building up the outer edge of your shoulder not the inner edge that was something I believe it or not didn't know when I first started sewing and I totally put them in jackets the wrong way and I'm just lining up that fold in the shoulder pad with these seam allowance and they said and I'm making sure to pin one end and I'm making sure that about half an inch extends past the end of the sleeve since that's what's most common and for this one I just want to sew it we're attack it at those two points so those are the only points again a deepening I'm just gonna repeat this for the other side and sometimes their shoulder pads if I'm really particular about the placement I like putting the garment on my dress form inside out and then pinning these shoulder pads on that way and that really allows me to see the shape it will create and when it's worn while I'm doing it which I like so they're pinned in so now I'm going to try this on and see what I think of the shape and then I can get to tacking them in place I'd say that they're positioned well so I'm gonna go ahead and tack them in place and I haven't done up all my buttons but just ignore that it does a good enough idea of showing you the fit now I'm just leaving me pins in the garment and I will go ahead and sew just thread I've used up from my trip to jo-ann's less than a week ago everything I've been working on recently has been black and it's really gone through it quick so I'm using two strands of thread you tack down the shoulder pads just cuz I'm a little bit stronger and I'm leaving me pins in while I do this I'm just gonna sew a few little crosses to tack it in place that's all you really need and as I said earlier since these are made out of quilt batting and cotton they are completely washable they won't they shouldn't shrink or break down really over time the way that they would if they're made out of batting or if I was using foam molded shoulder pads which aren't machine washable either that's once I've done one side of one of the sides and the other side I'm actually sewing it just to the seam allowance from sewing the arms theme sleeve seam not the arm theme the arm seam is that is one tack down and now I can go ahead and remove my pins and I'm just gonna repeat that process on the other side and I'm gonna do it while watching a proper people video because I have been supporting their patreon for probably a year now yet I haven't watched any of their videos in that time span so I have a whole lot to catch up on and I'm really enjoying it view they're an urban exploring channel on YouTube if you haven't seen their videos you should because they're really interesting and well shot and kind of calming but creepy and I can't watch them right before bed but I really enjoy them when I do watch them and now I think I'm gonna do the rest of the sewing off-camera but I will be dark when both dresses are done although I think I forgot to show you the hem but that is what it looks like it's all he whips stitched by hand and didn't take very long at all so that was pretty easy and the sleeves were pretty easy and overall it's just been a pretty easy project I feel very blessed and kind of surprised by it so I just finished adding the shoulder pads to this one and it looks a little star trekky to me there's just so much extension in the shoulders and these flare out like wings as opposed to really sticking to the shape of the shoulder and I just don't think it's all that flattering or nice looking so I've actually cuffed them a little bit and I think that looks way better so I'm probably going to tack the cuffs in place at some point so I don't have to iron this every time I want to wear it but for the sake of photos tomorrow I'll probably just iron in place so it looks nice and they look even I also like how this adds a little bit of the darker tone trim I just think it's a nice touch and I think this dress overall looks really nice found a belt to go with it and I'm just very pleased with how the and the gradient worked out it's pretty much exactly what I'd envisioned I think the fit of it and overall shape if it is just really flattering it nice so I really like both these dresses and I really enjoyed working on them I definitely like this pattern I didn't pay that much attention to the instructions so I can't really share my thoughts on them but so far both Hollywood patterns I've followed I've been really impressed with the design and the simplicity in the way that they go together and just the effectiveness of the way that their piece like I think this belt carrier slash pocket thing is just so clever and so easy to do and I find their patterns quite inspiring it away so we know if you like the star one or if you like the Battie one I'd be very curious to know hi guys so I'm just jumping on the end here to include some more in photos so you can see this dress and all of its glory from a distance and not in my mirror I think this does them a bit more justice and as I said earlier I hope you guys like how they turned out and I definitely want to know which one is your favorites and I also want to give a huge shout out and thank you to all of my wonderful patrons who've made this video and all of my videos possible there'll be a whole bunch of names of my $10 enough patrons on screen they want to give a special shout out to my talk to your patrons who are Jordan carpenter Heidi neiser Jennifer Pingleton Tabitha Langston Brittany F Stephie s dot cosplay Moe cantana and Sharon Cyrus I really appreciate the support and I really appreciate you guys watching this video as well giving it a like or comment would really help me out if you enjoyed it and if you want to subscribe to see more content like this as well as a bunch of other stuff than I'd appreciate that too so thanks again for watching and I'll talk to all of you guys very soon

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  1. Angela, get in touch with the Italian Embassy! They'll be able to help you with all of the visa process. They have all the outlines. Get yourself some travel insurance before you book your flight. Don't let the logistics stop you. If you want to take this course, go for it!

  2. I really love the Halloween dress. As far as the visa issue goes, since it is only a few extra days, couldn't you do something like a weekend trip to Switzerland (not an EU member), and when you go back into Italy, you'd get another 90 day stamp in your passport.

  3. Love the dresses my favorite is the Bat applique pocket dress. So fun having the red accents!

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    Do you follow Justine Lecont? Talk to her! She is a designer (a great one) and she talks a lot about fashion on YouTube. She is from France, and she knows everything abou haute couture! She might help you with info’s about haute couture in France! Talk to her! She is a dear, just like you!

  8. I completely agree about the model/length issue. That is why I LOVE online clothing stores that tell you how tall the model is, what size she is wearing, etc. Then you can really figure out what it will look like on you.

  9. You should still give it a try, and even if the course is unfortunately cancelled you can still go to live in Italy and explore the area for few months. Maybe take a language course, travel around to experience the culture and food! I took a 2 months French course in Paris and travel in France in my late 20s after quitting my job (still needed a visa because my nationality). It was stressful for the planning but it's the best time ever! Now looking back if I didn't do it then, I probably wouldn't have the chance to do it ever in my life.

  10. Hi Angela, love your vids. Fun fact, just yesterday I saw your patterns in the Simplicity catalog!! Keep up the good work 😀

  11. The sound of your scizzors brings back memories of my mother sewing. She passed away 6 yrs ago but I have so many happy memories of her sewing and cooking that scizzors cutting fabric is a comforting sound. Dresses are gorgeous 😊

  12. I would not even try residency visa, in your situation a Student Visa J1 is more appropriate and are much easier process. Also, proof of residency can be an Hotel address, and does not have to cover the whole length of the stay (so you don't have to risk 3 month rents in Italy, but a couple of night at a hotel). Also, if the 3 months "tourist" Visa is not long enough, you could fly out of the EU for a weekend (to Turkey for example), and then return to EU on another tourist visa for another 3 months.

  13. I am sorry to hear about Italy, as someone who moved overseas i know how hard the paperwork can be but that's all it is, paperwork. When was the last time an American got denied for a European Union visa? I doubt you would get denied either. You can do this. Don't let fear of failure stop you. If its confusing, try a subreddit like r/italy, people are usually really helpful when asked or they have a wiki that may already have your answers.

  14. That part about being tall and everything being short, so true. I'm 6ft and it's so difficult to get dresses or anything that fits well T.T Not even the supposed tall sizes are ok… Anyway, I had the need to share it with someone who understands.

  15. I love the star dress. However, the touch of red looks so nice on the bat dress. You are so talented. I just love watching your videos!

  16. can you spend 2 months in Italy, apply for new visa online and then come back for a few days, and then go to italy once again? 😉

  17. I would definitely recommend checking up on whether or not you can take 9 days off by missing the last bit, or the orientation

  18. God, big mood on dealing with visas, they are an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE most of the time. Side note, Carnation Instant Breakfast + 2% milk work WAY better than fatty coffee for staying full past midmorning 🙂

  19. BULLET PROOF COFFEE: You will feel a little woosey from the intense amount of fat at once, especially if you keep eating higher carb foods. Lower the cabs, up the fats and the fatter coffee will keep you full from brekky till lunch. P.S. its from the KETO diet. Also lovely chatty sewing video as usual! X

  20. I love both these dresses 💖 Especially the way the fabric placement for the pockets on the confetti dress, and the appliqués on the bat dress, highlight the details of each fabric. Beautiful!

  21. You could just visa hop, halfway or more through your visa free 90days, visit a different country then re-enter italy for another 90 days. Its what my mum did when she went to uni in the netherlands. This was the 70s though.

  22. Girl, I have the same feelings about college. Also being 6’ I understand adding length to patterns

  23. Love love love your videos! Question: do you have a lot of scraps? I would love to make a quilt for you! Let me know😉 💙🐝💙

  24. You ought to go and if you could not pass everything you could go there for three months and apply for it again

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